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By: jahcp1
Caribbean Supercenter
As always, all is wonderful in the beginning, clean, put together, everyone's smiling, then.........the place gets messy, everyone seems miserable, all is unorganized. The meat cutters in the back screws around A LOT, you tell them you would like 2 lbs of a particular meat, they take out a large piece of the item, weighs it, tells you that's the price and THEN slices it up. Really?, They also yell across the store about the cockroach infestation, maybe the health department needs to be contacted?????. The quality of the products have declined, it seems that cheaper products are being bought but with higher prices on them. Then you have that "WONDERFUL" woman at the counter of the "restaurant" area, who always wears the microphone, what a piece of work, she's the most unfriendly, unpleasant, person i've ever come across, for someone who's making a living through their customers you really need to leave your bad attitude at home especially since we are the ones affording you to have a home, there are MANY customer service friendly people out there looking for jobs, management needs to replace her or put her in back (to deal with the cockroaches maybe) so we can't see her.
By: imi123
India Emporium
Went in the store for the first time since it opened. The couple owners were extra nice, very helpful. Down to earth owners....Love their humble service and attitude. Went to just check out the store but came out spending way more then I expected to spend at that store! I think some Indian stores here in Orlando (And elsewhere for that matter) should take example of these owners. Humble, Great customer service, Great prices, No hassle straight forward with smiling face!I went to other Indian stores today and all I got was attitude!! like "You want that size? Check in the rack for yourself" OR I entered the store and left the store with the owners sitting behind the counter, not even a peep of "hello" or "thank you". If you have not tried India Emporium then please do so...They have all the Indian Groceries, Sarees, Suits, Costume Jewelery...and great prices too!! Check it out!! What do you have to loose?I definitely recommend the store!! May not have as much of the variety but let's support and encourage good business ethics and let the owners prosper and expand so we can get a better Indian stores in Orlando.
By: Theresa L.
Grocery Outlet
Most items I buy are still BEFORE their best by dates depending on item. Prices are 20% to 90% off regular store cost.They do clear shelves to get the really old stuff off. Food is sorted like grocery store with salad dressings, coffee, pasta, canned, and spices together so not a warehouse which puts stuff wherever shelf space is open.There are produce, refrigerated, and frozen sections also.Example on prices: Gluten-free pasta (reg $7) 1.50 / KerryGold Butter 17 oz ($7) 4.98 / Maple syrup 32 oz ($13) 4 / Applegate Bacon ($11) 5 / Heinz Cocktail Sauce ($4) 0.80 yup under a dollar/ and got fresh Cherries for $1 per pound. Prices are on each item based on what Sacks had to pay for them. So you could find the same item with two different prices. Daily specials are written outside and on the wall as you enter, so read these for deep discounts.Everything you would find in a full price grocery store may be on the shelfs.
By: yotskool
The British Shoppe
Everything english, its amazing, all the foods from home i love or thought i had forgotten, until i browsed the store in Orlando. British foods like my favorite Cadbury Flake! you can get everything British here from chocolate to Indian cooking sauces and of course good old strong british teas, my favorite PG Tips... also they have a great selection of Union Jack souveniers and gifts sporting the British flag, but most important i got my english bacon and scottish meat pies...try it, if they dont have what you have im sure they will try and get it for you, they got me Dettol, go figure.....
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By: bowhows
Tortilleria La Mexicana
You know this is going to be authentic when the waitresses go in the back to rustle someone up who can speak some English. Don't worry if you can't understand each other, because whatever they bring you to eat will be good, although if you're tongue isn't toughened up by daily chile consumption you might find it a bit spicy. My favorites are Sopa de Siete Mares (Seafood Soup), Camarones al Diablo (Spicy Shrimp - man it's hot), and any of their Tortas. Hubby had their carnitas and said it was OK but not wonderful.
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By: Susan C.
When I leave The Aldi Store at SOUTHCHASE I am saddened by the filthy storefront that disgraces the neighborhood where I live and would like to shop. Please clean it up and make it look descent or MOVE your location. Obviously no one wants to shop at a place that looks like this! I hope to see a huge improvement asap. I don't appreciate the compelling feeling of having to take the time to do this but I am positive my neighbors will be glad I did.
By: purequeen
Le Bon Berger Restaurant
give 5 stars because it is really close to home Haitian cooking, even tho the fish was hard like "i asked " i just should of got it grilled like i she suggested. the peas and rice plantains was on point! will make this one of my regular places after driving aaaaallll over town looking for good Caribbean place and lucky found this one which i was looking for anyway! Haitian creole food!
By: C W.
Kings Dining & Entertainment - Orlando
I had the opportunity to visit this location today. I must say that I was hesitant, but I'm glad that I came. The atmosphere was very nice, along with great facility ammenities. This is a nice spot to hang out with family and friends with lanes idea dining. My only suggestion would be brighter lighting over pins. I would recommend visiting and I would revisit when in area.
By: simoneofcali
Egg Roll 99
I've ordered Chinese Food from Egg Roll 99 approxiamate 14 times and the food is always fresh and delicious. There delivery time is also prompt. Being from San Francisco where I found Chinese Food to be the most authentic, I finally found a Chinese Restaurant in Central Florida that is just as authentic. "Keep up the good work Egg Roll 99!"
By: jaybrad
The Sandwich Company
Great place for lunch! They have terrific homemade sandwiches and salads and mouth-watering soups, all served with fresh ingredients, that are sooooo much better than any of the chains, like Subway, Panera or Jimmy Johns. Plus the owners Kimberly and Ruben are wonderful and treat customers like family. Got to check them out!

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