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By: Deborah A.
Horizon Child Care & Learning Center
I have two kids in Horizons, a 1 year old and a 4 yr old, and this is my 4 yr old’s second year in the school. Last year he had Ms. Amani and this year Ms. Dena and they have both been amazing teachers. Also, the director, Ms. Shahama, has bent over backwards to make accommodations for my son who has a language delay. Before he started at Horizons I took him to another Muslim school that I had sold my car to pay for the over $2,000 in various fees plus steep tuition only to have him kicked out after three weeks with no refund because he would have daily accidents and they “don’t potty train”. However, he was potty trained and only needed help with getting his pants up and down, which they refused to do. He was also bullied there and would not talk in class at all because he did not feel safe. Then when I took him Horizons it was the exact opposite. There fees are much less; $175 for registration, and the tuition depends on age, and you can pay monthly or weekly. He was always happy to go to school and was learning rapidly. Ms. Shahama recognized his speech delay and set up a speech evaluation with an amazing speech therapist who he now works with, and Ms. Dena works with me and the speech therapist so that she can adjust the instruction for my son. Ms. Shahama is always friendly and available for any concerns that you have. This school is sooo much better at helping kids transition into a new environment instead of being so strict which is not appropriate for a 3 yr old. This kind of environment, where the children are happy, helps them to learn better. They constantly do activities with the kids such as circle time, painting, and drawing where they incorporate the lessons such as letters, numbers, colors, etc. They also have Arabic and Quran lessons. Last year the VPK class memorized 16 surah. They have a nice playground, and also have frequent field trips and events, on the holidays they will get a bouncy house, cotton candy machine, and they have a Facebook page ( where you can see the pictures from the events. Some of their events are Eid, International Day, Disney Character Day, Pajama Day, Mother’s Day, and Graduation. They also have halal healthy meals provided for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
By: accastano
Hand N' Hand Child Enrichment Center
I had my son enrolled at Hand n Hand Enrichment for almost a year. He started when he was 1 1/2. He had a great teacher, he bonded with her quick. Then he moved to the 2-3 year old room once he turned 2. We were told he was very smart and were asked if we worked with him at home since he knew his letters, numbers and shapes already. Then 5 months later all went down hill. I started getting phone calls to pick him up an hour after I dropped him off. My son was having "behavioural issues" which I can safely say was terrible twos and I'll explain why. He got kicked out of daycare to say the least and was also told that he was "terribly delayed developmentally" (5 months after being told that he was doing extremely well). I worried so much thinking that I messed up, maybe my son has ADD, ADHD, has a speech delay, (I didn't know who to compare him to). After 2 months of worrying, going through audiology tests, and finally getting a child development test, my mind was put to ease. The evaluator said that my son was advanced for his age (now 2 1/2). He knows how to put words together to form a sentence, he counts to 20, knows his ABC's, shapes, colors, etc.. answers questions and carry a conversation. So now I have to believe that this daycare could not handle my son's terrible two's so instead kicked him out and gave me a hard time on the way. I don't believe they put much training into their decision, "we're trained to spot when a child is not developing" and instead just scared the mess out us. So in closing if you have a hyper, "terrible two's" toddler, who doesn't like to sit still during story time or throws stuff, or had an accident biting another kid (which happens, my son got bit twice while at this daycare but their toddlers, they're still learning), I wouldn't recommend this daycare to you. I only gave it 2 stars because there are nice staff there, it's always clean and my son seemed to like it there, even if a few didn't seem to like him.
By: Michele B.
kids r kids
My son has been a student at this school for almost a year now, and we continue to be extremely impressed with the staff, teachers and learning environment at Kids R Kids Waterford. The owners and staff work hard to promote a family atmosphere, and they really care about the kids. My son loves his teachers and comes home talking about them and everything they did at school that day. Ms. Michelle and Ms. Dignora are two of the hardest working teachers I have ever seen, and in spite of all they do every day they still take the time to plan special events for the children and parents. The school is clean, safe and well maintained. You can watch your child on the video monitors in each classroom either from your computer, smart phone, or from the lobby area. The front entrance is secure and requires a key card access. The playground equipment is always in good condition, and they have a splash pad for the kids to play on during the warm summer weather. One thing that really stands out to me about this school is the low turnover among the teachers. My son previously attended another school and it seemed like he had a new teacher every couple of months, and this was really difficult for him to adjust to. The low teacher turnover at this school is an indicator that the teachers enjoy their jobs and feel appreciated by the management staff.
By: Malia H.
RJM Learn-To-Read Childcare
Not Just Childcare!! You don't find many places these days you can take your child to and know not only are they going to have fun, but they are going to learn on a individual level as well. When I found Sarina I was coming out of a daycare situation that was just not working to meet the expectations me and my husband had for our son. My son was in a big room all day with no personal attention just someone looking over the mass of kids making sure no one got hurt. He was getting sick every other week:( Not good at all. I was very lucky to come upon Sarina at RJM Childcare she is like a dream come true. I think what most people look for when they look for a childcare provider is someone that can provide an extension of themselves to their child when they can't be there and that is exactly what I found in Sarina. She continues to exceed my expectations with my sons reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. He has not been sick since he began there almost two years ago. If you want your children to learn at a accelerated rate while being in a safe and fun environment, Sarina will blow you away. We actually moved out of the area and she is so amazing and irreplaceable that I commute One hour each way to make sure my son still gets to go learn and play with his favorite "Nina". I don't think he would have it any other way!
