By: Eli F.
Oak Ridge Gun Range
I've been to O.R.G.R two times. 1st visit was educational one, but my 2nd visit which was yesterday Friday 13th, I wasn't sure what kind of crowd it would be. Small crowd was waiting, but they quickly ask if I was being helped within 1 min of me walking in. My wait time, there was none. I was next in line. After signing my waiver, i was impressed with Rock's c/service. He walked me through the shooter of my choice and led me in with no delay into the range. I somehow managed to catch a flat in the parking lot. While i was shooting inside team asking thru the range lanes who drove a blue vehicle. They informed me of my tire being on the ground. Range session was good, close out process was just as smooth. Many people were still in lobby and Nicole closed me out with no hesitation and yet still had time to answer my questions. In addition to the 3 metric ratings, this door was all 5 stars. Before i could even get to my vehicle I was being asked if I needed help getting back on the road. Rock and Chris were already rolling up their sleeves to get my jack under, provide lighting and switched out my tire. The jack I had was pretty weak, so they phoned a buddy to assist me with a heavier one. Rock and Chris hung out with me on a wet concrete lot till i was back on the road. These guys didn't have to do that and for that, they have a customer for life. I will be sure to tell my neighbors, family and friends this is the range to go to in Orlando. Central from anywhere. #GreatStaff #Knowlege able #HighlyRecommend_It
By: christina.garrison.96
Oak Ridge Gun Range
Highly recomended. The last time I went to Oak Ridge Gun Range it was the old location. The new range is a great facility, clean, safe, and the staff is very knowledgable. I wanted to get my wife into shooting and more comfortable around guns. The staff was very helpful and made her first experience excellent. We have been going once a month now and just purchased her first gun. We always have a good time and great customer service. I think this is the best indoor range and I highly recomend it to anyone.
By: conniefoggles
Crystal Palace
Although quite expensive, The Crystal Palace is one of my favorite buffets in Disney World. The food is simply delicious and there are ample choices for everyone's tastes. It is a character buffet, but not as noisy as the others with gorgeous decor and an even better view of Cinderella's Castle. The seafood, salads and the desserts are stellar. My favorite dish is the Salmon with some type of Chile dressing. Eat to your heart's content!
By: tommyd3
Oak Ridge Gun Range
Two negative reviews indicate a problem. I was looking for a gun range to recommend to my son-in-law and daughter. I don't think this will be the one. I live in the Navarre area and shoot regularly at an outdoor range on a military base. I know how important it is for the staff to be considerate, polite and patient. Thanks to all who took the time to write a review, both positive and negative.
By: plnmetro
Orlando Gun Club
Had no idea this place existed. Stumbled across them by accident. Wish they advertised because i forget about them sometimes. Anyway bought a sig sauer from them. Very happy with purchase. Friendly staff. Nice range with good AC
By: Tim V.
Southern Oaks Gun & Pawn
Sold me a cobra 38 Derringer for $190 when I tried to trade it in brand new still in the box on a different gun they told me they would give me $25 for it because it was such a dangerous and lousy pistol what kind of sales is that
By: Mitch G.
This company is amazing. They fixed my wife's computer, my laptop and got me up and going. They restored my computer and saved the day! They are super stars! I would highly recommend them!
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By: Tim F.
Oak Ridge Gun Range
Went there the other day and the staff was awesome. Had everything I needed. Really enjoyed the experience and look forward to going there again.
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By: Marcelo G.
Oak Ridge Gun Range
Dont let past reviews get to You.the staff right now are so friendly and helpful I won't hesitate to send all my friends there.

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