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By: gospain
Dunkin' Donuts
OK just posted this on yelp, now onto yp ... Started off on the wrong foot right at the drive-thru menu; I had a coupon for buy-1-get-1-free items that I had never ordered before, so I just had a few quick questions. But the employee on the speaker (who turned out to be the manager apparently, black woman in a different-colored outift than everyone else) was less than patient and friendly, but not exactly obnoxious, so I proceeded, cautiously. A different girl, at the window, told me $8. So the first thing I thought was, ok, well panaras got some $8 sandwiches (and higher), so maybe thats who theyre trying to compete with, or Jasons, just other shops that make big, fresh, tasty sandwiches... but I didnt know, so when I get to the register I said, 8 dollars, for a sandwich? and the manager girl cuts me off and VERY obnoxiously explains that the cashier girl gave me the price for both, then once she scanned my coupon the price was $4. Then I tried to diffuse her rude response by saying, Oh I didnt hear her tell me $4, all I heard was the $8, but both of them totally ignored me (or didnt pay attention enough to even realize that I responded.) She hadnt asked what kind of bread I wanted them on, or what I wanted with them, and uh, yah, when I got them... they are NOT competing with Panara (or anyone else). I got a small turkey cheese bacon sandwich, that tasted ok, but the roll was stale like day-old (and it wasnt even 730am, so it shouldve been right out the oven).The only reason I'm giving this review 2 stars is because the chicken salad was also small, but VERY good (even though the croissant it was served on was... not as good). So although it wasnt a total loss, I would absolutely NEVER pay $4 (the full price) for either sandwich, but with the BOGO it was just right. Just the chicken salad by itself would probably get... 4 stars.Thought it mightve been a bad morning, everyone seemed a bit uhh... not so happy, thought it could be the Zimmerman trial tension throughout the neighborhood... but from the other review on yelp it looks like this could be the norm, for what, 2 yrs now? That would be unacceptable. And I have a feeling its not just us; this location is about a block away from a police station... and for the first time in my life, I was at a donut shop that had no law enforcement of any kind, inside or out.So yah, needless to say I looked for my receipt when I read that other review and yes, they have a survey at telldunkin com.., and they received the score they earned.
By: cassandra82
Dunkin' Donuts
For the most part, everyone is very friendly.. However, there were a couple situations that had me totally disgusted with this location. I was visiting this location with my family and we witnessed him fighting with a customer, The customer ended up leaving and he chased the family into the parking lot making threats and inappropriate gestures in front of minor children all while he was on the phone with local law enforcement trying to get them trespassed, he started the situation between him and that customer.
By: akihiko.chikako
Dunkin' Donuts
love this place, they're fast in service and nice to the customers
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By: Irene M.
Dunkin' Donuts
Amazing place to work at !

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