By: Evanya W.
Orlando Home Inspection
This is the second time I have used Orlando's Best Home Inspection. Gordy's inspections were extremely thorough and detailed. He spent hours in our home inspecting every inch of it. Even cosmetic issues! -He wants to give you as must information about the home as possible that you as a buyer can use to your advantage when negotiating. He got the extensive reports to us by the next day which helped the buying process move along very quickly. Both times he was already at the home when we arrived. Every so often, he would walk us through and tell us what he has found. He is a teacher! He explained to us certain issues, what they meant, reasons why that might happen and different ways the issue could be resolved. I felt like I had learned so much the first time in person and through the detailed report that the second time around I could have inspected the home myself! He was very warm and welcoming, and not intimidating when he spoke about things we didn't understand or had not heard about before going through the home buying process. All this is why we have used him twice, and will recommend him to our friends and family members who plan on buying a home.
By: Danielle K.
RG&S Home Inspection
RG&S did a home inspection on a home I am in the process of purchasing. They were very thorough and professional and thankfully, due to the deadlines in my contract, came out with only a couple days notice. I was even able to text message one of their employees while they were at the home inspecting it to request that an additional inspection (wind mitigation) be done after talking to my homeowner's insurance company. I was very pleased with the service, courtesy and professionalism of this company. Not only did I get the detailed reports that I requested in a very short turnaround time, I also got to speak to a representative, at length, about repairs that will need to be done within the next few years to help me determine upcoming future costs associated with the home. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting a thorough home inspection completed by very courteous and professional people.
By: windermere01
Apex Painting LLC
We just had the exterior of our two story home painted by Apex Painting. These guys were great! They power washed the entire house, scraped off all the peeling paint, repaired all the cracks in the stucco with an elastomeric patching compound, removed the old caulk around all the windows and door frames and re-caulked them using a 50-year caulk, and repaired the textured knockdown ceiling on our front porch and veranda where it had flaked off. After the prep work was complete, they applied a masonry conditioner (sealer) to the stucco then painted the house using Sherwin Williams Super Paint. The painters were on the job bright and early each day and cleaned up after themselves each day. These guys were professional in every sense of the word. The home looks brand new. We could not have been more pleased with their work.
By: Michael W.
Apex Painting LLC
Apex just painted my house. They did a great job. Norm (The owner or manager) is very customer oriented. He really wants to make sure that you are happy with the job done. We noticed a couple spots after the work was done and paid for and Norm had someone come out the next day and fixed all the spots. Everyone from Apex which came to our house was very professional and courteous, I only mention that because I find that the exception rather than the rule when it comes to contractors. Apex is busy they took about three weeks before they could start the job. Aside from painting they repair the stucco and cracks that just about every FL house has. Overall I would recommend this company to anyone looking for pro painters
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By: Clinton W.
Orlando Home Inspection
Gordy has been extremely helpful with his home inspections. We have had two homes inspected by Gordy and he was extremely thorough on each home raising even the smallest of issues and writing very detailed reports. The first home we attempted to purchase had many issues and we were so thankful that Gordy was able to find these issues and point them out so that we could make the difficult choice to move on from the home. Our second home didn't have nearly the amount of issues but Gordy was still extremely thorough and pointed out all of the little things that could become issues. Overall I would recommend Gorday to anyone requiring a home inspection he is an excellent choice.
By: jr1982
Colors Painting Services
If you want to hire a professional, efficient and dedicated contractor for your house painting needs; then you need to contact Jorge from Colors Painting Services. As a Painting Contractor, he and his team of skilled painters, were able to accomplish the work requested, which was not only my interior living area but also the exterior of my home, which is a 2 story home. They accomplish this in a timely manner, as well as cleaned and professional through the entire process. The price was a good, for which the services was superb.. thank you guys. you did an awesome job.
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By: Katie S.
Orlando Home Inspection
Gordy was fantastic! He was able to outline in full detail all of the major issues with the home, in addition to the minor things! The major details would have cost us thousands in repairs, which lead us to not buying the home. WELL worth the inspection fee! We will definitely be using Mr. Haynes again in the next home we need inspected. I love that he provides such a detailed report with images of even the smallest of things. This will help us remember to fix all of the small things once we buy the home. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and no one else for your inspections!
By: seniorsnowbirds
Ripley Renovations LLC
We spend winters in Florida and needed some work done and a friend recommended this company. I will tell you they did a fantastic job, they were honest and did everything they said they would in a timely manner. Everything was done neatly and above our expectations. They are friendly and their prices were lower than I expected to pay. We were really pleased and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a good old fashioned way we used to see work done! Senior Snow Birds.
By: enjoyheat
RG&S Home Inspection
These guys know a house inside and out. They buildt like 50 or so homes in the past 15 years, but now are into the Home Inspections mostly. I heard about them from my title person that I was going to use. Called Rob and 2 days later him and his son Kyle came out ant took care of the inspection - it was in my hand the next daay! Only a couple small issues that the owner agreed to fix.
By: Sharon B.
Tom Tanenbaum Inc
Tom Tanenbaum Inc. provided outstanding service fixing our cracked tiles on our roof. He was easy to get a hold of and service on the roof was done promptly. Our service guy Paul could not have been nicer and was very knowledgeable about our situation. The roof was repaired and we are very grateful for a job well done. We would highly recommend them for all your roofing needs.

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