By: christine.ranum
Trinity Christian Academy
My son has been attending TCA since Dec 2012. I have seen none of what the previous reviewer said. The director has set hours and she has never brought a dog to school. I don't think she owns a dog. My son has fallen on the playground like toddlers do and they have always written out a report. If children are aggressive they are redirected and sat aside for a minute, not left in a high chair. I suspect the other review is an employee of another center because I am protective and have not seen anything and I go unannounced at times to pick up my son. My experience has been that my son love the teacher and teachers asst. He hugs them and kisses them and loves them which is exactly what I looked for in a school. He loves the arts and crafts and even though he's young he gets excited and points and shows me what he made when I pick him up. The other parents are from all walks of life and are all very friendly and involved with the school. The school from the outside may not rival newer schools but the love and attention the children receive are far above other schools I have observed when I was searching for a preschool.
By: vanyawalker
Wells Home Child Care
Wells Home Child Care is a great choice for home or family child care. Ms. Wells provides a caring home environment for children of all ages. After having our first child my husband and I agonized about finding quality childcare for our then two and a half month old son. Most daycare centers and home care weren't options due to our schedules, which require evening and weekend care. We were so fortunate to have found Ms. Wells and her family! Her home is clean and comfortable, providing a safe place for our son to learn, play and sleep. The playroom has lots of educational games and toys and plenty of space for little ones. Ms. Wells documents daily activities including feedings, diaper changes, and naps on a daily log and communicates any concerns. She is always available if I have an questions, concerns, or just want to check in. I feel that with Ms. Wells our son has found a second family. Our baby, now seven months old, is excited to see Ms. Wells when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up. He is integrated into family activities and is exposed to other happy, well cared for children of all ages.
By: Jacina C.
RJM Learn-To-Read Childcare
I highly recommend RJM Learn to Read Childcare. It is not your typical in home childcare or daycare center. The best way to describe it would be a home away from home where your children can productively learn educationally, develop socializing skills and feel safe all in one. My son has been attending school here since he was almost 2.5 yrs. old. He recently turned 4 years old and I can confidently say he has developed a strong educational foundation and is well prepared for kindergarten. He can easily and with confidence read, write, spell, do mathematics and his comprehension levels are far more than what I expected since beginning school here. He loves to learn and always talks about what Mrs. Sarina taught him in school. Her teaching skills and time management with the children are structured just like a real school and in my opinion event better. Overall, she is a loving person and takes what she does with the children very seriously and it shows with her own children as well. You will not be disappointed with the progress and growth of your child at RJM !!
By: nkasupervisor
Neighborhood Kids Academy
In regards to the last comment, We are very sorry you view our facility in such a light. However, there are some issues NKA would like to address. Our 2 year old teacher has her Bachelors in Early Childhood development and being bilingual is a necessity in the Orlando area. When it comes to potty training, each child is unique in their development and all children must develop at their own rate. We must use pull ups in the potty training process as to prevent unsanitary conditions in the classroom. If a child is not ready for underwear we cannot force the potty training process upon them, it is against DCF rules and regulations. As your child was only enrolled for a week, we do not claim to work miracles! For the matter of medical records, it is every parents responsibility to pick up his/her child's documentation, we do not withhold information, we simply cannot send any documents out. We hope you have the best of luck with potty training your child, just remember to be patient and not rush a child that is not ready!
By: Renee D.
Top Kids Academy
I have been with Top Kids Academy for 2 years with my children ages 5 and 8. My daughter completed her VPK program and has EXCELLED in kindergarten this year so far. Her benchmark test shows her ranking a number 4 which is the as good as it gets. School is coming very easy to her and she surprises me on what she knows. When I ask her where did she learn certain things she responses Ms. Leyla who is from Top Kids. This is a vast difference from when my older child attended another school that had a good reputation and I was disappointed on how they ran their program ( I eventually had to pull him out.) My son has requested to continue to attend the summer program over other options I have given him. He enjoys the time there and the teachers. If I did have a problem ( which was student related which happens), I felt it was handle in the best way and one I thoroughly agree with. If you are heavily involved with your child and want to have sense of community with outside of school, this would be it.
By: shanna.bailey.125
Aunt Delores' Child Care Center Inc
This place is AMAZING! That is the only word I have to describe them! I have had my daughter in other daycares and when I found out her old daycare was closing and had to find somewhere else I went to a lot of different places around the area and was completley SHOCKED at how unorganized, messy, dirty and no well ran these other places were. As soon as I stepped into Aunt Delores's Child Care Center I knew immediatley that this was the place for my daughter. I wish I would have brought her here years ago! Everyone is extremley friendly, knowledgable and professional. Very well taken care of and SUPER clean. My daughter loves it there and had no problem what so ever adjusting to her new surroundings. She is very excited to go in the mornings where as I use to have to drop her off at her old day care with her in tears and not wanting to go inside. I can hardly get her to leave now! I love this place and would recommend it to anyone!

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