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By: A P.
G S Auto Repair
I have known Greg for about 40 years and I consider him one of the most knowledgeable auto technicians around. He has helped me over the years solve problems and in doing so been willing to spend the time necessary to find difficult issues that others miss. I know others miss issues because of what people tell me about their experiences. If you are interested in someone who can work on your car and treat you honestly Greg is your man. He has never let me down and has actually surprised me at times with his ability to solve problems that I thought were a lost cause like a turbo charger that I thought was toast and everyone else did as well but he fixed it!!
By: Janenne L.
Dave's Canyon Auto
My daughter rear ended another car. We called a repair shop down the street from Top Notch and they told us to bring the car in at 11:00 AM that day. (I was at work). My daughter took the car in and was told she couldn't be seen until Monday. She googled repair shops near by and Top Notch popped up. Best google Search EVER! They took the car with no problem. They kept us up to date with how the repairs were going. Every time I called whoever answered the phone was kind and very professional. The repairs took a bit longer than our insurance thought they should and Dave picked up the cost of our rental. My car is better than it was when we took it in. Great job, Top Notch! I thank you for all you've done and am forever grateful!
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By: Kristin S.
Dave's Canyon Auto
I've taken my car to Dave's a few times for various things when I lived in Orem and always had honest service. This last time, I drove down from Salt Lake (I've recently moved) for something else and needed to take my car in because it started overheating. They were slammed from the recent holiday but still made my car a priority since I had to drive back to Salt Lake. They were upfront and honest about what the diagnosis was and what the repair results would be. I was texting people I know about the issue while I waited and asked some follow up questions to make sure they weren't missing something. I asked and Dave even took me back into the shop to check on what the mechanic was doing, look at the clogged radiator, and make sure all of the information was clear. The whole time I was there, people kept coming in, making it busier, and they were still attentive to everyone, even sometimes fixing little things in the parking lot since the bays were full. I've always felt like they give honest service and pricing and always seem appreciative for business, even though they're often busy. Thanks for the great service, guys!
By: John S.
Medallion Motors
I had a great experience buying a cheap car. I found a nice $2500 car that would get me to work and around town without spending a lot. It drives nice and A/C feels good.
By: Hal L.
Medallion Motors
We had a terrible experience here. My Utah college daughter needed a car, and since I live in California, only had a few days to find something. The problem is that these guys sell used cars that others won't touch, so they're bottom of the barrel, and their mechanical skills are weak at best. We bought a car for my daughter and it died the very next day on the freeway. I know it's buyer beware on this kind of thing, but Medallion could not even diagnose the problem, and their only help resolving the issue was to recommend a real mechanic. We had to replace the engine, so we're out the price we paid for the car, plus its new engine in a week. I suggested we split the difference, or Medallion share in the cost in some way, but they kept the entire profit from us. So... BUYER BEWARE.
By: Linda J.
The Car Doctor Of Orem
This is the best auto repair shop I have ever been to. Eddie went the extra mile at every turn to find out what was wrong with my car and to find the wisest and most economical way to fix the problem. He spent extra hours troubleshooting and even installed a couple of items free of charge. I was so appreciative for Eddie going the extra mile and for his teams honest and great service! I've never seen anyone go as above and beyond as much as The Car Doctor of Orem has and I am happy to find a great mechanic that I can trust!
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By: Matthew M.
Dan's Towing
My tire blew out and my insurance company called Dan for a tow. He said that he would be at my location within 40 minutes. An hour and a half later still no truck. I call Dan, and he's ASLEEP! He informed me that he decided not to tow me because my insurance wouldn't pay him until Monday because it was the weekend. Worst customer service ever!
By: Michael W.
Martins Collision Repair
Martins Collision did an excellent job on my car. They painted my bumper and the back corner panel on my car and looks brand new. Also it is awesome getting in a clean fresh car afterwards! Great Job Martins Collision! Highly recommend!
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By: Mitzi W.
Chuck E. Cheese's
It is not clean everyone stands in the kitchen helping no one except for one person at the ticket counter. We stood at the ordering counter for 15 mins, asked two people for help and then asked for a manager who came out and treated us like we were stupid because in Oder to get food we was supposed to stand in the ticket turn in line to order food. Okay. Then we spilled a whole drink and no one came out to help so I went looking for a towel and finally used a bunch of napkins and then a lady got us a wet towel. Too late. We got our food and of course the manager didn't bother to put my food in so I was supposed to wait in the long ticket line to re-order my food and I refused and asked again for the manager who was now the n the back laughing with the lady that got the towel. She came out after a few minutes and took my order and actually said "sorry". Yeah right! It is a mess there it looks like the drink machine hasn't been washed in a year and half the machines don't work and while 4-5 people stand in the kitchen one girl runs the ticket counter for tickets and food. I would avoid these rude people and nasty place. There is a lot better places in Utah to go to!!
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By: Isaiah H.
Medallion Motors
Medallion Motors was straight forward on my car deal. I didn't end up buying today but felt like is was listened to, questions I had were answered and I'll be back thI had were answered and I'll be back to shop again. Thanks.
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