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By: A S.
Nick's Family Diner
It is really amazing how many haters there are out there and the only way to get revenge is by writing bad reviews. I have been coming to this diner for almost 5 years. I think the food is very good and fresh. And yet people get offended that they give away soup and salad and wont substitute for something else. How many places give you an option of free soup or salad with your meal. The KEY WORD here is free, if you don't want it then don't get it. I love almost everyone of Nicks soups except for a few(that is just my taste) The comment I saw about the place looking like it was from the 60's.... LOL To funny.. the owners put a lot of time and effort into making Nick's a very homey and comfortable place to dine at. There has been some new faces that have waited on us and I have to tell you, I have had better service recently than I have had in a long while. In the past Some of the waitresses made it uncomfortable by coming up to us waiting at the door and asking us to ask for them. Personally I like having a new face wait on me from time to time.Overall I think you guys are doing an AMAZING job and Nick Keep doing what you do, cant wait for a new special you always come up with some crazy idea and always ends up tasting GREAT. So as I bring my post to an end, This place beats anywhere I have eaten. I am a loyal customer and will always keep coming back. Don't hate the haters they are just jealous they cant do what you do. I come for the food, and the service provided is just a bonus.To the wait staff you girls are doing an awesome job, Nick and Angela, Kudos to you and Mom and Pop I know you are so proud of the kids for what they are doing and it is always great to see mama out front and every now and then you catch pop who does most of the baking. You guys are Number 1 in my book and I wish you all the best.
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By: Todd G.
UNO Pizzeria & Grill
I really dislike giving a bad review but this was bad all around. The only good thing was our server. He wasn't supposed to be our server. He saw us getting restless when we sat for 20 minutes snd wasn't acknowledged at all. After he took our order, the girl who was supposed to be helping us shows up 35 minutes after we sat down and apologies for our wait snd ask if we were ready to order. We explained our order was taken and she walked up to the waiter who helped us and told him to stay out of her section. Anyway, our food came. Asked for mayo and catchup. My food was cold by the time I received it. Everyone was running around as if it were so busy and the kicker was there were more empty tabled than not. Then, this is bad, I went to use the restroom, a guy walks in and asked me if I wanted a "bump". Confused as to what it was, I declined. He pulled out a pill bottle snd a small spoon and sniffed cocaine. I was shocked. Maybe it's just a culture shock to me but where I come from its illegal. Lol. I use to own restaurants and it really seemed like there was no organization.
By: hncameron
Big Italy
After returning from Italy, I thought I would never again have the opportunity to enjoy true italian dishes (cue the dramatic music)....but I find myself sinfuly pleased again when discovering this bistro! Although it is a bit out of the way for me (I live at exit 58 off I-4, and it is located at exit 75A)... I will make this trip again... and soon! The pizza (there are over 500 choices) is authentic to Rome. Thin and crisp... the sauce leaves you wanting more! We chose this as an appetizer. Our main dishes, Pasta Fruitti (linguini with a whole lot of seafood) and Gnocchi Fromaggio (can you say "pillows of heaven") were so fantastic that I cannot describe how delicious!!!! I am not going over board on any of this either... I am the pickiest of eaters... and this place has nailed it as far as flavor goes.I will say this... there is serious possibilities with such a place.. and I only wish that the location was better. I hope the owners will look into this.... since it is truly amazing food! SO i urge you to try it out.... and make it a favorite stop.
By: eternalgreenknight
Il Pescatore
Some of the best I've ever had. The house salad is fresh cut lettuce and tomatoes and the house dressing is wonderful. Most places don't bother with the simple things like this, but it makes all the difference in the world. I knew I was in for a treat when I ordered the Dentici' Genovese. Snapper sautéed in light butter sauce with onions, capers, garlic, olives, and pine nuts over pasta. It was amazing! My wife got the ravioli, and I snagged one in exchange for a bite of snapper and noodles- homemade and delicious! The servings are very generous and the quality is out of this world. It's a small place, and I am shocked there's not a line out the door, even on a Monday night. Best kept secret of the area!
By: robin.hoggardrebollar
Julie's Waterfront
The atmosphere and wait staff are amazing. I had the grouper sandwich with baked potato and my husband had the fried catfish, scallops and sweet potato fries. The sandwich was good but would have been better if the bun it was served on was smaller or the grouper just a little bit bigger. Also, the baked potato could have been cooked a few minutes longer. The fried dish my husband had was a bit greasy. I think with just a little bit of change in the way the food is prepared this would be a wonderful place to eat. Since they already have the wonderful view and patient staff the food would put them over the top.
By: crumbcake13
Matteos Restaurant
I can't rave enough about Matteo's. Originally from Long Island, I've been down here for 17 years and have yet to find an Italian restaurant that compares to New York. Not only is the food to die for and made fresh when you order, but the service is unbelievable!! You get the whole New York experience. The restaurant is beautiful and open with an amazing wine list. Ask for Paulie, Craig and Howard, they will take care of you like you were family. That's what it's all about, family!Thanks Guys for taking such great care of us! We had a ball! We will be reserving our table for Christmas Eve!
By: Bev L.
Daybreak Diner
Went to the Daybreak diner for breakfast with my husband about a week ago and was extremely disappointed. First time back after a couple of years absence. Encrusted French toast was horrible, limp, the bit of taste there was was not pleasant. I ordered one of the eggs benedict breakfasts that was also sad, the Hollandaise sauce had no taste. Service was also pitiful. They used to be great, we were very disappointed. Noticed I did not see the owners there as in years past, maybe that was part of the problem?
By: happycreature
Marios Pizza and Subs
My husband and I are obsessed with his ziti with meatballs. We always order this. Ive never been a big fan of meatballs until I tried these. OMG. They really are amazing. Saturday night we ordered an extra large peperoni pizza and the cheesy knots. Everything was amazing. Best peperoni pizza in florida, hands down. The last two pieces tasted just as good a few days later heated up in the oven. I would recommend Marios everytime!!! Thanks for the amazing food Mario!!
By: Frank n kimm F.
Yard House
Ok Folks! The Yard House is Officially my Top Fav BURGER Joint for Orlando & Surrounding areas! The Yard House has been open since the April of this year. Its the 52nd Yard House and the 54th location is currently opening in Texas. We "Thouroughly" enjoyed ourselves. Jason qas our waiter and he wa absolutely informative, knowledgeable and just AWESOME. If you come to the Yard House YOU.MUST ASK.4.JASON! He is the waiter to have. Tell him FranknKimm sent you...
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By: Angelica R.
Just went in sat at the bar , it's wasn't really busy n the bartender for my drinks , then after taken my order didn't send it to the kitchen til about 30mins later(it was Togo so I was in a rush) by this time no one else it at the bar I waited for three plates for bout 50mins. I know that the food was being made but I live 5mins away n all of the plates are cold. Never sitting at the bar there again ����������������

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