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Wonder Products Paint
There are those places which we want to keep to ourselves forever. Wonder Products Paint is just that place. After shopping here for a little more than three years, I think it is safe to share. There is enough paint to go around.It is located on a section of South St. that goes one-way towards Downtown Orlando. Access Primrose St. from whichever direction north or south and then turn towards west, this is a one way. Parking is restricted to street level along South St., be extremely careful with traffic.This is not your big box hardware store with tons of people at your disposal to guide you to every little piece of fancy tool or gimmick you see on HGTV. The limited number of people who work here are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable in their product. If you ask for something specific and they say “We don’t have that.” Believe them. They know. The store is crammed into a little space with very narrow walking aisles. However, the staff here is knowledgeable and can definitely find anything comparable to what your favorite HGTV host was talking about. Normally, the people who shop here are private contractors with small individually owned companies.The claim to fame here is paint. They have over a gazillion gallons of paint stored inside and out back, yes….in the backyard. You name the most fanciful of paints, they have it. From the $55 a gal Benjamin Moore Aura, Pratt and Lambert, Sherwin Williams, to the elastomeric exterior Color Wheel and anywhere in between. They carry exterior, interior, stains, gels, wood, metal, industrial, and home paints. If there is something specific you want, like maybe a low VOC, they can make it for you. Did I mention that they have a mad scientist …um mixologist who will mix up anything? Oh yeah, he is a genius.They have those giant color swatches available in the store. But it is advisable to bring your own color swatches with exactly what finish and the amount you need. From there the mixologist will help you find what you need. If he can’t find your exact request he’ll whip up a batch for you. Word of caution here…..since it maybe very hard to replicate this special mix, buy enough or a little extra. Word of caution have a paint strainer handy when you are ready to paint. Since some of this paint may sit outside for a while there could be some sediment formation. No worries, strain and paint.So where does all of this paint come from? There are several big name paint companies when they mistint big orders what will they do with the “damaged” paint? Sell it to this store at a significantly lower price. That saving is passed on to you. Three years ago the price for a gal of paint at Wonder products was $5. Today it is $8. So for $8 a gal you can get a $55 gal paint, if that is what you want. Since this is a mistint paint store the price for white paint is much higher.There might be special features that you wish for, they will take your order and ask you to came back later. In a day or two they have new paint coming in all the time. Your special order may be in there. Whatever you fancy they are willing to work with you to get there. You just got to have some patience. Great find, great store, friendly reliable solid staff.
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Steve Johnson's Painting Service
Mr. Johnson is a true professional. When a company or a person is going to provide a service, it is impossible to evaluate the work before hand, as can be done with a product before the purchase. Even favorable recommendations for a service cannot be 100% reliable because one can never be certain of the source nor the motivation behind the comment.In my case, working with Mr. Steve Johnson, I focused on asking the right questions about painting my house and listened intently for the promises that were being made within his answers. In a service, all we have is the promise before the plans are executed. After I hired Steve all I could do is cross my fingers and hope all would turn out as expected. The results were extraordinary and flawless with the house looking spectacular! This accomplishment did not come without problems. Initially, we had some color conflicts with the paint manufacturer which Steve handled gracefully and reassured us that the end result would meet our demands. In fact, his promise was that we would be 100% satisfied and that we would determine what 100% looked like - you can't get better than Steve Johnson Painting.…More
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Applied Painting & Home Maintenance
Thanks so much guys! It was a pleasure working with you. Your home turn aout absolutely beautiful!! We look forward to hearing from you again. Bobby Wright was not our only quote, but he was the ONLY one who told us what to look for and what to listen for when interviewing other contractors to paint our home. He explained hand painting vs. 'spraying'. He explained how the home would be sealed prior to paint. He quoted the time required, and exactly how much paint (Sherwin Williams) he would need. We did interview other paint contractors after visiting with Bobby, but at the end of the day, we knew that Bobby was exactly what our home needed. Not only did he paint the exterior in exactly the manner he quoted; we discovered that he has an artist's hand which came to light after he finished the exterior. Our 51+ home came to life! We thereafter contracted with him to also paint the 8 rooms we were simultaneously renovating. We relied on him to help us finalize our color choices (3 in each room), and he applied the color like a master. We heartily recommend Bobby Wright to those who want a professional, fair, honest and gifted painter.
By: alwayspraisegoodwork
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
AMAZING PAINT JOB!!We are in the process of remodeling our home and it was so hard find someone to entrust in realizing our dreams for our Home Sweet Home.We are so Blessed to have found that person in Steve Johnson and his assisstant Jesse whom you can trust to do good honest work.When I first called Mr. Johnson, I was so impressed by his professionalism and courteousness, so impressed that I had already decided without first meeting him that he is who I wanted to entrust my home dreams to. Then when he came to see and discuss our project and met him personally, that sealed the deal : )As if that wasn't enough, he emailed us his proposal, business licence and certificate of insurance promptly that same day!!I am writing this as he is finishing and let me tell you he and Jesse have done an Amazing job! I love my new living room!!We definitely will be calling them back to finish realizing our dreams for our Home Sweet Home.Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson!!
