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By: Audrey W.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services LLC.
It was time for my home to be deep cleaned. I first hired a maid service to clean every room in my house. After they were completed, I searched and browsed online for a reputable, affordable carpet cleaning company that had good customer feedback. I kept coming across Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services and saw all the good feedback on several different websites. I called and spoke to Marie and got an official quote for the carpet cleaning, leather sofa cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning for my bathrooms, entryway, kitchen and dining room. The price was right, and they included a lot in the packages, so I booked for a Saturday appointment. The technicians came 15 minutes early to setup the equipment. They were very friendly and helpful. They assessed the carpet, measured the tile, and evaluated the wear on our leather sofa. They pretreated the grout lines and let the cleaner sit before they cleaned it. All of the stains on the carpet were also treated and let sit. They cleaned our leather sofa and pointed out the cracks in our sofa before they started cleaning. When the leather was finished being cleaned, it looked so much better! It looked so much younger, the cracks were minimized and it actually felt much softer. When they finished deep steaming the tile and carpeted areas, I walked around and looked at everything. The carpet and tile looked new, and I was ecstatic at the results! I probably said thank you 5 times to the young gentlemen, which they really appreciated. I highly recommend Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services! They did a great job and were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end!
By: Jenna M.
Carpet Cleaning Orlando
My husband and I own 2 rental properties in Orlando, FL and our own home is in Windermere, FL. I hired Carpet Cleaning Orlando to clean one of our rental homes in Orlando after the tenant moved out. When doing the walk-through with the tenant, we saw an extreme amount of urine stains and the whole house smelled like pets and pet urine. We were not very happy and the worst case scenario that we may need to replace all the carpet went through my mind. My husband suggested calling a carpet cleaning company first, so we found Carpet Cleaning Orlando. They offer an Extreme Pet Carpet Cleaning package and they came highly rated so we scheduled the cleaning appointment. The technicians used a commercial black light to show up where all the pet stains were, and the rooms lit up like the fourth of July! They spent their time treating each and every urine stain, sanitized, steam cleaned, and enzyme deodorized all of the carpet. When they were completed, we came back to the house and I am telling you, we couldn't believe our eyes. The house didn't have a urine and wet dog smell as we walked through the door. Then we walked through every room and there were no stains, anywhere! The technician was honest and said that the padding may need replacement in one of the rooms that was the most soiled with urine. But the carpet looked absolutely amazing. It's been a week later, and the carpet still looks at good and smells as good as it did right after the carpet cleaning was finished! We are so thrilled that we have scheduled a carpet cleaning appointment for our own house in Windermere at the end of April.
By: markvaughn
Carpet Cleaning Orlando
I did my homework and researched countless carpet cleaning companies. I have had my share of bad experiences with carpet cleaners in the past, so I am now very picky with who I hire. Carpet Cleaning Orlando was high on my list, after finding that they won the Super Service Award on Angie's List and had a lot of great reviews. They have an A rating, which is very important. I still had a very detailed conversation with the phone representative and made sure this company was licensed and insured. Laurie ensured they would do a great job, and for once I actually believed it. Carpet Cleaning Orlando sent their technicians to my home on Saturday. They showed up, professional, uniformed, and even wearing a name badge. I was impressed with the outside look, but could these people clean carpets well, that was the question. I carefully watched them as they cleaned my living room, dining area, and staircase. The technicians really took their time, treating any spots I had before passing over them with the carpet cleaning wand. I was very impressed with the time and effort put into my carpet. My carpet looks great, and i'm actually calling them today to see if I can schedule to have all of my upstairs bedrooms, bonus room, and hallway cleaned, now that I can trust this company. Thank you Carpet Cleaning Orlando, you guys are one of the good companies out there!
By: Camden T.
Carpet Cleaning Orlando
Carpet Cleaning Orlando is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used. They have taken care of our store, rental properties and home. Stains I thought would never come out ... were gone. White fabric kitchen chairs I thought were ruined with three kids (and all their friends) dropping anything from spaghetti sauce to chocolate milk and sticky fingers and dirt ... were saved and as good as new. The best testament to their care was our rental property we had just purchased. We thought we were going to need most of the carpet replaced! I had multiple quotes for replacement, swatches and even an appointment time. Carpet Cleaning Orlando said, "Let me try to clean it first." I had no idea it was possible to clean the carpets to the point I didn't have to replace ANY carpet. They saved me at least $3000 in carpet replacement. They take their time, are certified and well trained to figure out how to get out different kinds of stains. They make sure your furniture is properly handled to avoid damage such as raising couches and moving them to clean underneath. Also uses special covers to protect your walls and doorways from all the equipment tubes (something I had never seen before). Reasonably priced and worth every penny! Great company. I would keep Carpet Cleaning Orlando on speed dial if I were you.
By: bwerkman
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services LLC.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services impressed me, which is not an easy task. I am a bit of a neat freak, and I get my carpet cleaned every 4 to 5 months. My last carpet cleaner made a huge mistake, by spilling some chemical on my carpet and refusing not to come clean it back up, so I had a discoloration on my carpet. I thoroughly researched carpet cleaning companies, because I obviously needed to find a company that I could trust. I found Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services on Angie's List, and then called them for some very thorough questioning. The representative answered all of my questions with flying colors, and she was very polite. I hired Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services, hoping for the best. There were two guys who came to my home, and they introduced themselves and shook my hand before they even walked through my front door. They were professional from beginning to end, which put me at ease. They removed the discoloration from my carpet, and I had them clean 4 other rooms, plus my staircase. I am very happy with the outcome, and most of all how the technicians handled everything in such a professional matter.
