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    Gateway High School, also known as GHS, is an educational institution that operates a range of academic and enrichment programs. The school focuses on the physical, social, emotional and intellectual

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By: Kristin K.
Discovery Zone Preschool
Teaching at Discovery Zone Preschool has and continues to be the most rewarding experience in my life. My students remind me every day about the gift of life, the gift of love, forgiveness, and finding joy in everyday activities. I learn something new from my students daily that I could not learn anywhere else. At Discovery Zone Preschool, I get to teach children with a creative, new outlook on education through various styles of learning such as hands on, verbal, visual, movement, art, and our incredible STEM program. I have seen improvements in every child I work with that fills me, the parents, and the child themselves with immense amounts of pride and joy. Seeing a child finally master spelling their name, counting to 30, begin the first steps in reading, or develop social skills and coping skills they have been working tirelessly on is truly one of the most rewarding things in my life. Our Director, Miriam, is the most amazing, inspiring woman I have met in the field of Early Childhood. She is dedicated, passionate, loving, and above all determined to make Discovery Zone Preschool the best center for every child, parent, and family that walks into our school. Mrs. Miriam creates a work environment that makes you want to strive for excellence in your job and give all you can to your students. Our school has improved drastically since she took over: we have a refreshing atmosphere, a better school climate, and continually are improving the school's teachings and making new renovations. If you are considering bringing your child to Discovery Zone Preschool, I encourage you to pursue your investigations in our school.
By: Diane C.
Discovery Zone Preschool
The school is just okay. The staff is friendly enough. The curriculum is definitely lacking. I have friends with children in similar age groups as my own children and they are much more advanced in their knowledge of the alphabet, spelling, numbers, etc. I think that is directly attributed to the curriculum of other schools in the area. I know recently a few parents left the school and are taking their kids to better schools in the area. One mom, stopped me in the parking lot and told me of openings in her sons' school and shared with me the price. Not much more for a stricter curriculum and hot lunch included. We are currently searching for a better value for a school with more emphasis on education, less emphasis on watching television. You walk in the teachers are usually talking to each other or checking their phones while the kids are glued to the TV. With the exception of Ms. Kristen, she is truly an asset to that school. She brings with her a true love for education and the children, but I believe she is only part time and thus does not work with my children much. I've become more and more disappointed as the days go by with this school. The parents who are paying out of pocket and are not receiving any kind of government assistance are the ones who should be the most disappointed for the high prices and lack of curriculum and lack of a hot lunch. As nice as all the ladies are it does not make up for it being a glorified baby sitter. Do yourself a favor, research other schools, spend the $20 extra for a school offering a real curriculum and actually teaching the kids.
By: josh.reysen
Ladybird Academy Lake
The facility is very nice. They clean every morning and are constantly sterilizing toys, tables etc. Staff is whatever, not overly friendly but not rude. They do send out daily reports to your email everyday about your son/daughters day but they seem very impressionable. Why the lady's cant tell me how my child's day was when im there picking up I don't know, but that might just be me. My biggest hate towards this place is how often they send your kid home sick. I understand being careful and wanting to make sure no other kids are gonna catch it but its getting ridiculous. Everytime I have to go pick up early because of sickness I get there and she is still playing with all other kids. Last time I had to pick her up because she had diahrrea, so I get there and they tell me oh she ate all her food, shes been very happy and playful and she has no fever but she pooped twice. So now she has to leave early, go to doctors(which aint free) so the doctor can tell me shes fine. They will not let your kid back unless they went to doctor and they do not offer sick days at the school. I deal with this about every two weeks. Been going here for about 5 months and shes been sent home about 8 times and only once did the doctor give her medicine and not clear her for a return right away. Really tired of this place.
By: ada.phillips.35
Champions at Conway Elementary
This school has some teachers that try very hard, however, they stress behavior over everything else. They put very young children out of class for trivial matters. They have taken out English as a Second Language classes, making it very hard for the teachers and the rest of the students. There is no way to truly teach a class when 25% of the class can't speak English well and 15% of the class has behavior problems and the school still wants to take time out of the instructional day for pledge of allegiance and news broadcasts. It is too much. Kindergarten classes do not even get an assistant. This school as a whole does not care about children at all which shows when their biggest priority is behavior. This school will leave your child behind if they do not fit in the desired mold. And it seems that they have not been told about dealing with any type of behavior issues at all.
By: Paige P.
Oak Ridge Childrens Academy
My children have attended ORCA for about a year. And I absolutely love it . My two year old Loved his Teacher Ms. Tanya that is all he talks about. She is a Blessing because my son tends to take awhile to get used to people but with her he smiles every time I say her name. And I cant forget all the Staff Ms. Julie is the best sweet and always helped me to her fullest!!! Ms. Mary was strict but was always on her A game and always was kind and helpful! All staff were great with the kids. They are all on point with each kid and they care about there safety I just fell in love with this daycare!!!!!!!! It feels good knowing that I can drop my sons off and they love were they are at and I feel secure when I leave to go to work a very big Plus in my book I highly recommend.
By: Lubna R.
Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy
From the minute I walked into OMBA 5 years ago, I felt the loving nurturing environment I had been looking for. My daughter has now entered public school, she aged out of OMBA. I'm proud to say she made principals honor roll and had the HIGHEST SCORE out of all the 4th and 5th graders at her school. On standardized tests, she read, wrote, and comprehended at an 8th grade level. My son still attends OMBA, and he loves going to school, even on days he has a doctor appointment, he asks to go to school. I am constantly amazed at the things they know. Sincerest Thank you Ms Lucellis and staff for giving my children the most incredible education.
By: Mommy M.
Kingsway Christian Academy
Love the school! I appreciate the structure and the heart of the teachers and administration. Not only do they teach academics and the Word of God, but trying to instill character and respect. The only complaints I hear are from parents whose children aren't up to the academic standard or are disrespectful and nasty. More parents need to accept responsibility for their children and train them instead of blaming the school. I'm glad they don't put up with it. Those who want to learn can and the classroom time is used for teaching and not babysitting or correcting behavior that should be corrected at home :)
By: Jess M.
Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy
I am so thankful we found OMBA! The teachers and staff are wonderful. My 7 year old has blossomed this year and I give a lot of credit to OMBA and specifically Ms. Lucelis. She takes the time to know each student. She is firm and fair. I love that my children are exposed to Spanish every day. The Montessori philosophy has fostered my children's love for learning. In my opinion the education they are getting is unbeatable in east Orlando. I highly recommend Orlando Montessori Bilingual Academy.
By: Paulette N.
Oak Ridge Childrens Academy
My children have attended ORCA for over six years, the staff has been a part of the academic and personal growth over the years. From the infant room to the Before & After school program, I am grateful that my children attend a facility that cares about their well being and development into successful people. After so many years its almost like we are a part of a Family. ORCA is my children's Home away from Home!
By: Julie O.
Oak Ridge Childrens Academy
My children attend the facility and have been for 7 years. Love the staff , the environment , the care they provide for my child, and the respect of all the children. Information was given to me to make me feel comfortable and familiar with the daycare, overall appearance of the facility was clean and attractive...

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