By: Disappointed S.
Spring Hills Hunter's Creek
My father was admitted to Spring Hills in the fall of 2016, and he was recently denied re-admittance to the facility after a hospitalization, on the grounds that the nursing staff at Spring Hill could not provide proper care for him. This is somewhat understandable, but the manner in which it was carried out was not.The administration at Spring Hill has very poor customer service; no one ever returns phone calls or seems to listen to voice mail messages. They seem to care more about their bottom line than their residents. The support staff, who actually takes care of the residents day to day, was, for the most part, excellent and very helpful. However, the Head Nurse in charge of assessments, Sheryl, was abrasive, unsympathetic, and refused to listen to our concerns, and even lied about previous statements she made to our family. She seemed more interested in talking about herself and denied that my father received stage one bedsores from Spring Hill, even though the hospital took note of them when he was first admitted. Because of these duplicitous actions by the administration, I strongly advise thinking twice about signing up with them. Before you sign the contract and start paying, they are very nice and accommodating, but their true nature reveals itself once they have your money.
By: jacksonblackfamily
Bridgeport Senior Living
We are very very happy with Bridgeport Senior Living. Mom has been there for 9 month's now and we only wish that we could have found this place 3 years ago when mom first entered into an assisted living facility. They know mom personally, she doesn't get lost in the crowd (she's not just a number that she seemed to be in the large place we came from) and they really love her and treat her like if she were family. I will say that the staff are kind and we feel that they really care about her. At first we hadn't considered a small residential home as an option for mom because we saw some scary small homes, but once we saw one of their homes we could see the difference/quality and our family (in state and out of state) feel that with Bridgeport Senior Living, it's head and shoulders above the larger facilities. Also, the fact that they have the home health company, doctor etc... that all come and visit her there, it seems to be the perfect fit. Thank you very much for caring for our mother.
By: debraproc2000
Bridgeport Senior Living
Have I told you that I believe the care you all are giving my father is simply great! Now that my father is at Bridgeport Senior Living I am secure in the great care that my father receives, and I know that he feels comfortable and happy.My father was a successful lawyer. He provided me with a wonderful childhood. When his mother required assisted care because she had a similar dementia to what he now has, he provided quite well for her care. In recent years I felt bad that I was not able to provide the generous care he provided for his mother in her later years. Now at Bridgeport Senior Living my father is receiving the generous loving care he deserves.
By: Helen W.
Children First
Concerned mom..Im in the process of bring my baby girl home from childrens first to come home to be with her 3 brothers after 3 years of living in the pavilion does the childrens as some kind of saving account trust account etc...I dont like the fact that i know i had to do training in order for her to get discharged no problem mind you i had to catch the cab or bus to be there and every time they for reason always moving her to a different locations to where there's no bus lines at alll none whats so ever.... My baby is really coming home....Love
By: skiffy
Yoga Girls by Allure
This place is amazing! They offer Aerial yoga classes almost every day! Some Classes are Co Ed! The instructors are the best I have ever had and the staff is great. This is the place to find inner peace and to sweat your booty off! Great for begginers as well as experianced yogis! A class for everyone. I am more intermeadiate but the instructors are fantastic and really cater to everyone and make you feel so welcome. You will be amazed after you take a class here. I am hooked!
By: Michael S.
Right at Home
I am very satisfied with the services and care that right at home provided. The caregivers do a great job with my Father in Orlando and really give them the love and care that you would want for family. I would tell others that Right at Home has great people, they listened to our needs and found the best care for us. Right at home's communication has impressed me and they always answer my calls, day or night.
By: Home C.
Right at Home
The care from Right at Home Orlando is able to keep my senior mother in her home. I trust Right at Home Orlando because the owner does what she promises when helping care for my mother. The caregivers provide reliable, knowledgeable and compassionate care. Right at Home Orlando was the only company that I could find that would provide evening and weekend in home senior care.
By: Arlene T.
Bridgeport Senior Living
I had a horrible experience when I took my mother to a large ALF. She was neglected and left alone and we could see and smell the problems when we came to visit.Bridgeport Senior Living has been a godsend. I give them the highest marks that we are able to give. Great concept... small environment to provide the right care. Feeling very blessed to have found Bridgeport.
By: Paul K.
Right at Home
We used Right at Home in orlando to care for my Mother. They provided very professional care and the caregivers are very knowledgeable on the best way to care for my mother. The caregivers show compassion by being attentive to my mother care needs and they even try to make her laugh as well. Definitely would recommend right at home to anyone who needs care in Orlando.
By: R K.
Right at Home
We were referred by a friend who used Right at Home Orlando before for their husband with Alheimer's. They said they were great at communicating and helping with care advice. They couldn't have been more right. We feel like we have a weight lifted off of us knowing that professionals like Reuben and Kiara are taking care of our mom.

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