By: Mel E.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services LLC.
I've had my share of bad experiences with carpet cleaners in the past. I'm always very hesitant when it comes to hiring a new company. Orlando Carpet Cleaning services really changed all of that for me. The phone call for the carpet cleaning quote was easy and straight-forward. The carpet cleaning technicians were 10 minutes early to my appointment, and they were properly dressed in a uniform, clean-cut, and friendly. The truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment was very impressive and looked brand new. The guys were so thorough and very detail-oriented when it came to cleaning around all the edges, removing stains, and protecting my furniture. The payment was easy and smooth. There were no hidden charges on my bill at the end; the price I was quoted was the price that I paid. I was sure to grab some magnets and also saved Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services' phone number in my cell phone for the next time I need carpet cleaning. Thanks for changing my mind about carpet cleaning companies, I am very pleased to have found you!
By: Natalia S.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services LLC.
I bought a foreclosed house and the entire house was in horrible shape. I had a professional maid cleaning service come in, had the walls painted, and my last step was to find a carpet cleaning company in Orlando FL to do an extensive steam cleaning on the carpet and tile and grout floor. The carpet had a ton of stains, so much so that I worried that it needed to be replaced, but I figure it was worth a shot to have them cleaned first. The tile and grout was very dirty and the grout was black. It looked like the last owner's didn't ever clean their floors. Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services was affordable but also had a lot of experience and really good reviews, so I chose them. After they were done steam cleaning, it looked like a completely different house! Every room of carpet looked great, and the tile and grout was bright and new! Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services saved me money and time in having the carpets and tiles replaced by restoring them with their steam cleaning!
By: Mary L.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services LLC.
Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services cleaned the carpets in my home yesterday. I live in the Lake Nona area, and I was pleased to find out that this company serviced my area. They have an amazing history of positive customer reviews, and my sister-in-law referred them to me. My carpet is about 9 years old, and with 4 kids, myself, and my husband, it was looking pretty rough. Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services sent out 2 very kind, knowledgeable technicians. They worked very hard to brighten up the deep dirt stains, food, and drink stains in my carpet. When they were completed, I literally looked at my carpet with my jaw hanging open! The carpet looked NEW! I am so thrilled to have found this company. I will be keeping up with my carpet and getting it cleaned once per year like they recommended. I could never think to use any other company. I've had such a great experience with Orlando Carpet Cleaning Services, and I have already referred them to some of my neighbors!
By: Sharon F.
Carpet Cleaning Orlando
I live in Belle Isle and searched for my best options for a local Orlando carpet cleaner. I came across several options, but Carpet Cleaning Orlando was the highest rated carpet cleaning company, had amazing customer reviews, and reasonable prices for the exceptional carpet cleaning service. I hired them and was very impressed from start to finish. The phone call to schedule the appointment was quick and easy, the carpet cleaning service was phenomenal, and the technician that came out was so courteous and professional. I kept a few of their business cards to hand out to my neighbors and saved a magnet that they gave me so I remember their number for next time. I felt like they took their time cleaning and didn't rush the service. It didn't take too long from start to finish, but they actually treated all of the stains, performed the deep carpet cleaning process, applied the deodorizer, and did every single step as promised on the phone.
By: Cj M.
Carpet Cleaning Orlando
I bought my first home in Orlando Florida earlier this month. The tile and grout in my kitchen and bathrooms was filthy, and the carpet didn't have any major stains but it had some dirty walkways and for peace of mind I wanted it cleaned and sanitized. I am so thankful that my realtor recommended Carpet Cleaning Orlando to me, because they turned my home around completely after steam cleaning my tile and grout floors and carpets. The carpet smells great and really brightened up well after the carpet cleaners were finished. The tile and grout in my kitchen and baths are like night and day! I looked at the before pictures and how it looks now and it doesn't even look like the same floor. The grout is a completely different color, natural beige instead of jet black. I am sharing my experience with yellow pages in hopes that someone else finds Carpet Cleaning Orlando, just like my realtor did for me!
Tips & Advices
Newly repaired carpet should be left alone for a few days so that any adhesives applied can settle. After this time the carpet can be used and cleaned as usual.
In some cases this is necessary, but not all. Many professional repair services can acquire and provide the new carpeting patch, but for an additional fee. It is possible to remove a patch of carpet from an area not normally visible, like inside a closet or under a large piece of furniture, and then use that to repair or replace a problem area.
There is no limit to how big a patch can be. However, the larger the patch, the more noticeable it will be because it isn’t the original carpet. Use discretion in determining if a carpet area should be patched or if the entire carpet should be replaced altogether.
  • Vacuuming frequently, especially in high-traffic areas like stairwells and hallways.
  • Cleaning stains as quickly as possible – the longer a stain rests, the more permanent the damage becomes.
  • Cleaning stains efficiently – do not scrub the stain but blot it, and use mostly water-based products to remove any residual staining.
  • Placing mats in places like doorways to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the carpet.
  • Get a professional, machined deep clean every 12-18 months.
Wrinkles or waves can develop due to poor installation, excessive water damage, and general wear and tear over long periods of time.

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