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    They gave me a card for the gate and I used it once in two years, nothing in the ''state of the art'' gym works, roaches,thugs,pathetic management,paper thin walls. I came ''home''one night and police with shot guns told me to get back in my car. I finally decided to get out and go upstairs. When I did I found all the people below me laying on the ground with guns scattered all over the grass. Never felt safe in that place. People roam the streets all hours of the night. I decided to go in the workout room one day to find 3 ladies sitting in pool chairs inside the ''gym''curling their not leave anything valuable on your porch/balcony, do not live here period..i can go on and on and on it was somthing new everysingle day. There are ZERO ammenities. The apartment wasnt even clean when I moved in there was forks on the side of the stove and hair behind the toilet. Matintence are a bunch of crackheads. Spread the word. So happy to be gone.

  • Welcome to the Ghetto!

    MOVING HERE WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! This place is infested with drug dealers and thugs, and the security gate is eternally broken. It hasn't worked a single day since I moved in here 8 months ago. Lots of strange characters like to wander around the complex at night, and the crime level is high! Don't leave anything of value on your balcony. They will climb right up the side of the building to get at your belongings -- (especially bikes). If you decide to move here, you can also look forward to car theft, apt. break ins, loud music in the parking lot, and drugs being sold outside your window at night. Thin walls let you hear everything your neighbor is doing, and vice versa.

    Here at the Resort at Lake Fredrica, ROACHES, ANTS, & lots of SPIDERS will always be your roommates! The bug company doesn't seem to be able to control the problem either because it just keeps getting worse! Each night ROACHES are in my kitchen, and bathroom. I'm sure this insect take over is due to the infinite number of trash bags left in the hallways for weeks at a time with all kinds of rotting food insde. Recently, I came home from work and 6 cats had ripped open one of the trash bags and they were all eating chcken bones in the hall.

    Management does not respond favorably towards any complaints that you may have, and you will have to put in several requests if you want something fixed in your apartment.

    Most things here are usually broken, including the gym equipment, the security gate, and the hot tub -(no heat). The laundry room is very smelly as well. It actually smells like someone urinated in there. The bathrooms next to the main swimming pool are also extremely nasty and run down, and the volleyball net is currently ripped beyond repair.

    It seems like most people move out after getting a taste of all this. It's just not worth it to rent here! This is not a good place to live!

  • Don't Waste Your Money.

    I have lived in these apartments for 6 months, and am currently breaking my lease 6 months early for a number of reasons. First, the gates are NEVER closed. I have seen people walking around in the parking lot with shopping carts full of garbage. Semoran is busy and people just come and go as they please, even if they are not residents. The one time they did decide to close the gates, my gate key didn't work. That 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance they tell you about, yeah they don't answer. They tell you to leave a message and they will call you back. Guess what? They never called me back and I had to call the police to let me into the community TWO hours later. The management never apologized. Second, you can hear absolutely everything through the walls. I can hear my crazy neighbors beating each other, and I have to listen to their music at all hours of the night. You can hear everything through the windows and people like to party and fight in the parking lot. The pest control that is included monthly in your rent is a joke. I called to report huge ants and tons of spiders, and the man who came to spray basically sprayed two corners in my apartment and told me there was nothing they could do about the problem, which is a LIE. Sewer roaches have also become a problem since it's been hot. Another thing is the laundry room, which is a complete joke. It smells like cat urine and they leave the sliding doors open all the time. Huge spiders hang from the ceilings and the inside has been vandalized with written profanity, holes punched in walls, etc. Water collects in the middle of floor from the doors being open and it's not clean at all. The pool is not heated like they say, and the hot tub rarely works. With the type of people they allow to live in this place and the garbage that walks through the open gates, I do not feel safe at all. I would give it 0 stars if it would let me.

  • There's no Resort at this Resort

    I have been a resident her goign on 5 years now im here because of necesity if i new then what i know now never wiuld I have come here to thsi Apt to live. The first thing is this is not a gated comunity at all this place has gone thru two different management with the new one in place now.

