By: Micheal M.
Quest Inc
Quest Inc. sells itself as an organization that is comminted to helping the mentally and physically disabled. They add pictures to sell the impression all is wonderful in Quest Land. No doubt there probably are a few that probably are committed to helping. However those that I have had to deal with do not fall in that group. They are insensitive, and based on their actions couldnt care less about the disabled or any one else. They seem to follow a zero tolerance that seems to include inconvenience. Facts, truth or reality do not appear to carry any weight on their scales. Vindictive,hypocrites with a big smile. This is an organization that has developed quite a skill at tugging on the public's heart for funding, I would suggest alternative organizations to donate to, the only apparent difference between these guys and a common corner pan handler is these guys wear suits, work in air conditioned offices

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