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By: Fredrick D.
Premier Men's Medical Center
For the last five years since being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I've been dealing with severe ED which the typical prescription medications were no help.  I tried going to many different doctors and medical clinics, no one was able to help me.My marriage was on the rocks, and I was ready to give up.  Until one day I heard Dr. Swartz on the radio and their guaranteed effective treatments. So I thought.. why not give it a try.. what do I have to lose?Prior to the visit I was given a clear list of instructions to prepare myself for the initial examination (very thorough). On the day of the visit when I first stepped into the medical center I was impressed by how clean and upscale the building looked.  Shortly thereafter the doctor enter the room and took the time to listen to all of my health issues  and medical background. He also performed an ultrasound examination which to my surprise none of the other previous doctor offices I have visited ever performed.  Overall the examination was very pleasant and the doctor was very knowledgeable in this particular area, taking his time during the entire process and not rushing me like I've usually experienced with other doctor's officesI was given a trial dose of the treatment in the office to ensure that I responded to the prescribed treatment. The Patient coordinator told me that the treatment was guaranteed  and that if it didn't work my visit would be completely free! Amazing!During the entire visit, I really wanted this to work... and wham!! I was hit with an instant sensation I haven't felt in years.. Their "special" treatment really worked as promised!! After all of these years of depression and despair dealing with ED. I cannot believe that I was able to see results on the same day of the visit!!Skipping to the end, all of their medical staff were very friendly and their patient coordinator helped me find the most affordable option for treatment despite my financial constraints.  I am retired so I am on a fixed income. I signed up for a payment plan with guaranteed no cost adjustments to the treatment and free follow ups with the doctor.  Bottom line: Their treatments really works as promised, and their payment options came out to be really reasonable and affordable.
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By: Ron A.
Premier Men's Medical Center
They told me on the phone it is 149.00 for the visit and theMeds I will need are around 19 or 20 dollars each. Arrived and talked to three nice young men about whatI needed and the the doctor came in. Never even introducedHimself ,until I said are you the doctor, I then shook his hand( a wet towel feeling) and he went over my medical history.I do not think he even wanted to be in the same room With me.had a personality like an old doorknob. PerhapsThings would have went smoother had he at least Smiled One time. After he left the room, i asked that he not return.I was given an injection two times as the first dose wasNot sufficient. I cannot tell a lie the injections workedExactley as they said it would. I was Very satisfied withThe results until the bomb dropped. Remembering thePrice I was quoted , I had brought 300 dollars with meFiguring that would be more than enough. I stated I wasVery happy and how much I owe so I can get started.The young man did some figuring and said a figure like5,300 dollars. I just knew he was making a joke, butGuess what,...he was not. That figure was for the yearsSupply....What happened to the previous quotes???Told him they should have given me these prices overThe phone and saved me the long ride from Cocoa BeachTo Orlando and saved his time also.The whole time involved was around two hours. VeryNice people (except doctor, Mr. Wet towel).Well I had a great erection for one hour anyways. BackHome alone with 5300 dollars still in my bank accountAnd no stiffie. Thank You
By: Marian P.
Mini Er
I recently moved to East Orlando and I did not have a doctor. I found myself very ill I went to the mini ER I was immediately helped the front desk was amazing. They were extremely caring and I got into see the doctor within 10 minutes. The doctor was excellent she took very good care of me and after a week I was still not feeling better I called their office and they took care of me again. I definitely recommend the mini ER to anyone. A few days later my grandson came down with the very same illness that I had he's two years old we took him in we had the exact same experience the doctor was amazing he was very gentle with my grandson the front desk got us in within 10 minutes again and we are very very happy. Then a week after that my daughter came down with the same exact thing we took her in they treated her exactly the same way with care and compassion and she was seen immediately. I was a certified emergency nurse for many years and I know the quality of the people that work at the mini ER is well above the industry standard and I would recommend them to anyone.
By: Dieuner D.
Emergi-Care Medical Center
I know Dr. Usha Jain for several months. I bring my whole family here.She specializes in emergency medicine and also Pediatrics. Dr. Jain is convenient and has all the facilities like blood tests, x-ray and EKG. I can walk in without an appointment and be treated right away. Dr. Jain is thorough and found deficiencies of the vitamins for me and that would help me with the diabetes.Dr. Jain always take the time to listen to me and my family and treats my condition with medicine and also natural medicine. Dr. Jain also specializes in anti-aging medicine. I recommend her because she can see me without an appointment, thorough and treats with natural and traditional medicine.
By: Marcus S.
Premier Men's Medical Center
A good friend of mine recommended me about this place in confidence. I am really glad I called and made an appointment. The staff was very professional, and caring. The doctor took his time to listen to my sexual health problems, and recommended a customized treatment. Their medical staff was also very patient with me and helped me all along the way. After several weeks of being on the treatment, I am beginning to really see some amazing results! I highly recommend this team of doctors and their medical staff. Give it a try, you'll be amazed at the results like I am.
By: Sanjay K.
Right Now Md- Medical Concierge Orlando
Every step that we took with your group provided excellent customer service – great phone communication when I called, quick registration, seen quickly, very clean office, great doctor and staff that took care of my little one. Thanks Night Lite! - See more at: http://www.nightlitepediatrics.com/about-us/testimonials/#sthash.YFuENBYP.dpuf
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By: Jeanette Z.
Hunter's Creek Pediatrics
Have three girls, 20, 16, & 11. We have been going to Dr. Dobbins since our oldest was quite young. He is a fantastic doctor with a great staff along side him to offer my daughters the best care possible. I couldn't imagine not having him care for them and needing another doctor. He, by far, is the best pediatrician around.
By: Luis C.
Premier Men's Medical Center
Friendly staff, Dr. Schwartz really helped me with his customized treatment plan. Wish I knew of this place years ago. I've been living in orlando for over 10 years, and this is the first time I've received relief, and saved my marriage.
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By: Rob M.
Premier Men's Medical Center
Great staff , so glad i ended up going see Dr Schreiber. His treatment really improved my over all sex life. Definitely delivered the results i was looking for.
Tips & Advices
Urgent care is best for cases with low risk or impact, like a bad , but not life-threatening, cut to the finger. However, if you experience difficulty breathing, speaking, seeing, or chest pains, visiting an emergency room is likely the safest decision.
Trauma surgeons are those who perform urgent operations. Their duties often differ in that the majority of their work occurs in the operating room, while ER physicians mostly work on the hospital floor.
Emergency room physicians work long, intensive hours, often in 12-hour shifts. While not every shift may be that long, the profession requires large time commitments from both doctors and nurses.
Many emergency room patients can be treated and sent home on the same day, but those requiring extended stays or outpatient procedures that require hospitalization may need to stay a few days to a week, or longer, depending on severity of the condition.
Licensed physicians and nurses are responsible for treating and caring for patients, as well as ensuring their safety. Patients may also come under the supervision of surgeons.

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