By: ciavelicia
Orlando Water Damage Restoration - Emergency Services
We called Orlando Water Damage Restoration to help with some suspicious areas in our basement. After lifting the carpet, mold and moisture were evident. They quickly gave us some suggestions of what could be the cause, and then they described the best procedure to fix the problem. They sealed our basement and started the process of abatement. After removing all of the drywall we found a buried window that wasn't properly closed off. A crack from the window to the corner of the floor was causing water to seep in...who knows how long this was happening! The team answered all our questions and worked hard from morning until evening. We had a very good experience with this company. Their customer service, experience, and hard work helped us realize we made the right choice.
By: shonna01
Emergency Services 24 Inc.
We had a pipe break in the attic that we did not notice until the ceiling collapsed and water started raining down. We called our insurance and then called three companies and Emergency Services 24 was the first company at my door. They went over the paperwork with me and began the work within a couple of hours they were gone with blowers (loud), and other machines left in my home. They explained what was going on through the whole thing. The only thing I can complain about was the noise of the equipment, but I guess its needed. They came back every day, check the house and explained to me what was going on. I appreciate their quick response and professionalism. Hopefully I will not need them again but I do I know who to call.
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By: Alexa P.
Florida Catastrophe
We were referred to Florida Catastrophe after a fire in our kitchen. We had terrible damage to our roof, cabinets, appliances, and floor, but it was luckily contained to just a couple rooms. We couldn't be happier with the level of service we received throughout the entire restoration process. My husband and I were initially very worried that after this fire in our new home (2-3 years old) we couldn't expect the restoration to be as good or better than the original, but we were very pleasantly surprised that our home looks a good as new. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the entire team at Florida Catastrophe who helped us work through a devastating situation!
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By: Alison T.
Florida Catastrophe
My husband and I had a water pipe burst in our home while we were out of town on vacation. It was devastating coming home to flooded home. We quickly reached out to our insurance company who put us in contact with FLA-CAT. They were extremely quick with getting our home back together. They replaced our carpet, and removed a little mold damage. They did an excellent job and were very professional at all times. If I'm ever in need of assistance with mold damage, flood damage or even a simple remodel, I will definitely use FLA-CAT. I recommend them to anyone else in need of this type of repair.
By: artsniper79
I T C Restoration
my name is chris me and my wife went on vacation and came back to find water all over the place i looked on the internet and found ITC RESTORATION im glade i found them they where at my house very fast they did the best job i have ever had in all my 40yrs my house was back to normal in no time. very respectfull and kind very down to earth they make you feel better knowing you called them. very good job if i ever have this happen to me again i already know who im calling thank you antonio and amado from ITC RESTORATION
By: Kyle S.
ServiceMaster Orlando
First off, a 2 week job turned into a month and a half long job. Had to constantly call and get updates and push the company along so that way I could move back into my house. Wall outlets that were replaced were replaced with used wall outlets, the wrong color grout was layed out with the tile, the paint work was not up to par, and all trim was supposed to be replaced and was not done.. All in all I would recommend hiring another company for work that you need done if all possible!
By: Trisha L.
HYDRA DRY, Inc. Cleaning And Water Damage Specialists
In August 2012 my home flooded out from a pipe break in our bathroom. I called Hydra Dry and they arrived within the hour!! I was so overwhelmed with the whole process. They made sure that everything was not only done quickly but sufficiently. They made sure to keep me involved in the whole thing, explaining each and every detail. No this event was not something I dreamed of but Hydra Dry also made sure it was not a nightmare!
By: insync12
Florida Catastrophe
Recommended by our insurance company, Fla-Cat did a disaster recovery job from a kitchen fire in our house. There's so many horror stories about contractors that I felt I had to write a review as these people deserve to be recognized. The work was first rate with very high quality materials, responsive management and hard working employees who speak well of their employers. Thanks everyone!
By: johnrichard
Orlando Water Damage Restoration - Emergency Services
Our bathroom fan was venting in the attic. It caused mold. We had a few people out to suggest how to take care of it. Orlando Water Damage Restoration took the time to explain, they said what and how it will be done, and they showed us their professional polite manner. We hired them and they were very good. The problem was fixed and the job was done perfectly.
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By: jason.williams85
Florida Catastrophe
After our hot water heater flooded a good amount of our house and all the garage we were pretty bummed, but the guys here did a great job facilitating the clean up and restoration of our house. It only took about a week and a half and we were back to normal. Thanks again, guys!
Tips & Advices
Signs of hidden water damage include:
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Foul odor
  • Texture changes
  • Discoloration
  • Clearwater is clean water with no solids. It includes water generated by air conditioning units and water that goes down the drain while the faucet heats.
  • Greywater refers to all other form of waste water except for toilet water. It possibly contains hair, soap particles, cooking byproducts and flakes of skin. Areas that have been damaged by grey water are at a mild risk of contamination.
  • Blackwater is water that has come into contact with urine or fecal matter. Toilet water is considered blackwater. Blackwater can contain pathogens and is usually considered a biohazard.
Water damage restoration is a process where water-damaged areas are dried, sanitized, and rebuilt.
Home insurance sometimes covers water damage from storm-related accidents. However, most plans do not cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or floods. For the latter, homeowners should purchase flood insurance.
Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of water damage.
  • Clean and maintain gutters so rainwater flows properly. Direct downspouts away from the house.
  • Repair any roof damage.
  • Use drain snakes to clean clogs. Chemical cleaners erode pipes.
  • Do not place outdoor plants with invasive roots near pipes, septic tanks, sprinkler systems, or drainage fields.
  • Make note of the water bill. A sudden, random spike in charges could indicate a leak.

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