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By: alexnadra
Regal Nails
The woman who did my nails was OK. She upsold and tried to get me to get the "spa deluxe package," which was lotion, an aloe vera gel scrub, and "foot mask." I found the last bit funny because as an initial precursor to the foot mask, they used a handheld cheese grater. YES, it was ACTUALLY a cheese grater, not a similar version they actually use in spas - this grater is even sold in the Walmart Regal Nails is located in.I declined, obviously. All I wanted was a manicure-pedicure, which she informed me it was $5 extra for french. So she did the white tips first, and then did the color - however, it wasn't until she was completely done with one foot that I realized the color she used was... um... questionable.Translucent cherry red... I politely asked if she had a less red color, something a little more pink. She said "No. this isn't red.." and continued on. So for my manicure, I asked her to just use clear. She spent the next ten minutes INSISTING that I do not get a french manicure on my nails, because "nail color come off easy," and that I should get gel instead. I refused.The manicure she did took all of one minute, was splotchy, and uneven. When I paid, she also informed me that it was actually $10 extra for french - and when I asked why, she said "$5 for mani and pedi each."Overall, not the worst, but DEFINITELY not the best, and definitely not worth $37 for a 30 minute mani-pedi. I'll try elsewhere next time.
By: Brittay B.
Wilshire Nails Spa LLC
I have been going to Wilshire Nail & Spa for a few years and today was my last time going there. I loved this place because of the SNS natural nail but its not worth it. Donna is the owner. She recently hired a young girl and boy. The new girl did my nails once and it was so painful!!! When I left there my nails were hurting for about two days. The next time I went, the boy did my nails and he is horrific!!! How can you work at a nail shop and not know how to paint nails? He painted my nails like a three year old. My last and final experience was when my boyfriend and I went there to get pedicures. As we were getting our pedicures we noticed that they were using the same tools on both of our feet at the same time! The tools were not clean. Once our pedicures were finished, they did not clean the tools, they used on us. I observed them putting those same tools back up in a jar to use for the next person who walked through the door. It was disgusting!! I expressed my concerns and experience with Donna and she totally ignored me and did not express any care about how I felt or my experience. She brushed me off and did nothing! I will never return and I encourage you not to go there. There are plenty of other choices in the Orlando/Metrowest area.
By: Kat P.
Nail Spaz
I had my first experience here was pretty good the tech was very personable and sweet. But after a week my sns polish was chipping on a few nails which shouldn't happen. So when I arrived for the appointment to fix it, the nail tech that I requested wasn't there. I was then told that everyone that everyone that could do sns was busy, so I told them that I would wait. It didn't seem like they wanted me to wait, but being that I left work early for this I had no other choice. I waited for about ten minutes to be moved to a nail techs table to get started. This tech was the complete opposite of the other I'd met. She didn't speak to me at all and she continuously hurt me as she drilled the polish off. No matter how many times I pulled my hand back, she didn't apologize once. She finished and walked off, and after sitting with my nails under a fan for a few minutes I finally asked her if I was done and she said yes. To look at my nails and there is polish all around my nail bed and underneath my nail on my skin. This by far was one of the most unpleasant visits that I've had when getting my nails done.
By: Jcps J.
Luxury Nail & Spa
I loved the salon itself however they are a bit too expensive I believe that's because of the atmosphere. I have been a Dr Phillips resident for 25+ years. I have learned that sometimes places have a hoity toity feel. This is onw of those places. This place is very beautiful, great design, very calming feeling that comes just from the design. However I can get the same services at many of the other local salons. I wasn't happy about them not even removing the calisus on my heals. Every time I get pedicures I always have had my calisus removed as a part of my regular pedicures. If you want to pay for environment this place is 5 stars, if you are paying for quality go else where. I also grabbed a book of services when leaving and saw that I could have chosen ANY of their pedi services as a new customer. One of their first questions was whether I had been there before or not. I told them no, they made no effort to info me on their special. That made me upset I felt they had an opportunity to impress me however they completely overlooked their opportunity for great customer service.
