By: gospain
Papa John's Pizza
I went to this particular shop because they are... either corporate or franchise, and the one I normally go to was... (the other)... so these guys had a better special, and they are both just about the same distance from my house. Not their fault, the stupid website doesnt let you leave a personalized note with specific instructions (or anything else we need or want to tell them for whatever reason), so after ordering online I had to call. Well EVERYONE was taking advantage of the special that nite so the lines were clogged, and by the time I got thru, my pizza was already in the oven. I wasnt happy but I didnt make a big deal about it... then the more I thought about it I was like, I cant believe Im buying a pizza from a shop right down the street from Orlandos redlight district slum, JUST SO I CAN SAVE A DOLLAR... the place is probably filthy... and if the punk I was just talking to felt like I was arguing with him hes probably making SURE theres cockroaches in it, if there arent already..; So yah, Im just about sick from food poisoning before I even get there... and as Im pulling up I notice it looks kinda... bright... so that was a little comforting considering the area I was driving through to get there... and when I open the door and walk in the place is IMMACULATE; I mean SHINY, SPOTLESS clean... the employees are all also clean, and super friendly, and even very respectful, to all the customers (regardless of everyones... differing... culture (my side of the counter looked like the DNC, and theirs actually looked like the RNC that night!?), Im telling you, if Hotel California was being piped over the PA I wouldve ran for my life... then the manager, who was apparently waiting for me, and also about half my age (Im 42), comes up to me all professional and apologizes, he -italics- shakes my hand, opens the box up and asks if Im sure everythings ok, or did I want him to make me another one- it looked so good I almost shoved my face into the scalding pizza while he was holding it (and when I got home it was AWESOME.) So yah, after I did shove a few slices down, I had to share my bitterness'n'fear-turned-shame'n'delight with their online feedback, assuring them that their pride-and-joy of Orlando sits like a golden palace in the middle of the ghetto... the next day the district mgr calls me to tell me they work very hard at that store, and my feedback made it all the way up to... some national Vice President. Eh, then the next few times I went there it was still very clean but they seemed like pretty typical teenagers, which is fine and normal, and actually a bit relieving cuz that first experience got uh... kinda spooky... and the food has always been great so they always take their baking seriously, which is all that matters to me: I would MUCH rather have good food from a clean restaurant with even the most obnoxious service I ever had, than uh, ANY lesser kind of food or hygiene! So dont storm out of there without your food just because they seem... less than overjoyed to see you, because YOU will be overjoyed when you eat it!
By: christopher.hyvarinen
Diginos Pizza
I ordered on a Friday night. The place was busy, so the order took about an hour to be delivered (they warned me before I ordered, so no problem here). I ordered a small chef salad, cheese sticks, gyro, and fries. I literally live right down the street from the restaurant. The deliveryman appeared lost, and was more interested in the cops driving by on the main road, with their sirens on, then on promptly delivering our food. All the food arrived room-tempurature (hot was cooled, cold warm warmed).The salad was fine (decent portion size and good amount of ingredients for a small). The cheese sticks were rather tasteless, and the crust itself even more so. The marinara could best described as watery, sweet, and oddly seasoned. The gyro was bad, being that the pita bread was stale, the lamb overcooked, and as size goes, it was rather on the small size...not worth the price. The fries were, well, generic tasting.The only saving grace was that when I complained the owner apologied personally and offered to make amends. Not sure if I'll take him up on the offer though.
By: Ashley G.
4 Corner Resources
4 Corners Resources has an amazing team! Not only did they get me hired at the job of my dreams but coached me and helped me prepare for it along the way. Margaret McAfee and Joshua Robison were so helpful, professional and were always there when I had a question. Margaret made the interviewing process so painless for me, she walked me into the interview so I knew exactly where to go and gave me some pointers and tips. Margaret and Josh always followed up with me before and after I got the job which was very comforting as a new employee. Without a doubt I would recommend 4 Corners Resources and their professional team not only for helping people find careers but for companies looking for employees as we'll. Thank you again for a career I love!
