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By: Freddy N.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
Their food is great, the dining room is large and feels like a patio. I love eating here whenever I'm in town and would highly recommend them to anyone.
By: Kimberly W.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
The Patio has awesome food, but that isn't even the only reason to come here. The restaurant itself is just a good place to be.
By: Lori A.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
Very casual but nice atmosphere and amazing food. Makes for a great dining experience. We will be back again in the future.
By: Melanie P.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
Excellent place to grab a bite to eat. It is a casual place but I love the fact that they bring the food to your table.
By: Tina B.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
Whenever I'm hungry and need "fast food" without sacrificing quality and healthy eating, I always come to The Patio.
By: Ricky T.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
The Patio serves a delicious assortment of food. The menu always has great options and I'm always satisfied.
By: Melissa O.
Patio Restaurant Of Orland
The Patio has really really good food as well as a relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy! Go check it out
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