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Insurance: DeltaCare USA

Specialties: Aches & Pains

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    Citoya G.

    When I walked in he had someone in the chair and talking in the phone. He looked real dirty and his feet was black. What he had on was some dirty scubs please don't go there

  • Greg G.

    Just got another life lesson in "Don't judge a book by its cover". We're from Cleveland, visiting Disney when my daughter's gum started swelling rapidly and she was in immense pain due to an infection from a wisdom tooth coming in. The Disney First Aid gave us Dr Sidawi's number. We called and he said he'd meet us at his office. When we got there the place looked REALLY sketchy. This turned out not to be a traditional dentist office. We quickly started researching other dentist locations and their reviews. We wanted to bail on this place when Dr Sidawi showed up. We decided to stay. Bottom line.....he was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. We later verified his diagnosis and recommendations with our dentist. Yes, he charged us $150, but given the circumstances it was worth it. I'll file a claim with my insurer. Don't judge a book.....

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    Fabiana D.

    This man is the most rude and unprofessional I have ever see. I can't believe he has a dentist license in Orlando! My stepson had a tooth problem in the middle of the night I came across his address and I called him. He said he would be there in 15 min then show up 30 minutes later. I asked for how much it would be. He gave me a price of $600 over the phone and when he got there he told me that would cost $1000 cash.

    Asked as to fill out the patient information and when I question him about the proceedure and he started to get rude and told us if we didn't fill that out right away he would go home. He starts to shut off the lights as I was filling up the patients information. So, at that point I didn't want or trusted him with my stepsons mouth.

    He should not be in business!

    Next day I toke my stepson to a clinic Smiles R' Forever in Dr. Phillips and the dentist was wonderful and very knowledgeable.

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    Melissa B.

    very rude..called and asked a question & he hung up on me!

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    Chris J.

    Unfortunately my husband was having severe pain due to a infected root canal, it was the weekend and we were unable to see our dentist. Despite my prior concerns with this establishment after researching several reviews, I came to the conclusions that to see this dentist would be a great mistake. I have never suffered from this pain personally, but I knew he was in such discomfort and the swelling was obvious. We ended up deciding that we would see if he could get prescribe some antibiotics and possibly a lance to relieve the pain and swelling. Upon arrival I felt uneasy, the first thing I witnessed walking in the “office” was a man lounging in a lazy boy in the back watching TV. The man comes upfront and tells my husband to fill out a form and theres a $150 fee just to see him. With a closer view of the man, it was not favorable he was wearing a old shirt with stains and a large hole in the back, no scrubs or at the least something more presentable. I asked my husband if he was sure and almost begged to leave, but could see the pain in his eyes and his need for relief, we stayed! The floors are sunken in, in random areas and had uneven laminate flooring missing and dirty equipment laying about. This man clearly doesn’t take pride in his practice and appears to exploit people at their most desperate need. He was aggressive and overall unfriendly and he acted confused why we asked if we could pay the $200 for the lancing of the abscess after the procedure and went on to inform us(under his breath) that out of all of his 34-35years practicing that this question has never been asked. Immediately after the 2 min procedure while my husband was under pain from the lack of numbing from the cut and swishing the tap water in his mouth to spit out the large amount of blood, was asked to pay right away- which I then stepped in and asked if he didn’t mind if my husband finished spitting out the blood before he payed considering he was still sitting in the procedure chair. If you absolutely have no other choice in your situation I warn you to seriously consider having this “doctor” preform anything more serious on you or your loved ones, if possible at the least try to see if you can just get the antibiotics to reduce inflammation or a pain killer to help until you can see a more respectable dentist.

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    Jesica R.


  • Drove all the way from Jacksonville
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    Sharon A.

    This was only Emergancy dentist around he answered phone said 15 min took 25 200 bucks for a ex ray and his diagnosis to get root canal instead of pulling it nothing for pain just some ibprofen and a antibiotic old equipment and Actualy hit teeth with metal and asked if that caused pain I wanted to jump out of the seat and hit him I would have been better off going to er and got same results I still have to find a dentist after I rest to get tooth pulled sever pain swelling still rude on phone even hung up on me how dose this guy got good reviews makes no since

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    Dr. Sidawe is one of the best dentists in Orlando. He is available 24/7 whenever I called. Thank God I found him. He is very professional. I had a very bad toothache and serious problem in my gum, and Dr. Sidawe took care of it and helped me with the pain so that I could sleep at night. I recommend him to anyone !

  • Bad Service! Totally unprofess...

    Bad Service! Totally unprofessional. Went there Because my husband chipped his teeth and was in pain. He told us to come back because he didn't have time. To come back when he was less busy, whatever, fine, we did about 2 hours later because it was a Saturday night and no one else was open. We told him we will be there in about an hour. We got there 45 min after, when we got there he had 2 friends there and he said take a seat. So we sat down and he sat in front of us with his friends and started talking and laughing, then he said "you said an hour, its only been 45 min , so its ok" and continued his conversation in Arabic, so we had no idea what they were saying, there was no other patients waiting, so we had to sit there like idiots and wait till he was done talking to his friends. He would turn around once in a while and say 'its ok, they are friends'. Also He had an extention cord that ran across his work station and where patients walk. So not safe! He kept saying "im Christian, im Christian, I want to help you, its ok trust me" But DONT trust him. IF you want to go for some quick pain meds or something VERY simple, and you have no other open dentist, then I guess its fine. But if there is another option Take it. He's definitely being reported. A patient that was there for a short while we were there also left upset.

  • 24 Hour Dentist!

    My family was on vacation in Orlando when my fiance suddenly had a major tooth infection. His pain was immense. He has no insurance, and we had a long drive ahead of us! For $150.00, Dr. Sidawi saw us within 15 minutes (once we called the number on the door), he did the exam, X-rays, gave him antibiotic and pain medicine. Dr. Sidawi was so friendly! He was patient when we had a million questions, and not once did he make us feel like a burden when we knew we had ripped him from his family at 9pm! Because of him, we were able to make it home without a problem. My fiance was so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Sidawi!

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