By: Jcps J.
Castello's Pizza
Recently moved and we have been renovating and have not been able to cook because or Kitchen is a mess and nothing is hooked up. So we have been ordering from Castellos like twice a week. My whole family loves their pizza. We never have any leftovers. This is a great thin crusted (not too thin) pizza and I am picky about marina sauce or shall I say pizza sauce. I actually like this sauce a lot. I usually ask for light sauce when ordering pizzas but we forgot so I thought I wouldn't like, but I was wrong very good pizza. I just wish it didn't take over an hour for delievery.
By: pee_bear
Able Home & Commercial Inspection Services Inc - Main Office
David (owner) has done two (2) home inspections for me in the past three months. One in June and another in September. In both instances, he searched and found problematic areas of the homes. He gave great advice and is clearly knowledgable on what he's doing. He walked through the homes with me and educated me on issues, fixes, and how to maintain the houses.I would recommend this company to anyone who wants an experienced, hard working inspector with a trained eye. Call David, he's a nice guy!
By: Darian G.
Italian Village Pizza
Very disappointing experience. I really tried to like them the pizza isn't bad but the service was a joke. Pizza was so greasy the box busted. The delivery guy gave me wrong order. When the guy ran back to his car he had me hold the other persons pizza. He got mine and placed the other persons box ON THE GROUND. When I called to complain the cook yelled at me wouldn't let me talk and then hung up. After hanging up they disconnects the phones for thirty mins. Sad part subs are good.
By: Dana G.
Rossi's Pizzeria
The pizza has gone downhill over the years .The service is awful and the employees look like they all just got out of jail.We waited at bar for 15 minutes before being greeted by barmaid(she was busy talking to a friend).I asked her if they had any specials,she said happy hour was over 5 minutes ago.Wow,can understand waiting if busy but there was only a couple people at bar.This place thinks it can live off its longevity.
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By: Sean T.
Gardell Brothers Brick Oven Pizza
Heard the first couple of days during soft opening were slammed, so we waited for a slower night. Worth the wait. Simple menu with perfect beer & wine selections, the kind you wouldn't expect in a casual pizza place. Doesn't even have the "official opening" until Oct. 9th, but they're already getting in the groove & putting out great pizza. Looking forward to the new additions to the menu the chef shared with us tonight.
By: mmjr228
Able Home & Commercial Inspection Services Inc - Main Office
This morning I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. David Cuervo for a home inspection appointment. Mr Cuervo was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He explained in full detail everything that he was looking for and why. He guided me through each room and he left no stone unturned. I was very impressed with him and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who requires a quality home inspection!
By: karim.aboukoura
Diginos Pizza
I ordered pizza last Saturday, The service was great, the delivery guy arrived before I even knew it, the food was fresh, hot and delicious. I have to say that this pizza place knows whats it doing and I think it will become from one of the best around too. It's very hard to find real New York pizza in this area you know and I also can't wait to pass by and have some dinner me and my family next week.
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A fingerprint card is the physical card your fingers are rolled over to leave a print on after they have been inked. It is the official record of your prints. There are electronic versions done via electronic fingerprinting.
In many fields of work, employers are actually required to conduct fingerprint background checks of prospective employee. Examples would be governmental agencies, teachers, aircraft and weapons design, manufacture and jobs that work with sensitive or classified information. In some cases, background checks are not required by law, but are done for the safety of the company and its customers. The higher the risk or trust factor, the higher the likelihood of a fingerprint background check.
In electronic fingerprinting, your hand or palm is placed over a scanning device and the images are scanned, uploaded, and saved.
Review the state-issued handbook to make sure you qualify, complete the application, and get fingerprinted. Laws and requirements vary by state.
Federal agencies like the FBI and Department of Justice provide fingerprinting services. Private companies also provide fingerprinting services.

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