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By: Kevin H.
American Management Services, Inc.
With over 30 years of working in successful small business management, turnaround and improvement, American Management Services has established itself as the leading experts in the business arena. Having worked here for some time now, I can say that the company culture is fast-paced, and demanding of excellence from its staff. Hours can be long, the days are always busy, but at the end of each workday you feel like you've accomplished something impactful, and are looking forward to tomorrow. Not only has working at American Management Services been a great opportunity to push my skills to the limit, but it's also been a great experience in having a supportive management and team.If you are looking to grow in your field, whether you're a client, or someone considering a position in the company, American Management Services is going to help you reach your potential.
By: Randy G.
Cancel by Owner
Cancel by owner canceled my existing contract on my timeshare, got me out of my monthly payment, got me out my yearly maintenance fees and safe guarded my credit score. Thank you for the service and thank-you for the help.Randy G Clearwater, Fl

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