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By: Leah J.
Star Properties
Absolutely terrible. Waiting over two months to receive our security deposits back. We were told that after we moved out in August 2017 that we should be receiving our checks the end of September. After waiting and waiting it’s the middle/end of October and still have not received anything. We have been in contact with the company numerous times and no result. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
By: Kristine K.
Discovery Properties
They have poorly maintained properties, and are extremely rude and disrespectful to students and parents. I would give them 0 stars if it were an option. If you do decide to rent from them, make sure you document in pictures and video all the damage and filth in the building before you move in including missing items that they will then charge you for when you move out even though there were never there when you moved in. Literally document everything because you never know what they will say was there when you moved in that you never would have even thought of!
By: Dianne C.
First Weber Group
it was horrible both sellers agent and my agent was from the same office - i have dealt with used car sales people with more class and transparency. there was failure to mail copies of all addendums and home inspection (to me that i paid for) as she told the inspector she would. seller cancelled then changed again at the last min. listing agents/seller timing all my options. on a happy note seller changed his mind back again and agreed to cancel sale - but wow that is one ride i am never getting on again. People stop being played by the pressure game - there will be a market correction in 2018. i have always had good experiences with century 21 and remax.
By: Scott L.
Struensee Properties
I just renewed my lease. I heard complaints from other tenants about the former management. The new mgmt. has maintenance people around on a regular basis, the laundry room and hallways are kept clean. I have seen a better quality of tenant recently too.
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By: Mike B.
Discovery Properties
The homes they rent are extremely poorly maintained. They are dangerous, and unfit for living within, and they are breaking many codes. The house I rented didn't even have a good lock on the front door in a bad area of Oshkosh. Then, when I decided it was too dangerous for my children and I to live there, they made up a bunch of charges. I left it cleaner than the pig sty it was when I moved in. Overall, stay away from these slum lords. They are awful.
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By: Lian V.
Struensee Properties
They don't even deserve a star. What everyone is saying is true. They have one job to do and they can't even do a good job at it. there is no light in the stair way of my apartment so at night you have to bring a flashlight just walk up to my door. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen!!!!!
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By: Teresa G.
Struensee Properties
I wish I would have NEVER HEARD OF STRUNSEE PROPERTYS!!! They are by far the worst people I've ever dealt with, I moved In in may 2015 and after being sick this whole time (now oct) just found out that there is black mold under our bath walls and the downstairs people had their whole bathroom tore out due to black mold and the guy they had tearing apart it all told us he needed to come up and do ours also as he found it going up and was so bad that we should not be in the place , he then told us that he told strunsee that it was going to cost alot to get it all out the right way and that he did not want to leave it or do a half a**job .....well needless to say after him telling us they said that the two apt tenants were going to be charged for this job, we didn't see him again! They had another guy come and throw it b acknowledge together. Well as I was saying before...they are EXTREMELY RUDE AND DO NOT EVEN TRY TO WORK WITH YOU, as I was told by my doctor I needed to leave the apartment due to my allergy to mold and having copd it was just going to makeep my breathing problems permanently worse ,but they have you by the balls once ur in and signed lease.so here we sit with a 3 br apt and can't use 1 cuz there is no heat duct and they said oh well not their prob ,also ended up buying a air purifier @500.00 just so I can even be in the place . And finding a different place while ur still here is horrible, cuz not only are we losing money from being sick and can't work some days and them charging you for any and everything they can come up with ur broke and can't afford to pay for another deposit and rent . We have been charged for the sewer backing up and how is that our fault that they have old shot that isn't maintained! I would love to get as many people with the bad problems and got screwed by them together and go to court!
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By: Ethan V.
Discovery Properties
Where do I even being… Well for starters if you have anything that needs service expect to give them at least 3-4 calls or emails before they actually get back to you, after than expect at least 4 days for the maintenance guy to get there. The electricals in the house are despicable and probably not even passing code. I think only one of the outlets in the entire house had a grounding plug. After living in the house long enough we encountered the issue most tenants have at least once when leasing a place, tripping a breaker. Going down into the basement I located the box and was taken aback the internals were nothing like I had ever seen before, doing some research I found out that the kind of breakers they were… Pushmatic... If this is way over your head I am not surprised as they don’t make the the fire starters any more, The failure rate is high enough to cause concern. Next we have the issue of vermin, now naturally animals want to get out of the cold in the winter and this can happen to any house. The way it was handled however was appalling, 70+ hours for a package of poison in the attic… I would be a lot less bitter about it if that fixed the situation but alas it did not, Almost everyone in the house heard squeaking coming from the ceiling, walls and floorboards. All other attempts to contact them on the issue were totally neglected. I can’t say all the issues are true for every property these slumlords own but this was our experience. So students and parents of students, If negligence, vermin, and potential fire hazards sound like something you want to rent, by all means go right ahead. They will prove to you that their “professional” business practices are just like the properties they rent; an absolute joke.
By: Ashley F.
Carol Williams Realty
I have been renting for over 12 years and never had such an awful experience with renting. Not only did I get stuck with a bill for someone that was to be included in the rent, but the list goes much further. The porch was rotten which I was told would be fixed, and it never was, in turn my mother fell going up. The front door didn't securely lock for weeks of living in rental. Water backed up in my kitchen sink from upstairs tenants making it unusable for entire stay. No smoke detectors nor carbon monoxide. Walls were yellow which I myself painted. Dirty diaper found under stove. The only way to run a bath was to use the shower. Firthy neighbors and landlord.As I person, I truly believed her to be sincere and caring, but as it's said "actions speak louder than words."
By: daaabear
Struensee Properties
The price I pay to live in an establishment such as this is ridiculous. I would assume this building wasn't made by professionals because nothing matches up, the doors have three inch gaps from the ground. On top of that, they will not plow or shovel until almost a day after it has STOPPED snowing. They don't even do a good job, so everything ices over. Most of the week I can't even park in the back of my apartment because both of my reserved spots are taken. I only have one car, so this shouldn't be happening. After calling and talking to a rude "manager" who hung up on me, I called the towing company and police myself. Clearly they were not going to take care of the problem, and unfortunately I couldn't either. The towing companies need to see tickets before they tow and the police need apartment authority there to ticket. I cannot believe this is where I picked to start my life as a renter, because this is the worst company in the area.

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