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By: jada.smith.75436531
Villa Valencia
Here is the short version of my review: The apartment itself was fine, but working with Contemporary Management was not.My main complaint is how they treated us after we moved out. We chose to clean the apartment ourselves and strictly followed the guidelines they gave us for cleaning. However, when we received our move out statement a month later, they had charged us over $200 dollars in additional cleaning and replacement charges, resulting in them keeping all but $6.78 of our original security deposit. I know that you don’t know me or my roommates and only have my word, but we are very clean people to begin with and literally scrubbed that apartment on our hands and knees for hours before we left. At one point while we were living there, one of Contemporary Management’s contract workers was in our apartment to do some work and commented multiple times on how clean our apartment was and how he never saw places that clean. And in our cleaning job at move out, we went so far as to buy a gallon of paint to touch up the walls, replace any burnt out light bulbs, and wipe down the baseboards. We did not skimp on the details. However they still charged us for marks on the walls, dirty medicine cabinets, dirty counter tops, etc. They even assessed us charges that were not even mentioned as a possibility verbally or in any of the paperwork they ever gave us!After having worked with this company for two years, I was actually concerned when we were moving out that they might charge us for tons of minor or untrue cleaning items. Because of this, we requested that the office come walk the apartment with us before we left so that we agreed that everything met their cleaning standards before we turned in our keys. They refused, saying it was against company policy. I will admit that there was minor wear and tear to the apartment. We lived there for two years and the quality of materials in the apartment was definitely not built to last. The lease specifically states that the security deposit is to be used “As insurance that Lessee will return the leased premises and any furnishings to us in the same clean and leasable condition as Lessee received it, ordinary wear excepted.” If you are looking at an apartment complex with Contemporary Management, please ignore that line in the lease. They will not make any allowance for “normal wear and tear” and will charge you for anything and everything they possibly can.On a different note, we had a few other problems earlier in our lease with Contemporary Management. Generally, maintenance requests had to be called in multiple times before they were responded to. We also thought we might be getting a cat when we moved in, so we put down a pet deposit and signed the agreement. When we decided not to get a cat, though, Contemporary Management still required us to pay the pet fee every month, even though there was no pet there.I apologize if this was long-winded, but I don’t want anyone else to go into a lease with Contemporary Management and be blindsided by similar issues. In summary, I will not rent from Contemporary Management again and do not recommend them to anyone else.
By: josh132012
Pine Harbor Apartments
I have lived at Pine Harbour since August. The staff are really great. Jessica & Brant run the place very well. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am however extremely upset about a few issues. The parking is unacceptable. I had a new car for one night, and acquired it while the office was closed. I parked in the resident parking (where I always park) and was towed. When I first moved in they did not have this parking policy. They forced me to sign a new parking addendum to receive the decal. The very first time I drive the new car and forget because of my excitement, and it was late in the evening. Assigned parking is not luxury I was looking for, I was told it is open parking when I moved in. Tow companies are like ticks, they suck money out of hard working people. FYI ALEXIS NEVER TOWED WHEN IT WAS END/BEGINNING OF THE MONTH ! If I would have known this when I was leasing an apartment I would have taken my $11,400 in business somewhere else. Property managers get a kick back from tow companies, and its dirty business. My second issue is the gates. The gates are always breaking down. Several times I have come home and the traffic is backed up to Bloomfield because the gates will not open. Also I will come home in the evening and the gates are malfunctioning, and I have to sit for 20 mins trying to go “in” the “out” entrance. This is very dangerous. My last concern is the noise level. I can hear my neighbors at all hours. They are great people, but the building walls are paper thin. In addition, the plumbing is terrible. I am in a 2x1. The water pressure is really low when you flush the commode. It is often clogged. The maintenance guys fixed it every time, but it is nonsense to have to call every couple weeks to have it repaired. Several times I will have to go to the gas station, because I am not going to wake someone up in the middle of the night for a toilet. Over all if it were not for Jessica & Brant, I would not have moved here in the first place. I am still infuriated about the towing. Towing does not help a community, it only hurts your rent paying residents!
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By: Mariah P.
