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By: Danielle S.
The Rexford at Waterford Lakes
I have lived here about 10 months, and haven't been incredibly impressed but now I'm sorely disappointed. The first few months were quiet and easy, but that's about the time that the noise started. I pay a premium to have an apartment overlooking the pool, and the noise levels late at night have been nearly intolerable. The courtesy officer knows who I am now, due to so many phone calls, but unfortunately he's barely on site when I call. I've called the office at least 10 times and they've not returned a single call. I had to contact corporate, at which point they finally released a memo regarding the pool's closing time (which I suggested months prior), but still no return phone call. The gates tend to be broken often, and the one by my apartment has been squeaking since October, and still no effort to fix it.I probably could have tolerated this, but to my disappointment, I just received my renewal notice, to raise my rent up $105 to $975 (for a one bedroom apt, <800 sq ft). I discussed this with them and they said it's unlikely I can get it for less, and it's "a good deal." I heard back, and they won't go any lower than $955. After I addressed my concerns and asked again for them to reconsider the renewal rate, they raised it back to $975 (you read that right). I've never had my rent raised so high, and I don't understand why. There are no improvements being made to the community. I've put up with the noise levels and the tiny parking spaces; I've always paid my rent on time, and bothered maintenance very little, zero complaints from my neighbors. It honestly seems to me they would rather I leave. They're not even renting new apts for this much, but apparently "they can put it on the market for $980."Not to mention the "dog park" is kind of a joke. They just put a fence around the side/back of the neighborhood, which is now all dirt. My dog loves dog parks and he's not even interested in it. Being near Waterford Lakes should not be the only selling point. I would rather not move, but the lack of efforts to improve things, and then spiking my rent this high is deterrent enough. For what I'm already paying, I wouldn't say it's worth it. If you want to live somewhere longer than a year, don't live here, unless you have $100+ to waste, with no improvements to balance it out.
By: A S.
Nick's Family Diner
It is really amazing how many haters there are out there and the only way to get revenge is by writing bad reviews. I have been coming to this diner for almost 5 years. I think the food is very good and fresh. And yet people get offended that they give away soup and salad and wont substitute for something else. How many places give you an option of free soup or salad with your meal. The KEY WORD here is free, if you don't want it then don't get it. I love almost everyone of Nicks soups except for a few(that is just my taste) The comment I saw about the place looking like it was from the 60's.... LOL To funny.. the owners put a lot of time and effort into making Nick's a very homey and comfortable place to dine at. There has been some new faces that have waited on us and I have to tell you, I have had better service recently than I have had in a long while. In the past Some of the waitresses made it uncomfortable by coming up to us waiting at the door and asking us to ask for them. Personally I like having a new face wait on me from time to time.Overall I think you guys are doing an AMAZING job and Nick Keep doing what you do, cant wait for a new special you always come up with some crazy idea and always ends up tasting GREAT. So as I bring my post to an end, This place beats anywhere I have eaten. I am a loyal customer and will always keep coming back. Don't hate the haters they are just jealous they cant do what you do. I come for the food, and the service provided is just a bonus.To the wait staff you girls are doing an awesome job, Nick and Angela, Kudos to you and Mom and Pop I know you are so proud of the kids for what they are doing and it is always great to see mama out front and every now and then you catch pop who does most of the baking. You guys are Number 1 in my book and I wish you all the best.
By: Disappointed S.
Spring Hills Hunter's Creek
My father was admitted to Spring Hills in the fall of 2016, and he was recently denied re-admittance to the facility after a hospitalization, on the grounds that the nursing staff at Spring Hill could not provide proper care for him. This is somewhat understandable, but the manner in which it was carried out was not.The administration at Spring Hill has very poor customer service; no one ever returns phone calls or seems to listen to voice mail messages. They seem to care more about their bottom line than their residents. The support staff, who actually takes care of the residents day to day, was, for the most part, excellent and very helpful. However, the Head Nurse in charge of assessments, Sheryl, was abrasive, unsympathetic, and refused to listen to our concerns, and even lied about previous statements she made to our family. She seemed more interested in talking about herself and denied that my father received stage one bedsores from Spring Hill, even though the hospital took note of them when he was first admitted. Because of these duplicitous actions by the administration, I strongly advise thinking twice about signing up with them. Before you sign the contract and start paying, they are very nice and accommodating, but their true nature reveals itself once they have your money.
By: milajones2
Joseph Kellner Hair Salon
I grew up in Orlando, so I can tell you first-hand that finding a great hairstylist is like looking through a haystack trying to find a needle. By the time I found Joseph, my hair was over-processed, orange, and completely damaged and dull looking. He managed to turn it all around. I am half Moroccan, half American, and my hair is thin but a lot of it, frizzy with no defined curls. He knows how to work with my hair! No stylist can tame my hair like he can. i receive compliments daily about how healthy my hair looks, and how beautiful the color is. Joseph has a gift. He is able to look at you and determine which color will match your complexion, all while working with you to design your hair around the style you want as well. He is also HONEST. He will tell you the truth about the state of your hair, such as if it is too damaged to have anything completed at once. He doesn't waste your time or your money. If you read any negative reviews, that is exactly where those are stemming from. We are so accustomed to walking into a salon and receiving service no matter the condition of our hair. And then we wonder why our hair is in a mess in the first place. Go to him. This man is a hair GURU. Im thankful to say i have finally found a hair stylist i can stick with. 2 years of doing my hair now!
By: Layne D.