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By: Elizabeth P.
Angel Nails & Spa
Completely different experience than the previous poster. We are new to the area and I have tried two other local nail salons; I felt that the others rushed me through the service and were anxious to move on to the next person. The owner and staff were courteous, helpful, and did a good job. The salon was clean and the tools they used came from an autoclave. There was a wait for walk-ins on a Saturday, but that is to be expected. It is not "upscale" or super posh... not a luxury spa by any means, but the massage chairs were new and worked well and the services were good. If I had one criticism, the polish selection was not geared to my tastes (more neutral OPI and Essie colors); however, next time, I will just bring colors from home. There is another salon right around the corner (Central Nails) in the Publix plaza, which I intended on trying, but I am not sure I will bother.
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By: Hilary R.
Tammy's Nail & Day Spa
I found Tammy's at the end of a very footsore holiday. The salon is very comfortable, clean and relaxing. The staff are very friendly, polite and my technician was very careful and kind. This is the most relaxing nail bar I have ever been to and the pedicure and manicure with liquid gel nails definitely the best I have had anywhere. Prices are very competitive when compared with the hotel based tourist spas and day spas in Orlando. Most importantly though there are no face masks being worn by the staff and no foul smell of chemicals as you get with so many nail bars these days which are using nasty and dangerous chemicals. Will definitely be going back when I am next in Orlando. Highly recommended.
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By: Summer K.
Lena Nails
I have been going to Lenas for about 10 years. I love Long ( Andy) and his family. They are very nice people and make their salon feels like another home to a lot of repeating guests. Long does awesome nails, only person in Orlando I like. (I like mine really short & I love his designs and shaping) they can gets really busy on weekends (as with any salon) but appointments are available. I personally try to go during the week. Also, his prices beat everywhere I have when for the quality he delivers. Toes, nails, 2 designs on each hand, unlimited diamonds pink & white gel- $55! He also does a take off with every set. Fresh nails every 2 weeks #Love. Overall, their awesome!
By: jessica.bonacker
Fashion Nails & Spa
I have had horrible experiences with nail spas in the past. I was hesitant to try again. Fashion Nails and Spa redeemed my love for pampering myself. Andy was wonderful restoring my feet to a perfect shine along with making me feel less embarrassed having anyone touching them. Mrs. Moon was nothing less than lovely informing me that her massages are one of a kind and something to look forward too. I purchased the deluxe pedicure and I have to say the hot stones were a marvelous touch. I will worry no more I have found THE BEST SPA in Orlando! Thankyou Andy and Mrs. Moon! I reccomend to everyone who is self conscious about their feet because this is a judgement free spa!
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By: Corrine E.
Orange Nails
Tucked in a not so impressive looking strip mall, you will find this busy nail salon. It is busy for good reason. They provide great service and for a decent price. I recently had the new SNS nail powder on my natural nails and they were beautiful. The polish is just now wearing and it has been 18 days!!! Well past the time to get them filled and I will be doing that soon. They also provide a great deluxe pedicure! Tiffany was my technician for my nails and pedicure and did a great job with both services. She is gentle and gives great attention to detail. The salon isn't the fanciest, like some of the winter park or spa style salons, but is a wonderful value.
By: Susan G.
Amys Nail and Spa
I moved last year and popped into the spa one day to get waxed. The young lady did a very good job. I made an appointment shortly after with a different lady named Nancy for a pedicure/manicure/wax. Her up sale was very pushy. I really felt like she wasn't listening to me at all. When I got home, I looked in my magnifying mirror and she did the worst wax job of anyone I have EVER been to. It was ridiculous. I paid her around $150 (that includes a very good tip) and I was just disgusted to be honest. So they get more money out of a one time sale instead of having a consistent and continuous customer not to mention the bad word of mouth.

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