Lake Jasmine Apartments
My experience at Lake Jasmine has been a positive one for the most part. Pros: It's quiet despite its busy location. The neighbors keep to themselves. The clubhouse, pool, and view of the lake are very appealing. Also, Lake Jasmine staff is starting to host events for the community. The first event is a movie night on the lawn in lieu of Halloween. I am excited to see the turn out. The apartment (1-1) that I live in is a decent size. Security is on site at night with proper safety equipment. The front gates work properly. The gate is only open during the school hours for the children who take the bus. Maintenance staff is very nice and get the job completed within 24-48 hours. Laundry facility is decent. I never had an issue with management. They ALL work super hard to make sure everyone walks away happy! I LOVE THEM! ^_^ Cons: There are stray cats that roam around and sometimes at night you will hear them fighting. In order to get a laundry card u must pay $5 but that's only for the card. There is no money added to it. Then you must add $5 to the card to use it. The machine only takes $5 bills. Packages are not accepted by the office. The leasing office doesn't answer the phone often but if you go to the office, they will be more than willing to help. Sometimes the office will close early or something will happen where the whole complex is impacted (i.e. water shortage) and there is no way of letting everyone know. I wish the staff would gather residents email address (or robo call everyone) to notify us of quick updates and changes in the complex. I just think that there should be a better way of communicating with residents.Honestly, regardless of where u go, there will be an issue. There will be something that makes you feel upset. However, in comparison to other places I have heard about, I feel pretty happy with my stay at Lake Jasmine Apartments. There have been a lot of positive changes to this community and I feel like it will only get better with time.
By: Orlando A.
Sawgrass Apartments
If I could get my roommate to move out today I would, but since he doesn't have a car apartments are limited when it comes to this area. It's not the worse complex in this area, but sure not the best. One of my main concerns is my car, and I've had two issues with that since I've been here. First time some one broke into my car over night, and with security gates you'd think that'll be a deterrent. Second issue was with my the sprinkler systems, and the chemically treated water it sprays towards the cars direction. I left my car in a parking spot by the lawn, right after I had just washed it and waxed it myself. I was backing into the parking space, then realized once the sun came out that it was wet. Didn't think anything of it, til a couple days later when it was full of water spots. Thought it was the rain but realized it hadn't rained in a couple days. Then I parked the car straight in, left for the weekend on vacation and came back to a worse mess than before. The entire front of my car, sides and top were completely covered in spots, took it to get professionally detailed and buffed. It looked fine until the next day once the sun came out, realized the spots came back. After numerous details, taking it down to my dealership to get another professional to look at it, they told me the damage had gone thru the clear coat into the paint. Just bought the car brand new now the paint job is completely ruined, and the complex says they won't pay to have it fixed. Really you had the sprinkler system pointing in the wrong direction, now I have to take care of it myself, is that the kind of business you're running? Long story short my insurance company is taking care of it, and we all know what that means higher auto insurance rates are coming my way. So all the money I spent for detailing, the $500 deductible, higher insurance rate, you must understand why I hate Sawgrass as a company and apartment complex!
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By: Tee T.
Azur At Metrowest
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE!!!I’ve been a resident here for 2 years now and when I first moved here it was a nice place…. So I thought. There is a big issue with security and no one seems to care about people well-being or property. When looking to move in I saw the entry gate and a guard patrolling the grounds so my wife and I felt safe. Recently there have been some changes for the worst. There have been multiple home and car breaking, and nothing have been done to get trespassers off the property. There is a gate in the front of the entrance but seldom work, and the staff seems clueless on the issues that are brought to their attention. My condo was recently broken into and instead of getting to the bottom of all the robberies or increasing security they send me a notice about my grill being outside (which I had to move outside for the police to see damages of the point of entry). After speaking to the police I was told that another person the week before had the same thing happen to then. Nothing was posted to informed the other residents about these problem. I went to the office to report the break-in and I was talked to like it was my fault my condo was broken into.The clubhouse is where you can refill you wash card for the laundry rooms and pick up UPS and FEDex packages. The office is open from 9am-5pm and there have been many times when I have gotten off early only to find out the office closed before 5pm.HOA fee are steadily increasing and if you are renting the fees gets added directly to your rent. It would be different if I saw the money being spent to make the property safer by adding cameras or upgrade the entry gate, better yet repair the gate where people have been known to sneak on the property. Make the community safer and put our hardworking money to good use. WORST RENTER EXPERIENCE EVER!!