Best Western Orlando Gateway Hotel
This hotel was in absolutely pristine condition when I toured the facility. I was hesitant to book initially before my visit, based on mixed reviews. I noticed attentive staff who went far above and beyong their call of duty to make my trip absolutely amazing. The facility was well maintained, the rooms were newer with granite countertops in bathroom. The value for the price was truly exceptional. You are legitimately a stones-throw from Universal Studios, and can see the Wet N Wild Water Theme Park from any room. Huge Parking Lot was delightful. There was always a spot, if you ever had an issue staff resolved that issue immediately. I truly can not say enough great things about this hotel. Beds were comfortable with premium bedding, pillows, and blankets. every room has a brand new 40 Inch Flat Screen Television within it. One of the cleanest well kept hotels I have stayed in, especially being located within such a high traffic tourist destination. Diane H. - Front Desk, made this trip exceptional and resolved any issue that I ever had with a smile. This individual made my stay totally worth it, and I will stay at this hotel and Best Westerns again in general because of her. You can not go wrong at this hotel, truly a gem!!!
By: Ann T.
Cut & Color Room
I think this salon is blessed with some real talented stylist. I live in Nashville and come in every couple of months for a week to visit family so I am fine with whoever is available on the day that is best for me. Holly and Matthew are both level 3 stylist. He is younger and has climbed from level 1 to 3 pretty quickly. The first time I saw him his price was 25.00 and now his cuts are $65.00. A little too much for me. Holly has been a level three longer and is more experienced. She was more in tune with what I liked and was describing to her. Her personality is more light and fun too. I also used Josh once he is a level one so I was absolutely stunned when I was charged $50.00 for the cut. Seems a bit high when a level one cut was about half of that a year ago. I will say he took his time though, he paid attention and he listened well to what I wanted and I left with a hair cut I liked very much (except for the price). Josh and Holly have been my favorite hair cuts. An acquaintance of mine uses the owner Scott and can't say enough about how wonderful his cuts are. All in all there is some genuine artistic talent here, I just hope they slow down on raising the prices any further in the near future.Ann T.
By: simoneofcali
Hot Hair Studio
My name is Simone. I visited Hot Hair Studio for the first time on March 20th and was greeted by courteous, professional staff. In addition to their superb customer service, hair tech, Lisa, performed an awesome job on my hair with a thorough wash, deep conditioning, blow dry, and perfect trim. It's been five days now and I'm amazed that my hair style has lasted this long. What I also enjoyed about this salon is the fact that they don't overbook like most salons do and that was very important to me. They also offer an array of other hair services, waxing, and facial treatments. They are conveniently located near the Millenia Mall in the Northbridge Shopping Center which is within walking distance from my home. I will be returning on a consistent basis to get my hair done and experience some of their other services soon. I simply could not continue through the rest of the week without giving them a review; for so many times we as consumers bring forth our complaints, but businesses should also receive words of compliments when due. "HOT HAIR, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! The quietest person who visits your salon could have a whole lot to say." :) Simone
By: Jcps J.
Luxury Nail & Spa
I loved the salon itself however they are a bit too expensive I believe that's because of the atmosphere. I have been a Dr Phillips resident for 25+ years. I have learned that sometimes places have a hoity toity feel. This is onw of those places. This place is very beautiful, great design, very calming feeling that comes just from the design. However I can get the same services at many of the other local salons. I wasn't happy about them not even removing the calisus on my heals. Every time I get pedicures I always have had my calisus removed as a part of my regular pedicures. If you want to pay for environment this place is 5 stars, if you are paying for quality go else where. I also grabbed a book of services when leaving and saw that I could have chosen ANY of their pedi services as a new customer. One of their first questions was whether I had been there before or not. I told them no, they made no effort to info me on their special. That made me upset I felt they had an opportunity to impress me however they completely overlooked their opportunity for great customer service.
By: jacksonblackfamily
Bridgeport Senior Living
We are very very happy with Bridgeport Senior Living. Mom has been there for 9 month's now and we only wish that we could have found this place 3 years ago when mom first entered into an assisted living facility. They know mom personally, she doesn't get lost in the crowd (she's not just a number that she seemed to be in the large place we came from) and they really love her and treat her like if she were family. I will say that the staff are kind and we feel that they really care about her. At first we hadn't considered a small residential home as an option for mom because we saw some scary small homes, but once we saw one of their homes we could see the difference/quality and our family (in state and out of state) feel that with Bridgeport Senior Living, it's head and shoulders above the larger facilities. Also, the fact that they have the home health company, doctor etc... that all come and visit her there, it seems to be the perfect fit. Thank you very much for caring for our mother.
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By: scharffg
Seralago Hotel & Suites
Spent Labor Day weekend 08, between Fay & Gustav. Rained for 3 days, cloudy on the 4th day. Hotel personnel were great, staff were extremely helpful. Great location when your stuck at the hotel. Multible resturants within walking distance for every taste. Resturant inside the hotel was a bit on the expensive side for a breakfast buffet but was good. Disney land crowd meant too many kids. Bar was never open! Snack bar was reasonable and open almost all day & night. Great amusement park and shopping next door. If you stay here, go to the Old Town area. Good rides, shopping & music. Didn't eat at the 50's theme resturant, but it looked great. Pool areas were clean and neat. Staff came through every so often just to tidy up. Even with the bad weather it was a good trip and If I can afford it I'll stay again. Not luxury, but good!George & PaeSuk in Kansas

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