By: kenhin
Harry's Famous Flowers
I don't know how to tell you what a service you did for me, and especially my friend, who is fighting a long fight against cancer. I called last weekend and spoke to the most wonderful woman, telling her I wanted some special flowers for my friend, and I needed delivery that day. She told me the last delivery had already gone out and in fact the delivery man was about to leave for home, BUT, she would ask him if he would deliver them. At first the delivery man said yes he would, since the hospital was on his way home. It turned out it was not on his way home, but he offered to deliver them anyway! This marvelous lady led me through the online catalog, offering suggestions, asking me a question or two and told me she knew exactly what I needed. I told her my favortie color was orange.Within just a few hours, the magnificient roses were delivered to the bedside of my friend and I had pictures from her and all her friends (my friends also) from their cameras (they had all gathered for our 40th HS reunion, my friend suffered covulsions at the event, as the cancer had spread to her brain). They were bragging on how beautiful the roses were and how they had never seen roses that color, orange, with a big orange ribbon around the vase. They were PERFECT! My friend is now out of the hospital and when I talked to her yesterday she said the roses looked the same as they did when they arrived! She spoke on and on about how jealous her girlfriends were of them (!) and I could see her in my mind smiling thru the phone. She told me the flowers changed the mood for everyone. I have done business with you fine people for several years now and I will never change florists. I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, dedication to customer service and that sweet lady's help when I, along with my friend, needed her the most! The genorosity of the delivery man goes without saying.God bless you all and know you have added some joy to a tremendous woman who deserves roses every day of her life. She raised 5 boys alone and has never asked for pity or help, except prayer. Those roses made her bleak hospital room radiant and gave her so much happiness, me too.I wanted to call and thank these two people personally, but I thought I might break down. Please never change. Ken HEdinburgh, IN
By: sunshine.brown.144
The Primrose Shop
This store gets 2 stars and that is because of the merchandise alone. The items being sold her are so so cute! If you love preppy items and girly style you will love the stuff sold here. Here is why this store does not get more then a mediocre review from me: If you are not white they will not give you the time of day. I have been in on multiple occasions, with money to spend, and I won't get as much as a "hello" from anyone. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, hence why I have been in more then once, but I am never greeted- let alone helped or spoken to. I have other fairer skinned girlfriends though who have been in and they are immediatly spoken to and helped. Its so sad that in such a cool and progressive part of town this store acts like this. Change your tune Primrose Shop, and you might get more business.
By: Misty D.
Sheridan Flower Shop
I have read all the reviews and I would like to put in mine. Carolyn is a great person ... she has do my flowers for ceremonies and my graduations. I would recommend her to anyone I know and don't know... she has been in my life since I was born and those who commented that he was rude is enough.. she is a sweet woman... and she is the only grandmotherly figure I have left. She was my grandmothers bet friend and I lived my younger days in her flower shop and learned a lot about flowers and plants !!
By: southernyankeelady
Mel Johnson's Flower Shoppe
I recently ordered a fruit basket from this florist by calling the Orlando location direct phone number. I had a list of specific items to put in the basket among the fruit. Kitty accommodated my request and more! The recipient was so delighted, that he e-mailed me a photo of it. What a beautiful masterpiece---heavy and chock full. The recipient and I both plan to use Mel Johnson's Flower Shoppe again. A well-deserved five-star rating indeed! Thank you for a job well done!
By: Travis M.
We were referred to Flowerama Florist from the funeral home we were working with for my fathers funeral. They came to us per our familys request, and met with the family to help us with deciding what we would like to order. They were compassionate and super friendly and made a terrible situation seem somewhat better. We were very confident that we were in great hands. The flowers were gorgeous and the entire family was beyond pleased
By: purequeen
Le Bon Berger Restaurant
give 5 stars because it is really close to home Haitian cooking, even tho the fish was hard like "i asked " i just should of got it grilled like i she suggested. the peas and rice plantains was on point! will make this one of my regular places after driving aaaaallll over town looking for good Caribbean place and lucky found this one which i was looking for anyway! Haitian creole food!
By: C W.
Kings Dining & Entertainment - Orlando
I had the opportunity to visit this location today. I must say that I was hesitant, but I'm glad that I came. The atmosphere was very nice, along with great facility ammenities. This is a nice spot to hang out with family and friends with lanes idea dining. My only suggestion would be brighter lighting over pins. I would recommend visiting and I would revisit when in area.
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By: David C.
Advanced Home Services
After all of the rain we had yesterday my gutters were a mess and water was spilling down and ruining my garden area and displacing a lot of my decorative pebbles. Joe was super-attentive over the phone, came out and gave me a great quote and cleaned my gutters the same day. He even repaired a few downspouts that were damaged. Highly recommend their services!
By: simoneofcali
Egg Roll 99
I've ordered Chinese Food from Egg Roll 99 approxiamate 14 times and the food is always fresh and delicious. There delivery time is also prompt. Being from San Francisco where I found Chinese Food to be the most authentic, I finally found a Chinese Restaurant in Central Florida that is just as authentic. "Keep up the good work Egg Roll 99!"
By: jaybrad
The Sandwich Company
Great place for lunch! They have terrific homemade sandwiches and salads and mouth-watering soups, all served with fresh ingredients, that are sooooo much better than any of the chains, like Subway, Panera or Jimmy Johns. Plus the owners Kimberly and Ruben are wonderful and treat customers like family. Got to check them out!
Tips & Advices
Gutters can typically last 30 years or longer. With the right care and periodic re-caulking of the seams and corners, aluminum gutters can last indefinitely. However, when replacing a roof, opting for new gutters at the same time is usually a good idea.
Leaves, twigs, and other debris are the most common causes of clogged gutters. If these items are allowed to sit for an extended period of time, they could become moldy, which can clog your gutters further.
If gutters or seams are leaky or rusty, it's time for them to be replaced. Also, if there are signs of water damage or mold in the home, check the gutters to see if they are the culprit.
If gutters are clogged, rain water won't be directed away from the home. Water can build up near the roof or foundation, and eventually begin leaking into the home. This can cause mold, mildew, and extensive water damage. It can also make the home more inviting to termites and other pests. Over time, water dripping near a foundation or onto sidewalks can cause the cement or brick to break down. If there is a garden, bushes or other landscaping below the gutters, these can become damaged as well. If the gutters are clogged over the winter and are located in a cold climate, ice dams can form in the gutters. These are very heavy and can cause damage to the roof, the gutters and potentially the side of the home.
If a homeowner plans to clean his or her gutters twice a year, this task should be done at the beginning of spring and fall.

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