By: Anderson S.
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
AMAZING PAINT JOB!! We are in the process of remodeling our home and itwas so hard find someone to entrust in realizing our dreams for our HomeSweet Home. We are so Blessed to have found that person in Steve Johnsonand his assistant Jesse whom you can trust to do good honest work. WhenI first called Mr. Johnson, I was so impressed by his professionalismand courteousness, so impressed that I had alreadydecided without firstmeeting him that he is who I wanted to entrust my home dreams to. Thenwhen he came to see and discuss our project and met him personally, thatsealed the deal : ) As if that wasn't enough, he emailed us hisproposal, business license and certificate of insurance promptly thatsame day!! I am writing this as he is finishing and let me tell you heand Jesse have done an Amazing job! I love my new living room!! Wedefinitely will be calling them back to finish realizing our dreams forour Home Sweet Home. Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson!!
By: mkharp
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
We are so glad we found Steve Johnson to paint our nursery. He is very easy to contact and is even accessible via text message! He replied to voicemails and texts quickly. We were able to get an appointment within a few days! Steve arrived on time and is professional and kind. Prices are very fair and the work was finished timely and efficiently. He brought all of his own supplies-we just supplied the paint. Steve took extra care to keep carpets, furniture, etc. clean and there was no extra mess. He removed and replaced the light plate and taped trim off to ensure clean lines. Our newly painted nursery is beautiful! The room looks exactly like we wanted it to. We will recommend Steve to friends and will use again!
By: allissea
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
Steve comes through again! We just bought our second house and asked Steve to paint 90% of the interior (the kids wanted to paint their own rooms). Steve painted the interior of my previous home so I could rent it out and he did a wonderful job. When we closed on the second house we immediately thought of calling Steve to do the painting. We didn't need to compare estimates or wonder if we hired the right guy because we knew Steve knows how to do the job right. He is courteous, professional, pays attention to detail, and follows through with his promises. His goal is to make the homeowners happy with his work and that is exactly what he did! No need to shop elsewhere. Thanks, Steve
By: David J.
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
My wife and I recently hired Steve to refinish my mohogany front doors and paint some baseboards that were recently installed after a flood problem in our home. I have hired Steve in the past and have always been very pleased with his work. This time was no exception. He and his assistant, Jesse arrived right on time and did an excellent job on the door and baseboards. I also mentioned I was having a problem with a leak in my Florida room. He was able to quickly isolate the leak location and promptly repair the damage. I would never hesitate to hire Steve Johnson's Painting Service for any painting or general repair work around my home. I highly recommend his work!
By: pditty
Steve Johnson's Painting Service
Will hire again!I hired Steve to paint our great room, dining area, kitchen, loft, and stairway. He did a wonderful job! He was always on time, in fact he would be waiting for me when I got to my house. He recommended ways to save money on the repainting as I am going to be renting my house out. He did such a great job I asked him to paint the kitchen cabinets, garage, and office. His prices are so affordable I was able to ask him to paint all those rooms! I would definitely recommend Steve. He is reliable, does a quality job and is very nice to work with.
By: jodyresnick
Commercial & Residential Industries
HIRE THESE GUYS for any Handyman related, painting, home repair, you name it, they seem capable of handeling almost any job. Their prices are very fair especially considering the service man are professionals, knowledgeable, honest, and VERY clean. I can't recomend these guys enough. They saved me when I needed to sell my house and had to have a lot of updates done in a short period. The guys and ComRes Repairs rose to the occasion. Lane is the guy who does the estimates, which are free. Go to their website and ask for Lane. www.comresrepairs.com
Tips & Advices
For a long-lasting paint job, a clean wall is crucial. Ask how they plan to clean your walls, if at all, before getting started. A high-quality company will thoroughly prepare a wall so that the paint will lay smoothly and last a long time.
Yes. A well-established company will have more experience and likely more references for you to reach out to than a new company that's just getting off the ground. Be sure to ask for references so you can speak to former customers about their experience working with the painter. When speaking to these people, ask about:
  • Whether they had issues with the crew
  • If the painters were messy or neat
  • How the paint has held up since the project was completed
The quality of the paint will affect how good the walls look when the project is completed. If your contractor says they plan on using a paint you don't like, feel free to request an alternative.
If the contractor makes a point to train new hires on safety techniques as well as quality standards on the job, you're probably in good hands.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases where a painter has stolen items from a home or caused damage to the house or injury to the homeowner. Subcontractors may not be as skilled as employees, and the contractor you're hiring may not have much experience working with them, making them more of a risk. Additionally, ask if the painters are employees or subcontractors, and what the screening or hiring process is like.

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