By: A S.
Nick's Family Diner
It is really amazing how many haters there are out there and the only way to get revenge is by writing bad reviews. I have been coming to this diner for almost 5 years. I think the food is very good and fresh. And yet people get offended that they give away soup and salad and wont substitute for something else. How many places give you an option of free soup or salad with your meal. The KEY WORD here is free, if you don't want it then don't get it. I love almost everyone of Nicks soups except for a few(that is just my taste) The comment I saw about the place looking like it was from the 60's.... LOL To funny.. the owners put a lot of time and effort into making Nick's a very homey and comfortable place to dine at. There has been some new faces that have waited on us and I have to tell you, I have had better service recently than I have had in a long while. In the past Some of the waitresses made it uncomfortable by coming up to us waiting at the door and asking us to ask for them. Personally I like having a new face wait on me from time to time.Overall I think you guys are doing an AMAZING job and Nick Keep doing what you do, cant wait for a new special you always come up with some crazy idea and always ends up tasting GREAT. So as I bring my post to an end, This place beats anywhere I have eaten. I am a loyal customer and will always keep coming back. Don't hate the haters they are just jealous they cant do what you do. I come for the food, and the service provided is just a bonus.To the wait staff you girls are doing an awesome job, Nick and Angela, Kudos to you and Mom and Pop I know you are so proud of the kids for what they are doing and it is always great to see mama out front and every now and then you catch pop who does most of the baking. You guys are Number 1 in my book and I wish you all the best.
By: justwannaeatgoodfood
Golden Corral Restaurants
I was disappointed overall with the food and the server behind the dessert counter. The catfish was rubbery and cold. The Asian meat dishes were a good idea but most of the meat in those dishes were dry and chewy. The sliders were over-dry. We were looking forward to the chicken wings they had been advertising, but they were a let down. Most of the chicken wings had lost there temp in the middle and were just warm on the outside from the heat lamps.......and didn't taste fresh or juicy. The shrimp was burnt and mostly dough. There was a shortage of plates, bowls and dessert dishes. There were some items not restocked on the food bar the whole time we were there. We have eaten at other Golden Corral's, but this one was a disappointment.....and they weren't even that busy and they seemed to have enough people to do a good job if they had wanted to. The place was a little gloomy and dark and not all that inviting. I would not expect this location to be a good money maker for the company.
By: Justin W.
Wok & Roll
I love Chinese food and you can say that I am a big fan of any dish made with a side of fried rice. My love for a well made Chinese dish with a side of fried rice comes from my own personal experience coming from a very big Filipino family when it comes to Asian food or just oriental food in general. Everything is a hit on. I must say, my taste bud feels great after eating there. Anyways, onto the food! We ordered a few entrees of food so that we could all share and I have to say everything tasted so yummy! They have the best fried rice I've ever eaten and the tenderness in the general tso's chicken that they prepared was perfect, the crispness was spot on to perfection as well. I highly recommend this restaurant if you live around this area and/or if you're a big Chinese food fanatic like myself because they really do have the best Chinese food I've ever had! A well earned 5 stars out of 5.
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By: Kate S.
Dragon King
This is my preferred Chinese restaurant for take out in SODO. The first reason is that the proportions are perfect for any adult. The American obesity rates are staggering versus other countries and adult portions are properly presented in an elegant way. Each meal is cooked to order and not out on a long buffet line drying out or having been touched by 50 to 100 people ahead of you. The oil used for fried rice is light and not greasy. I prefer spicy Chinese food like Gen. Tso's Chicken and like the homemade breading versus a frozen batch like the chain restaurants or the buffets. The atmosphere is urban chic and pleasant in taupes and beautiful wood. Staff is friendly. The only down side is that the Chinese food is somewhat American-ized. If you prefer a spicier meal more indicative of true Asian, simply tell them in advance. Nice to eat alone or on a date.
By: crumbcake13
Matteos Restaurant
I can't rave enough about Matteo's. Originally from Long Island, I've been down here for 17 years and have yet to find an Italian restaurant that compares to New York. Not only is the food to die for and made fresh when you order, but the service is unbelievable!! You get the whole New York experience. The restaurant is beautiful and open with an amazing wine list. Ask for Paulie, Craig and Howard, they will take care of you like you were family. That's what it's all about, family!Thanks Guys for taking such great care of us! We had a ball! We will be reserving our table for Christmas Eve!
By: alexandra.seyfried
Lam's Garden
They specialize in Peking Duck whereas other places usually serve an awful bastardized version. And if other restaurants do serve the authentic Peking duck (which takes a lot of advance prep), then you would have to order a day ahead, but Lam's serves enough of it to have it ready to order. I also got the Chinese broccoli in garlic sauce which was also great. I can't wait to get this again and I'd like to try their lobster in ginger sauce. I'm so happy to find one of the last remaining authentic Chinese restaurants
By: cdlkutulu
No One Chinese Restaurant
REALLY GOOD FOOD!!!!! This place is a very descent Chinese restaurant. My roommate and I were hunting for an hour and a half for a Chinese place that would deliver, but they either had no delivery driver, wouldn't take AmEx, or just didn't answer the phone. I found No. 1 Chinese and they had everything we wanted. The portions are very large, the food tastes great, and they got here 14 minutes before they said they would. All in all, they definitely deserve the name "Number 1."
By: happycreature
Marios Pizza and Subs
My husband and I are obsessed with his ziti with meatballs. We always order this. Ive never been a big fan of meatballs until I tried these. OMG. They really are amazing. Saturday night we ordered an extra large peperoni pizza and the cheesy knots. Everything was amazing. Best peperoni pizza in florida, hands down. The last two pieces tasted just as good a few days later heated up in the oven. I would recommend Marios everytime!!! Thanks for the amazing food Mario!!
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By: Bryan L.
C & D Oriental Buffet
Must be under new management since previous reviews. No sushi bar, no Mongolian grill, no labels on the food to know what it was, no ice cream, no jello or pudding on dessert bar, not even all the holes in the buffet bar had food in them. Price isn't bad but wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again. Staff is friendly but management needs to get serious about being a Chinese buffet.
By: Angela W.
Wok & Roll
This restaurant is very clean and has a friendly and pleasant staff. The lunch specials are great deals, and they are very generous with the portions. Their Kung Pao chicken has good flavor. The standouts here are their hot and sour soup (the best I've tried in this area) and dumplings. I'll definitely be back to try their dumplings again.

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