    Since i have started living here In 2005 previous manegment adv us that this was a gated community since i have been living here 2005 these gates have never worked this is taking ino consideration and i will say it like this the new managemnet in place have replace the gates with new one and they still dont work they are either always open or or they have been pride open ( YES BROKEN INTO BY AN OUTSIDE FORCE you do the math ) The reality is they have never worked even with new gates.

    if you lived in orlando long enough like i have specially in this area you learn stuff I personally went to the Orlando Police Dept precint here for the area I live in here the info is open to any one and every oen as logn as your a resident of the area and you can show proof.

    Between the streach of Lake Underhill and and the Orlando Airport it is the 3 highest section for car theft if you have a Honda, Totyota, car be fore warn you will regrat it and make sure if you do decide to move into this palce that you park your car in a well lit area and make sure your car has an alarm.

    You might ask your self why do i live here them one word NECESITY the apt is large enough to fit my furniture that came from NYC it was the only one that worked for us.

    The most recent and stupidest thing thay just added this place has private pools for the residents only because of the fact that this stupid gates are always open riff raft from the street try to come in that are not residents to swim at the pools and i have personally scene people on bicycles come in and try but ever so often they get thru anyways cuase ther is a pool close to the office that soemtimes the management walks around and ask if there resident buuuuuut there is another pool thats furthes that i know for sure they dont check, there way of controlling this is giving there residents a rubber band thats says pool pass on it and if you dont have thye can throw you out but is very poorly dont in my personal opinion cause with the stupid gates if ther would work you can avoid this rift raft from comign in and cut down on car theft as well with WORKING GATES, OH i havent told you the best part yet if you loose the pool pas or you forget to give it back upon moving out the will charge you $35 thats for a piece of rubber band that cheaply you can get for 5 cents and it can be easly duplicated.

    Final words fidn your self another place to live you can defently do better and avoid grief. THERE IS NOT PET POLICY IN THIS PLACE I HAVE SCENE BIG DOGS AND SMALL DOGS THERE PET POLICY IS ALSO A JOKE.

  • Dont Rent Here

    I have been living here for 2 years, my car was vandalized 2 times, the gates have never worked, when they fix them they are still wide open. I asked management to please notify the residents of the vandalization in which they did not. They promise to fix the gates and still never did. Not until recently was a man hiding in the bushes waiting for me...I ran and got away. When the cops came they said you couldnt pay them to live there. Not only is the crime horrific, the management should be put in jail just with them. The broke a pipe in our apartment and cut 2 huge holes in our wall to fix it. Needless to say it's 3 months later and the holes are still there. Not to mention the huge hole behing my stove in which roaches must be paying the fredrica rent to live there to because they said they would come spray and kill them, or replace the stove. Well Im sure you know where thats going. The management is horrible. Dont rent here!!!!iTS NOT SAFE!!

  • 3 year resident

    I tend to disagree with the other reviews. I have lived at the complex, which is under new management, for 3 years. I have not had a rodent problem or been victim of robberies. The new staff is even more awesome than the old. I love it. Not to mention the size of the apartment for the price! Highly recommended.

  • Nice but what they advertise is not factual.

    This is a Gorgeous complex. Nice size apartments, safe to take walks at night. How EVER they claim to have a heated pool, NEGATIVE, they claim to have a 24 gym well the electric equipment barely works, the cables are cut on the weight machine. The gate for this gated community has been broke since a relative has moved there almost 2 years ago. I was there this past week, and they had a sign up that said something like "" gate is going to be operable in 24 hours"". The resident i know said that has been up for 2 weeks.

  • The Resort At Lake Fredrica

    The resort is a lake front apartment community, which is the only nice thing the complex has to offer. From a front gate that is always broken and never worked in 2 yrs of living there to the vermin problems, the Resort leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

    The security for the Apartments is a joke. Several boat and wave runner robberies and even a stolen car were a few things that my friends have had stolen from them while they were there. Another resident actually had an armed break in, in which rounds were discharged by the intruders.

    Another jewel of this place is the traffic of Semoran. Its right in the heart of the morning traffic backups, taking extra time to get to the rather close 408. Being a student at UCF, this isn't something you like to hear.

    This place is a step up if you are coming from a worse apartment community, but if you have the chance to find another complex, I would advise it. I was jumping for joy when I left the community.

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