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By: Malia H.
RJM Learn-To-Read Childcare
Not Just Childcare!! You don't find many places these days you can take your child to and know not only are they going to have fun, but they are going to learn on a individual level as well. When I found Sarina I was coming out of a daycare situation that was just not working to meet the expectations me and my husband had for our son. My son was in a big room all day with no personal attention just someone looking over the mass of kids making sure no one got hurt. He was getting sick every other week:( Not good at all. I was very lucky to come upon Sarina at RJM Childcare she is like a dream come true. I think what most people look for when they look for a childcare provider is someone that can provide an extension of themselves to their child when they can't be there and that is exactly what I found in Sarina. She continues to exceed my expectations with my sons reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. He has not been sick since he began there almost two years ago. If you want your children to learn at a accelerated rate while being in a safe and fun environment, Sarina will blow you away. We actually moved out of the area and she is so amazing and irreplaceable that I commute One hour each way to make sure my son still gets to go learn and play with his favorite "Nina". I don't think he would have it any other way!
By: christine.ranum
Trinity Christian Academy
My son has been attending TCA since Dec 2012. I have seen none of what the previous reviewer said. The director has set hours and she has never brought a dog to school. I don't think she owns a dog. My son has fallen on the playground like toddlers do and they have always written out a report. If children are aggressive they are redirected and sat aside for a minute, not left in a high chair. I suspect the other review is an employee of another center because I am protective and have not seen anything and I go unannounced at times to pick up my son. My experience has been that my son love the teacher and teachers asst. He hugs them and kisses them and loves them which is exactly what I looked for in a school. He loves the arts and crafts and even though he's young he gets excited and points and shows me what he made when I pick him up. The other parents are from all walks of life and are all very friendly and involved with the school. The school from the outside may not rival newer schools but the love and attention the children receive are far above other schools I have observed when I was searching for a preschool.
By: vanyawalker
Wells Home Child Care
Wells Home Child Care is a great choice for home or family child care. Ms. Wells provides a caring home environment for children of all ages. After having our first child my husband and I agonized about finding quality childcare for our then two and a half month old son. Most daycare centers and home care weren't options due to our schedules, which require evening and weekend care. We were so fortunate to have found Ms. Wells and her family! Her home is clean and comfortable, providing a safe place for our son to learn, play and sleep. The playroom has lots of educational games and toys and plenty of space for little ones. Ms. Wells documents daily activities including feedings, diaper changes, and naps on a daily log and communicates any concerns. She is always available if I have an questions, concerns, or just want to check in. I feel that with Ms. Wells our son has found a second family. Our baby, now seven months old, is excited to see Ms. Wells when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up. He is integrated into family activities and is exposed to other happy, well cared for children of all ages.
By: Jacina C.
RJM Learn-To-Read Childcare
I highly recommend RJM Learn to Read Childcare. It is not your typical in home childcare or daycare center. The best way to describe it would be a home away from home where your children can productively learn educationally, develop socializing skills and feel safe all in one. My son has been attending school here since he was almost 2.5 yrs. old. He recently turned 4 years old and I can confidently say he has developed a strong educational foundation and is well prepared for kindergarten. He can easily and with confidence read, write, spell, do mathematics and his comprehension levels are far more than what I expected since beginning school here. He loves to learn and always talks about what Mrs. Sarina taught him in school. Her teaching skills and time management with the children are structured just like a real school and in my opinion event better. Overall, she is a loving person and takes what she does with the children very seriously and it shows with her own children as well. You will not be disappointed with the progress and growth of your child at RJM !!
By: shanna.bailey.125
Aunt Delores' Child Care Center Inc
This place is AMAZING! That is the only word I have to describe them! I have had my daughter in other daycares and when I found out her old daycare was closing and had to find somewhere else I went to a lot of different places around the area and was completley SHOCKED at how unorganized, messy, dirty and no well ran these other places were. As soon as I stepped into Aunt Delores's Child Care Center I knew immediatley that this was the place for my daughter. I wish I would have brought her here years ago! Everyone is extremley friendly, knowledgable and professional. Very well taken care of and SUPER clean. My daughter loves it there and had no problem what so ever adjusting to her new surroundings. She is very excited to go in the mornings where as I use to have to drop her off at her old day care with her in tears and not wanting to go inside. I can hardly get her to leave now! I love this place and would recommend it to anyone!
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By: Geo G.
Abc Learning Center & Chi
I enrolled my son at ABC Learning Center when he was 2 yes old I interviewed approximately 5 centers before choosing ABC. The process of elimination began the the first phone call not only was the call to ABC pleasant but it also felt inviting. Once I entered the center I noticed all the teachers greeting the children by name as they were arriving in the morning. The Director made me feel comfortable she answered all of my questions she assured me that my son would be ok and that I can call as many times to check on him. Every time I called she would walk over to his classroom and check on him as well as transferring the phone to his teacher. It feels nice to know that my child is part of a great learning environment... Words cannot express how greatful I feel that your staff is a BIG part of my son's life I wouldn't trade ABC LEARNING CENTER.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL....
By: amber.biesecker
Aunt Delores' Child Care Center Inc
My daughter has been going here since she was 1, and I'd never even consider taking her anywhere else!Aunt Delores' gives your child the special, individual attention they deserve. They are very vigilant over the children's safety and development, as well as interested in cultivating relationships with the parents of the children they care for.I have never had any doubt as to how well they are teaching my child; even with her stubborn attitude and somewhat slow development, Aunt Delores' has always provided her with the special attention she needs to succeed. It will be a very fond farewell this Fall when she's off to Kindergarten!If you're looking for a child care center with great values, small class sizes, an excellent VPK program, and talented staff who really care about your children, this is it!
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By: Jenifer A.
Aunt Delores' Child Care Center Inc
Thank you Thank You Thank you! These ladies made me feel so comfortable leaving my son in their care. They definitely became like a second family... My son attended to Aunt Delore's Child Care since he was 3 years old and may I add this was the first daycare in his life time. They showered him with love and care and made him feel so at home within days my son would not cry when I would leave. Ms. Tonya, Ms. Linda, Ms. Emily, Ms. Jasmin, Ms. Kristie and specially Ms. Jamie... thank you!!! thank you so much, you all have no idea how much of a difference you have made in my son's preschool experience! Ms. Priscilla thank you for the decorations for the Pre-K graduation they were amazing. With all of this being said... I love you ladies!! we will be keeping in touch!
By: Gina F.
Ladybird Academy of Hunters Creek
Our experience has been the best so far! This is the second school we bring our baby of 22 months and for the first time we felt we got it.Their method is great and in only one week we could feel the development of our son..The staff is very professional and the teachers so warmhearted that are making our eyes shinning..Me and my husband grow up in a country where people are very affective and this school has the same care!We were in love with "our" teacher Leslie. How many times we saw from the live webcam she comforting all the babies and caring everyone like they were hers... Incredible, fascinating, really emotional!! Thank you LadyBird and Leslie for providing us the warranty we are giving the best for our son.
By: mommylove10
Aunt Delores' Child Care Center Inc
I LOVE this daycare! They may not be as trendy as some and they may not be in the the most upscale neighborhood but that is partly why I love them! They are REAL! Their rules do not come down from a guy in a suit who doesn't even like children. When you enter this home, you feel the love. Each and every child is cared for and adored. My child loves going here and he has already learned so much. If I moved across town, I would still venture to Aunt Delores' because I trust no one else would care for my child as much as these ladies! The facility is clean and they involve the children in fun every day activities. I feel secure leaving my child in their care! I would give 10 stars if I could!

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