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By: karenn754
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
I personally believe Gregory Colvin is the best divorce attorney I know. Gregory represented me in my divorce and was extremely professional and so very intelligent. The level of trust and confidence you must have in your attorney as you go thru the legal system is a key ingredient for success. He is a master of techniques and understands the importance of all facets of the divorce. He is truly "the one to have on your side"! Orlando has scores of divorce attorneys. But very few will measure up to the standards and knowledge of M. Colvin . He represented me and I never questioned his attention to detail or his expertise in the legal arena. Gregory is well known and I believe highly respected by the Orlando legal community. My attitude was... I wanted to be represented by the best divorce attorney I could have....I was never disappointed, and my settlement reiterated that fact! Divorce for me was like being in unknown waters! The decisions that are handed down by the legal system will affect you for the rest of your life. There is no value that can be placed on having your interests represented by the best.
By: oliverr687
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
I felt compelled to write a review about my experience with Mr.Colvin and his legal staff members. Not many people take the time to write positive feedback and give credit to where credit is due. Mr. Colvin represented me for almost 4 consecutive years in a complicated, volatile, and labor intensive Family Law case. From the first consultation and throughout the years, I felt confident with his legal advice and expertise in and outside the courtroom. His staff has always been professional and courteous with my phone calls, emails, and sensitive to my legal needs. Dependable, reliable, and trustworthy best describe my experience with Mr.Colvin. His perseverance, hard work, and knowledge were extremely beneficial to the outcome of my case. There have been times over holidays and weekends that his staff went above and beyond to take care of time sensitive issues regarding my case. I have referred two other people with Family Law cases to Mr.Colvin (both were pleased) and I would do so again in the future.
By: marryy921
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
I am using Mr. Colvin’s services to file a change in the parenting plan for my children. I just want to say that I was so amazed as to how quickly he was able to size up the situation, understand the key facts to the case and articulate it so quickly in a petition to the court. I have worked with many other large attorney firms for various cases for my business as well as personal situations and I have never had the pleasure to meet an attorney, such as Mr. Colvin, who was so concise and who understood the urgency of my situation. Normally, I have had to go through much iteration of documents from our previous attorney's to get the message across for our cases. In this case, Bill was able to prepare the petition within a few days with all the important points. I feel alot better going into the long battle that I will have with the courts knowing that I have Gregory on my side. Thank you!
By: cecill685
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
Divorce is not easy for anyone including the attorney that is trying to help you. R. Gregory Colvin gained my trust by treating me with respect while staying firm to what was necessary for getting the job done. I found him to be very mature in her approach and she demanded what was required for the most successful outcome. I had to remind myself that age is not a requisite for knowledge. Gregory has the legal experience by dealing with these issues every day. Since divorce has no winners, I feel that my case was resolved in a manner that was very positive and agreeable to me based on the advice I received. I recommend his services to anyone seeking competence with getting through the paperwork, legalese and emotional grind of the law. It was a blessing to have him on my side.
By: deniss110
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
Greg was my attorney 10 years ago (my case took 6 years)... my situation put us both through so much, and he always had my back, he was amazing to watch, he did so much for my family!! Things had been quiet, but recently "my bear" woke up and when I needed Greg again, he was there for me. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. He continues to make me feel that I do matter and my concerns and wants are important. I would highly recommend Greg Colvin, as I always do. I can not imagine having anyone else in my corner!
By: susann785
R. Gregory Colvin, LLC
Whatever a person’s position in life the harrowing financial and emotional issues surrounding family conflict or changes can be functionally paralyzing. In my personal situation I was seeking legal representation that would aggressively advocate for my rights while compassionately navigating me through the narrows of the complex legal process. I was so fortunate to have my search result in R. Gregory Colvin and his legal team to assist me in achieving a successful timely conclusion to my trying circumstances.
By: Anonymous C.
Anderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A.
I used Anderson & Ferrin (Mike & Vicki) for a child custody and child support case. They were fantastic! They kept me informed, were aggressive, knowledgeable and really treated me like I was family. They worked hard on my case and really explained everything in detail to me. I know no one really wants to pay an attorney but they earned every penny and let me make payments even after my case was finished. If I needed an attorney again I will definitely use them and I highly recommend them.
By: Bob M.
Anderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A.
I used Michael and Victoria to handle a child support case and they were both fantastic. Easy going but aggressive when needed to be, knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. Obviously, they get paid for their time but I never felt like they did "extra" work to just charge me. They let me make payments and were very reasonable. I have dealt with a few attorneys and I never felt like my case really mattered like it did at this firm. I would highly recommend them!!!
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By: Edaris A.
Ruggiero Law Firm, P.A.
 As a client you will be highly satisfied, Ms Ruggiero is a top-notch law firm to work with, looking under every stone it wanted to help you through your ordeal. Ms. Ruggiero is wonderful in giving advice throughout the development of your case and any thing that is pertinent, to helping you in your case. Ms. Ruggiero  law firm is very professional. If ever I need an attorney in the near future I definitely would go to the Ruggiero  Law Firm  for any representation." 
By: Happyclient H.
Anderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A.
I used Mike and Vicki to handle a custody issue and they were fantastic!!!! They were extremely knowledgeable, sensitive to the issue all while still being aggressive, reasonably priced and kept me informed about my case from start to finish. I have worked with a few other attorneys and this firm by and far was the best. I would absolutely use them again and I recommend them to everyone!!!!
Tips & Advices
Each state has different mandates on how child support is determined. But there are some basic factors that underline how costs are determined in each state, including:
  • Income level of parent that needs to pay support (in the case of joint custody, the costs are determined by income of each party and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent)
  • Financial needs of child
  • Child’s standard of living before the divorce occurred
This is a divorce in which one party does not have to prove that the other’s actions lead to a deterioration of the marriage. The reason for divorce is listed as "irreconcilable differences" or an "irreparable breakdown of the marriage,” meaning the marriage was no longer working and could not be repaired.
Family law attorneys are helpful in cases where the two parties are not on amicable terms. The lawyers can act as intermediaries between the two parties and help them come to any settlement agreements, however long that may take. Lawyers can also help parties navigate tricky state laws regarding settlement agreements and child custody, thus expediting the process.
A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot agree on either the necessity of the divorce as a whole, or how assets (money, property, etc.) and child custody should be split between them in the divorce. An uncontested divorce is when the parties are in agreement on how assets and child custody will be split between them. These divorces can sometimes be handled without hiring a lawyer.
It is possible for a couple to get a divorce without hiring a family law attorney. If the two parties are in agreement on how finances, child custody, properties, etc., will be split, then they can file the necessary court documents themselves and avoid the services of a lawyer.

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