By: milajones2
Joseph Kellner Hair Salon
I grew up in Orlando, so I can tell you first-hand that finding a great hairstylist is like looking through a haystack trying to find a needle. By the time I found Joseph, my hair was over-processed, orange, and completely damaged and dull looking. He managed to turn it all around. I am half Moroccan, half American, and my hair is thin but a lot of it, frizzy with no defined curls. He knows how to work with my hair! No stylist can tame my hair like he can. i receive compliments daily about how healthy my hair looks, and how beautiful the color is. Joseph has a gift. He is able to look at you and determine which color will match your complexion, all while working with you to design your hair around the style you want as well. He is also HONEST. He will tell you the truth about the state of your hair, such as if it is too damaged to have anything completed at once. He doesn't waste your time or your money. If you read any negative reviews, that is exactly where those are stemming from. We are so accustomed to walking into a salon and receiving service no matter the condition of our hair. And then we wonder why our hair is in a mess in the first place. Go to him. This man is a hair GURU. Im thankful to say i have finally found a hair stylist i can stick with. 2 years of doing my hair now!
By: Ann T.
Cut & Color Room
I think this salon is blessed with some real talented stylist. I live in Nashville and come in every couple of months for a week to visit family so I am fine with whoever is available on the day that is best for me. Holly and Matthew are both level 3 stylist. He is younger and has climbed from level 1 to 3 pretty quickly. The first time I saw him his price was 25.00 and now his cuts are $65.00. A little too much for me. Holly has been a level three longer and is more experienced. She was more in tune with what I liked and was describing to her. Her personality is more light and fun too. I also used Josh once he is a level one so I was absolutely stunned when I was charged $50.00 for the cut. Seems a bit high when a level one cut was about half of that a year ago. I will say he took his time though, he paid attention and he listened well to what I wanted and I left with a hair cut I liked very much (except for the price). Josh and Holly have been my favorite hair cuts. An acquaintance of mine uses the owner Scott and can't say enough about how wonderful his cuts are. All in all there is some genuine artistic talent here, I just hope they slow down on raising the prices any further in the near future.Ann T.
By: simoneofcali
Hot Hair Studio
My name is Simone. I visited Hot Hair Studio for the first time on March 20th and was greeted by courteous, professional staff. In addition to their superb customer service, hair tech, Lisa, performed an awesome job on my hair with a thorough wash, deep conditioning, blow dry, and perfect trim. It's been five days now and I'm amazed that my hair style has lasted this long. What I also enjoyed about this salon is the fact that they don't overbook like most salons do and that was very important to me. They also offer an array of other hair services, waxing, and facial treatments. They are conveniently located near the Millenia Mall in the Northbridge Shopping Center which is within walking distance from my home. I will be returning on a consistent basis to get my hair done and experience some of their other services soon. I simply could not continue through the rest of the week without giving them a review; for so many times we as consumers bring forth our complaints, but businesses should also receive words of compliments when due. "HOT HAIR, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! The quietest person who visits your salon could have a whole lot to say." :) Simone
By: J F.
The Woodlands
Not a very good apartment complex. Office staff (besides upper management) is awful. They will find any reason to delay a process or maintenance call or charge you extra for anything. They seem under trained and not motivated at all.Residents seem to be mainly families. It is constantly loud and residents always seem to be socializing in the breezeways. There is a sense of community I guess, but it can be disturbing at times.The rent is expensive and goes up $50-$90 a year. The appliances are outdated and the walls are thin. The water gets shut off all day for "maintenance" with very little notice frequently. The area is also not the best. I have had a car broken into once. Do NOT leave anything of value in your car. The grounds seem safe enough (I am not scared to walk around at night) and there seems to be a few police officers scattered around the complex who actually live here. Overall, overpriced and in a not-so-great part of town. If you are going to Valencia College, these apartments may work for you but only if you do not have any other options. Office staff is the WORST I have encountered in any complex I have ever lived in.
By: Jcps J.
Luxury Nail & Spa
I loved the salon itself however they are a bit too expensive I believe that's because of the atmosphere. I have been a Dr Phillips resident for 25+ years. I have learned that sometimes places have a hoity toity feel. This is onw of those places. This place is very beautiful, great design, very calming feeling that comes just from the design. However I can get the same services at many of the other local salons. I wasn't happy about them not even removing the calisus on my heals. Every time I get pedicures I always have had my calisus removed as a part of my regular pedicures. If you want to pay for environment this place is 5 stars, if you are paying for quality go else where. I also grabbed a book of services when leaving and saw that I could have chosen ANY of their pedi services as a new customer. One of their first questions was whether I had been there before or not. I told them no, they made no effort to info me on their special. That made me upset I felt they had an opportunity to impress me however they completely overlooked their opportunity for great customer service.

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