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By: ronspalding
Pressure Washing Orlando
My driveway looked kind of like the picture they have listed above with the black oil stain. My car was leaking oil, badly, and we ended up with a car bill to have the leak fixed, plus our home owner's association gave us a notice that we needed to have the big black oil stains removed from our driveway by a pressure washing company. I needed a pressure washing company that would remove the oil stain on the first try. I couldn't afford to hire a pressure washing company and then hire another one a couple days later because they couldn't remove the oil. I researched Pressure Washing Orlando and saw all of their positive reviews, so I decided they were the company who would be most likely to get the big oil stain off my concrete driveway. And Pressure Washing Orlando succeeded! The ugly black oil stain is gone, and my concrete driveway looks great! Thank you for pressure washing my driveway right, the first time!
By: Noami H.
Pressure Washing Orlando
I had Pressure Washing Orlando come out to my last Tuesday to pressure clean the outside of my house. They had a group of guys come out with some nice equipment come out. The group showed up about 10-15 minutes early to set up and see what they were dealing with. The power washing crew walked around looking for any algae or other type of stains. I didn't even notice that they turned on the machine because of how quiet the equipment was. It took them an hour and a half to pressure wash all the spots off and I watched some of it. Of what I watched the power washing machine just made all the grime just slide off the walls. After they finished they asked me if I was happy before they left. I don't get this type of treatment from companies as much as I should! Pressure Washing Orlando made me look at what they do differently and I am going to be recommending them to many other people.
By: Rose B.
Pressure Washing Orlando
We were impressed with the dedication Mandy & Gail had and their commitment to ensure we were happy with the final results. They pressure Washed our Screen Enclosure, patio, and PVC Fence. They called in advance of our appointment to say they were running a little behind, so often these days we don't get updates and on the rare occasion we do, its after the scheduled time has passed. They didn't rush the job (which is why they were running slightly behind schedule - and we appreciate that). They truly seemed committed to doing it right the first time and have us inspect the work to see if we are happy. We will definitely recommend OSC to our friends and neighbors we are all looking for a company like OSC who is devoted to customer satisfaction and superb service. Manny, Gail and James were friendly, professional and genuine nice people.
By: Yaro S.
Pressure Washing Orlando
Last Wednesday I had Pressure Washing Orlando come to my home and pressure clean the outside of our house. The pressure washing crew came to the house at the exact time the apppointment was scheduled. They whipped out all the pressure washing equipment, hooked it all up, and got straight to it. There was mold, dirt, mildew, algae, and who knows what on the outside of the house. After they were all done the stains and dirt seemed to have disapeared and I could see the original color my house was supposed to be again. I could tell they were careful not to chip any paint off or hurt anything around the house. It is nice to have a company that is dependable and trustworthy. I was happy to have used Pressure Washing Orlando and will be using them again in the future.
By: allongiles
Pressure Washing Orlando
I found Pressure Washing Orlando while doing a basic Google search for pressure washing companies in my zip code. Lucky me! I needed all of my patio tiles cleaned and the large stones in the walkway garden as well as my front brick walkway and stairs.Nice guys, competitive pricing and very good eye for detail. Pressure Washing Orlando did everything they said they were going to do and did an exceptional job across the board! They set my expectations properly and during the job alerted me to areas such as paint which was peeling and may be affected by his power washing.Equally important, they cleaned up after his work very well and their eye for detail kicked in here as well. Definitely will use Pressure Washing Orlando again.
By: chetterdaniels
Pressure Washing Orlando
We had Pressure Washing Orlando pressure wash our privacy fence and deck. First of all, I cannot say enough about the team. I called Pressure Washing Orlando on a Saturday morning and they came by that evening and gave us a quote which was very reasonable. They were very informative and answered all our concerns. Within a week they were able to start the pressure washing of fence and deck. They completed the work in a very timely fashion in spite of the very hot temperatures. My husband just had shoulder surgery so I asked them if they could remove the heavy grill and patio furniture from deck which they gladly did for us. We are very pleased with everything Pressure Washing Orlando did and I will definitely use them again!
By: ryanconn
Pressure Washing Orlando
Make this ONE phone call and don't waste your time on others. Pressure Washing Orlando is perfect at what they do. Their work is very detailed. They care for your home as if it were their own. They are on site the entire time and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. They were very helpful, kind, and patient every time we spoke to them. They were willing to work with you until you are satisfied. Their rates were very reasonable and trust me, you'll love the outcome. Pressure Washing Orlando pressure washed our entire deck. It is night and day different. We are so happy with the work. Thank you so much. You will always be our contact and our friends and family will all know of you. Thanks for your hard work!
By: glenmorgan
Pressure Washing Orlando
I just wanted to thank Pressure Washing Orlando for the very professional job they recently did in power washing our driveway, sidewalks and garage...the before and after difference was like night and day. In fact, when I arrived home from work the evening after they had been here I wasn't entirely sure I had arrived at the correct home. OK, maybe an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Three of my immediate neighbors have commented on the beautiful job they did and how we are making theirs look dirty by comparison and asked me to give them their number. We certainly feel we got our money's worth and more and will be happy to recommend their courteous, thorough service.
By: jevejone
P & A Pressure Cleaning, Inc.
P & A Pressure Cleaning did an amazing job on my home. I purchased my home 3 years ago and didn't think I needed it to be cleaned, but after P & A did the work, it was beyond obvious that I needed my home cleaned. My walls looked totally different (almost like a new paint color). The owners were very pleasant to deal with. They took their time to explain the whole process to me and show me areas of my home that needed to be cleaned and why. I highly recommend P & A Pressure Cleaning to anyone that is looking to clean the outside of their home. I will only use P & A Pressure Cleaning for all of my exterior cleaning needs.
By: Jorge M.
Pressure Washing Orlando
We had Pressure Washing Orlando in to do some power washing this month for our home exterior house wash, driveway pressure washing, wood fence, and our brick paver driveway cleaned. It was what I would consider to be a major job. Its been 11 years since the last time it had been cleaned. It was green and black covered in heavy mildew and algae. The result was absolutely excellent. Very friendly team , and an excellent pressure washing job. They took their time on the fine details, and made sure we were completely satisfied before they left. I told the team I would post a review anywhere and everywhere I can fine to post.

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