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By: Rebecca R.
Red Lobster
I love lobster & Red Lobster has made it possible for lower income people to enjoy Lobster as well as a nice menu of many other Fish options to satisfy anyone except those few sad customers with fish allergies or trouble consuming certain fish textures. Unfortunately, I have lost faith in your wait staff! I eat there regularly & most of the time they are sloppy, they are rude & are never prepared when the come to the table. I always have to ask for more butter and lemon. I assume the wait staff are told by management not to give out too much butter, which I believe makes your restaurant seem stingy. Ooooo make sure we don't give the customers quite enough butter so they might not actually have a great experience. They have a so so experience lol. Really its the little things people will remember. Don't be skimpy on the things that make a meal. of course a decent size lobster tail. Bring plenty bread sticks or really good bread, offer a nice appetizer, offer a nice house red as well as a nice white. Good amounts of perfectly steamed vegetables, not the slop I've had plopped on my plate more than once.I guarantee if Red Lobster put a little more effort to make eating at Red Lobster a more pleasurable experience, a place where men & women can treat the ones they love without being made to feel as though theyre being taken advantage of, well then they will leave Red Lobster knowing they would definitely return to Red Lobster again! Trust me...I know :-) .Sincerely,rebeccareeves5371@gmail.com
By: Micheal M.
Quest Inc
Quest Inc. sells itself as an organization that is comminted to helping the mentally and physically disabled. They add pictures to sell the impression all is wonderful in Quest Land. No doubt there probably are a few that probably are committed to helping. However those that I have had to deal with do not fall in that group. They are insensitive, and based on their actions couldnt care less about the disabled or any one else. They seem to follow a zero tolerance that seems to include inconvenience. Facts, truth or reality do not appear to carry any weight on their scales. Vindictive,hypocrites with a big smile. This is an organization that has developed quite a skill at tugging on the public's heart for funding, I would suggest alternative organizations to donate to, the only apparent difference between these guys and a common corner pan handler is these guys wear suits, work in air conditioned offices
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By: eutricecrawfordgreen
Red Lobster
Service was a bit slow, arrived 5 min prior to closing. The waitress was attentitive once she acknowledge my presence. In ordering my food she provided food alternatives,with an upcharge . But my claim chowder had a small piece of paper in it. Like a piece of straw wrapper. But my straw as in a clear wrapper. Once I saw what it was upon taking it out of my mouth I just put it on the side of the saucer of the soup bowl. I did not bring it to the attention of the server, the soup was 90% consumed. The soup tasted good, the rest of my food was also good the Lobster on Lobster new item on menu. I will return, I live in the community also I left a 15% tip.
By: Charles H.
Red Lobster
12/21/14 We visited R L tonight with a group of 3adults +2 small kids. The last time, my wife became allergic to the spray used to clean tables. We informed the manager on duty. He was very understanding & keep spray away. When my wife noticed tables mt, but not clean, she told manager she would be in ladies room so tables can be cleaned & all would make money plus others could eat & enjoy as we were doing. Praise Jesus for that entire staff. Lord Jesus Bless all them with Your Birthday Celebration plus daily as they stay Your servants.. May all confess You as their Lord & Savior.
By: Judi M.
Red Lobster
My sister and I was staying at universal studios and we went to red lobster on international blvd. for dinner. The astomphere was warm and friendly. Our waiter Jason was faboulas. He was extremely friendly and you could tell that he loved his job. We had lobster of course that melt in your mouth. It was cooked to perfection. The rest of the people were just as welcoming. I would recommend this red lobster to anyone who is visiting universal. You probably could walk. I give them five + stars. Jason one day you will own a restaurant or a be a manger of one.
By: Amy F.
Red Lobster
Service & staffing ONLY: Horrible. Walk into the restaurant 8pm on a Thurs & there are plenty of open tables. So glad because it's been a crazy day. Too bad!! They're refusing to seat folks & have built a wait period!! We ask why the wait. Pointing at a nearly empty dining room. We're advice by the TWO hostesses there aren't enough WaitStaff! Bad job Red lobster! Put the extra hostess to waiting & fill those tables. No WONDER you're down sizing & struggling!
By: James H.
Lee & Rick's Oyster Bar
Visited this restaurant for the first time a couple of weeks ago, thanks to my friends who are regulars there. Absolutely the best and most fresh seafood I've had in a very long time! It hit the spot!! I appreciated the story about how the restaurant came to be. As a former worker of an Oyster Bar, I also felt the restaurant layout was unique, functional, and fitting. I ordered Steamed Oysters and also some crab legs. The service was just as great as the food.
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By: Bill T.
Two Chefs Restaurant Seafood & Bar
We went to restaurant through a Groupon purchase and arrived at 4 pm. Place was almost empty, so had excellent interaction with server and good response to wife's food allergy. The food was excellent, if a little pricy for our normal budget and everything was Ala carte...for two, without coupon, our check was a few cents under $100.00..with no bar bill items...It would be a "Special Occasion" place for us in the future, but an enjoyable one..
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By: Kim W.
Johnnie's Hideaway
The porterhouse, filet mignon and colossal shrimp were excellently prepared and delicious. The key lime pie and apple pie were also quite good. The service was excellent. The only negative was the smell in the hallway by the bar leading to the restrooms. Wasn't bad enough to sway my overall review of the restaurant. I highly recommend Johnnies Hideaway.
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By: Lina B.
La Casa De La Paellas
NEW OWNERS!!! And they are from Spain. The new menu of "Authentic Spanish Cuisine" is soooo good, I can never eat just one dessert! My favorite dishes are the Paella Marinera (Seafood Paella) and the Milanesa. They have a singer or piano player every Friday, Karaoke on Saturdays and the are fropm 3,95 to 22,50so that makes it GOOD and affordable.

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