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By: Jay H.
I've used MCity twice now and I can say that I've been very pleased with the products and services provided. On both occasions Ulysses has been there for me every step of the way. I feel that he has gone above and beyond what any ordinary bank would do in order to help me get the loan I wanted. He has even taken the initiative to correct some minor mistakes on my credit report that were reported incorrectly. Without his intervention I would have had to wait up to 30 days to clear up the mistake going through the "normal" dispute process but he somehow knew just what to do and who to talk to in order to fix it. The second time I used MCity I decided to shop around to see if my credit union could beat the deal I was getting at MCity. In fact my credit union practically begged me to apply for the mortgage through them and after several emails and even a few phone calls from them I decided to go ahead and apply to see what they had to offer. I had to Thaw my credit in order to apply with them and after all that begging they turned me down. They said I didn't qualify for the loan and at the time I had $88k sitting in my checking account with them. They didn't even bother to tell me how much I would qualify for. No matter, MCity got me the mortgage I wanted and now I have the perfect house. I couldn't be more pleased.
By: gospain
Chase Bank
After several very pleasant transactions with customer service, I told... the first girl on the left... that I was giving her 5 stars... so here I am!Brought a co-worker to open an account and its been all uphill from there: convenient location to hit the ATM or any other banking function, also in a shopping plaza, parking, safe and secure online banking, theres no reason not to join Chase
By: fosasha
Fairwinds Credit Union
I love this bank. They have taken care of my account for 13 year now. I walk in only once every 3 or 4 months and they know who I am. Very nice and helpful. Would never bank anywhere else.
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By: Becky G.
Triana Mortgage Funding Inc
Best people, best prices, fast results! Call us at 786-716-3331! We are back in business!! Call today to get your dream home and begin to breathe again!
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By: Cevdet E.
TD Bank
Unbelievable for a wire transfer needs to wait about a hour terrible only one person working I must change my bank
By: patchx1
Trustco Bank
This is one of the friendliest banks I've ever done business with & also has very competitive rates.
By: patchx1
Fifth Third Bank
Very friendly bank with very competitive rates

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