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By: Nita R.
Orlando Psychic Helen
Helen is amazing! I am surprised and more than pleased with her readings. I went to see Helen over a month ago because I was feeling like not myself, crying all the time and depressed for no particular reason that I could point at. I am a newlywed and have everything going for to be happy. She started working with me to change my energy explaining I had encounter people with bad karma. She did a few readings that were very precise and predicted stuff within a certain timeframe that at first I could not see happening. But she was totally right! Completely unexpected things started to flow in the direction she had predicted. I also love that she gave me guidance and her readings addressed everything in my life. Even stuff that I didn't think about at first. She also gave me dates which I thought it was unbelievable and everything has really happened they way she predicted so far. I will continue to see Helen and seek her guidance when needed. She is polite and projects peace. I am happy again. Thank You Helen! 
By: Milena M.
Orlando Psychic Helen
I've never believed before in miracles until I met Miss Helen! She is a gift from God! I went to see her a couple months ago when I was struggling with my life and I need it some help and advice! She gave me positive energy,she saw my past and present and everything was 100% accurate,aslo she told me what is going to happen in the future and she was right! I'm so happy,because of her and I believed of what she told me! So thankful to this amazing lady and I will recommend her to anyone! Thank you for everything, Miss Helen!
By: janine.meberg
Orlando Psychic Helen
I was searching for a psychic in Orlando that had a reputation for being honest and accurate. The first one to come up in the search was Helen. After reading a few reviews, I knew I didn't have to look any further. I just came back from my reading and all I can say is WOW!!! Helen knew me in an instant. Her insights into me were uncanny; I never said a word! I already have my next reading with her scheduled. Please don't pay any attention to the negative reviews; Helen is the real deal!
By: Judith S.
Orlando Psychic Helen
Helen is a Blessing!! I have been going to her since August.. She is helping me very much. I went to her for advice because I did not know what to do... She does not have to ask you any questions. She is on target and all that I was told is falling into place. She cares and wants the best for you.. I am also glad she believes in God and is spiritual. I took my friend , whom was happy with her, and will bring my mom soon.. She is my spiritual healer and recommend her...,
By: Lynette M.
Orlando Psychic Helen
First time seeing a psychic very scared and nervous. I really didn't believe in miracles until I met Ms. Helen. She truly has a special gift from God. My life has been a struggle felt lost and hopeless. She has lifted me up. Her energy is amazing. She has been accurate on everything. I would suggest writing everything down reflect on what she says. She truly has been a blessing in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help.
By: Michelle A.
Orlando Psychic Helen
She is the Best! Helen has a great spirit and she is very gifted. Two years ago, I visited Cassadaga where the renowned psychics are located. I had a disappointing experience and did not want to try again. I'm glad I gave it one more try. Helen was spot on about many things in my life without me giving her any information. Save the gas money and the trip to Cassadaga and visit Helen in Orlando. You will be impressed with her skills.
By: lyrisistofflife
Orlando Psychic Helen
I went to Helen, once before and she was on top of things!She will look in your eyes, and unfold a story. Direct and to the point, she will let you know how it is, so you can move forward and run with the clues to your path.I would recommend going to her if you are happy, and just need reassurance, or perhaps are in a stir and need someone to help smooth it out :)Either way, it is a win win, go see her!*JC*
By: Ahisha B.
Orlando Psychic Helen
Helen has really helped me. She is very kind and caring. I have been going through the most difficult situations. I truly feel like God sent me to her for assistance. She has been 100% accurate with everything she has told me. After every discussion I feel even more at peace. I have recommended her to friends and will continue to seek her guidance. Her talents are a true blessing.
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By: Veronica M.
Orlando Psychic Helen
Hello My Name is Veronica, I went to see Helen for Consultation, It was amazing experience, She new everything about my situation, when I left her place, I feel so peace and positive about everything she told me. Helen is amazing, I will recommend her ability to see above and beyond my Expectation. I'm Happy I made a decision to see her again. Thank you Helen God Bless you.
By: Simone R.
Orlando Psychics
I went to visit Orlando psychics, I saw a psychic there and she was very good but the second time I went I got to see Psychic Helen. I can say I was really pleased with her reading, she was right on everything she said and knew many things about me. I was comfortable to ask her anything and she was allot of help to me. Thumbs up for Helen go see her.

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