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By: Kelly S.
Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A.
When my husband at the time decided to get a divorce I was totally surprised and didn't know the first thing what to do next. I was referred to Mrs. Donna Hung by a friend of mine and after reading all the great reviews I decided to call and ask for an appointment. After the first meeting with Mrs. Hung, I knew it was the right decision on hiring her as my attorney. I just knew she was going to do her best for me. She knew all right questions to ask me to formulate a plan of action and I felt comfortable with her from the start. My X had hired a professional evaluation company to do detail research on all of the property values and all the contents of the house. It had to be a 30 page report with values that were not consistent with today's value. I was so worried with these figures that I was not going to get anything. Then after Mrs. Hung studied the report and went in front of the judge, the judge ordered another recount since Mrs. Hung explained it in a fair and reasonable way. The judge approve the new plan and the results were way better than I had ever expected it to be. Thank you Mrs. Donna Hung for helping me start a new life that would have not happened if it wasn't for your guidance through all of this mess. Your are my angel and I thank God that I made the right choice in you as my attorney.
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By: Daniel R.
Stuart Mount Bleakley Boylston PA
Jacob "Vicious" Stuart is a man among boys in the arena of law. When we walked into court together I swear the prosecuting (opposing) attorney gulped in fear, as he realized his dreams of winning the trial had vanished. Everyone seemed to both respect and fear the man. Immediately following day 1 of the trial we were offered a deal (which I thought was pretty good) But Jacob, being the fearless man he is, told them nicely to "take the deal and shove it up their a**" At this point I realized Jacob was not at all interested in settling unless he got exactly what he wanted. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with his integrity and courage to fight for justice. In the end, we did accept a deal, but only because Jacob got my four felony charges reduced to peanuts. By peanuts I mean nearly nothing, other than a period of probation which I am able to complete from out of state. Thank you, Jacob, for completely and utterly destroying the allegations against me. I fully expect that Jacob V. Stuart will go on to do great things in his field. If you are considering hiring legal representation, look no further.
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By: Didi C.
Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A.
Donna Hung was my third lawyer. She took my case even though we were about to go to court. Once I hired her I realized the poor service I received from my first 2 lawyers. Donna was extremely professional, efficient and straightfoward. I did not go to court and the case was settled. I am very happy that I found her and would recommend her 100%. Read reviews before deciding on a lawyer. I did not do this and my sister was the one that read her reviews and recommended her to me. Before this unfortunate case I did not know much about lawyers but with my first 2 lawyers I knew something was wrong. When I hired Donna I felt the difference immediately. I was involved and did not feel that my lawyer was simply reacting. I felt she really did have the knowledge, the organization. I felt respected and protected. My most sincere thank you to the entire team and especially to Attorney Donna Hung. I am writing this review wherever I get the chance because I know the importance of a review and I know that just having a lawyer is not enough.
By: thaddeus
Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A.
To say that divorce is a particularly difficult time in one's life would be an understatement. I attempted to navigate my divorce pro se and quickly learned how bad of a decision this was. I was lucky enough to have been referred to Donna. Donna made this time/transition in my life much easier, and without her assistance I can only imagine how horrible this process could have been. I can happily say that Donna is a delight to work with and is one of the few attorneys who truly cares about the needs of her clients and will work tirelessly to aid them in navigating such a tumultuous time in life. I have personally recommended Donna to others and will gladly continue to do so. Donna is quite knowledgeable, aggressive when the time calls for it, and above all compassionate. I owe her more than this review as thanks for how she has helped me and can only hope that those reading my review will solicit her counsel.
By: darylc
Law Office of Donna C. Hung, P.A.
I never written a review before, but I have to with the Law Office of Donna C Hung.I was in a very tough situation and contacted a few attorneys. It didn't look very good for me, several attorneys didn't seem optimistic about my case, til I spoke with Donna. After just a few minutes over the phone I knew who would be representing me. Donna is very professional, understanding and got right to work on my case. Donna had a challenge with my case, the time line was at the end, thanks to her experience and knowledge she made things happen that others didn't think could happen. She keep me up to date every step of the way. In the end, everything worked out better than I could have ever imagined. From today forward I know who I will turn to first should I ever need legal assistance again. Thank you Donna for everything you did for me.Daryl
By: Erika N.
Paula Coffman Attorney At
A while back my son was charged for a crime mistaken identity is the case. I needed to locate a strong appellate lawyer who knows the Florida Law well. I found Paula Coffman and hired her. So far I have been satisfied with her services. She has handled my sons case in a professional manner. She has met every deadline, returned all my calls including keeping my son informed by letters and calls too. She has even seen me twice with no set appointment. She has been upfront about the long journey ahead. She also has been compassionate about my feelings being a mother herself. I am confident justice will be served.
By: elnisec
Grozinger Law, P.A.
MR.PATRICK had save me and my children not only that, but my future in the long run. My name is Elnise Civil my was all over the media if anyone Google my name you' ll see what kind of chargers i had. My kids was taken and my job fired me. No attorney wanted to help they didn't even hear my side of the story. When I called MR.PATRICK he invited me to his office and heard my story....helped me through sadness stress, and mostly financial. When MR.PATRICK takes over my case within a month 1/2 my case was dropped. .I couldn't ask for more..I thank him everyday now I could continue my nursing career.
By: G R.
Law Offices OF David P Hill
All I can say if you want a dam good attorney :-) retain Mr. Hill. he provided services on a DUI felony case for me, all criminal charges were dropped. He is an awesome Attorney, one you can place your trust in to go beyond and above the call of duty so that you will receive the best results possible. Mr. Hill, is professional, compassionate, sincere, and honest. I would recommend Mr. Hill any day, and I will never forget the amazing service he provided for me. His assistant Maribel is awesome as well.
By: Thankful C.
Grozinger Law, P.A.
As a recent client of Patrick Grozinger, I can truly attest to his 5-star rating. His affable and trust-worthy personality made him an easy choice for hire. As someone who has never needed a lawyer before, he did a phenomenal job of making the process comprehensible and less intimidating. With true effort, efficiency and professionalism, he was able to have all the charges on my case dropped. I cannot thank him enough for his diligence with my case. I recommend Patrick Grozinger unreservedly.
By: saustin
Debra S. Johnson, P.A.
I first met Debra in 1998, when she came recommended to me. She has represented me over the years and done a fabulous job. My case is post judgment child support of which went to the Appellant Court (which was upheld thanks to her work). Not only does her office give legal support, but it is obvious that they really care about their clients. She is and will always be the first attorney I call when I need one and highly recommend her to all my friends and family.

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