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By: flordian
Apple Florida Mall
Over past few years, we've purchased 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 iMac computers, Apple TV, Apple router, apple air extreme. All from this store. With each purchased item they took their time and walked us thru the process. They configured all our purchases at the store. When we got home, everything worked as configured....iCloud, emails, apps, iMac programs.Never oversold us any product. Recommended just what was needed. Yes, the store is crowded. Gee, must be a reason for that. Plan on waiting a few minutes for help. Would never attempt to buy an apple product form an untrained Wally store kid. Want to buy an Apple? Go to the experts. Looking for a bargain? Go to a big box lemon store. You get what you pay for.
By: Frank n kimm F.
Yeah folk a Variety of RaceTrac SwirlWorldYogurt. I must say a regular MUST return while on this wks MiniCation in Orlando Fla. Sitting outside of the RaceTrac gas station on the net and looking for our next adventure. Oh our phone just rung and it's Pickens from Tampa Fla. Thot I'd add. Ok. We've found our next adventure and it's the IMAX Theatre on Universal Studio's Cineplex. Now that we've arrived the husband is having difficulty asking where to park. We're in "Valet Parking" and that and IMAX don't make a great spending experience for The Wife so we're looking for the FREE kinduh parking folks. Movie: John Wick... FranknKimm. Over and Out!
By: Lisa C.
J R Electronics
Joseph at JR Electronics was hands down the Best decision I could have ever made for my Tv Repair Services! ( I would definitely recommend/reuse in the future-Although I am secretly hoping I wont have to!) :)He went above and beyond to accommodate my every need! Including making a house trip so I didnt have to worry about bringing in my 55" Tv. The turn around time was less than a week (waiting for part) and the price seemed more than fair! Josephs dexterity and sharp aptitude to focus on meticulousness during his work clearly helps ensure top precision and accuracy! I can not rave enough about this company!!!
By: joan.flores.16
Orlando Liquidation Corp
I called the office first to get some detailed information about their merchandise. The receptionist there was very helpful and even emailed me a manifest. I went to their warehouse the following day and everyone was welcoming. Their merchandise was organized by sections and the workers even brought down pallets from the top for my better review. I ended purchasing 4 pallets and the owner (Shirak, I think his name is) negotiated very fairly. I will def be going back to Orlando Liquidator!! New hook up for sure!!
By: brendakilgore
XpressFix | iPhone Repair Orlando | iPad & Computer Repair
They took a little longer on my 27 inch iMac than quoted but well worth the wait. The splotchiness in the LCD display was driving me nuts and Apple quote me 600 dollars to replace it. XpressFix guys were more knowledgeable about the iMac LCD than Apple and told me that it just needed the dust cleared from behind the screen and that this was a common problem with late 09-10 Apple iMac 27" desktop computers. Sooo happy :) Out of there for $250.00!
By: otcordero
Orlando Liquidation Corp
I purchase 6 pallets of electronics and house wares to start a new home base business, I went to the warehouse in Orlando, the staff was very helpful and the prices reasonable, I really liked buying from this company and the profit I made is more than what I anticipate. Thank you Orlando Liquidator I cant wait to buy more merchandise from you.
By: jorgeharp
J R Electronics
I cannot overrate this company. They gave me the basic information I needed to solve my problem without charge. It was a simple fix for which they could have come to my house and charged a fee, which I would have gladly paid. This action on their part is indesputable evidence of their honesty
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By: Justin F.
Apple Millenia
We had a problem with my Mac Book pro and we went in to the store for a diognostic, The Mac Specialist Jason Simmons was our guy! He was phonomimal! He new so much about our computer and he explained things so well! I highly recommend you ask for him if you have any questions he is great!!
By: seanphughesjr
XpressFix | iPhone Repair Orlando | iPad & Computer Repair
I walked in, the guy started working on my phone right away. Took the phone apart, replaced the screen and carefully put it back together without hesitation. In and out with a new screen for a great price all in under 45 minutes. Very Impressed and a convenient location!
By: Q J.
J R Electronics
Personally and publicly wanted to thank J R Electronics for their customer service that went above and beyond what was necessary. Quick, efficient, and a pleasant experience overall has led me to make this company as my go-to service for repairs and referrals.Thanks again.
Tips & Advices
Driver can find the cheapest gas prices by using an app to search for the lowest prices in their area.  Some apps such as Gas Guru take note of your location, and provide a list of gas stations nearby, along with the cost of gas currently being sold at each station.
There are things you can do to slightly improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Make sure your car's tires are properly inflated, and treat your engine to regular tune-ups. Check your engine's air filter, since a dirty air filter will compromise fuel economy.
Drivers must shut their engine off before pumping gas because it's illegal to fuel with the engine running, even though this law isn't always aggressively enforced. Pumping gas with the engine running can compromise your safety. When your car's engine is running, it's possible for its catalytic converters to generate heat that could ignite gasoline, and start a fire.
Even though many gas stations have warnings advising you not to use your cell phone while fueling, the chances of cell phones igniting a gasoline vapor fire are extremely remote. However, fires at the gas pump may be caused by static electricity discharge. For safe fueling, it's recommended that you turn off your car's engine and avoid smoking at the pump. Also, you should never re-enter your vehicle while refueling.
Many factors contribute to the lack of uniformity in gas prices. Retailers consider their tax responsibilities when setting gas prices. States place varying taxes on gasoline retailers, and a state with higher taxes will have higher gas prices than a state in which the taxes are lower. Also, if a gas station is located in an especially competitive area, a branded operator may receive wholesale discounts that allow the station to sell gas at a lower price. This is done by brands to keep their gas competitive in tight markets.

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