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By: Peggy W.
Ken Garff Nissan of Orem
I wanted to give a 10 to Mario, one of our salesmen but I am not good with this finding the right survey so will just have to do it here. Our experience with the purchase of our Altima started a few days before. We were in Orem to buy dress shirts and stopped at the Nissan dealer to see if we could get a lug nut for my husbands pathfinder. They were very nice and we said on the way home that if we decided to get an Altima we would go back to this Nissan dealership to get it. We had gone to Costco and learned that they have a car program and we heard that Nissan was having a sale. So, went online and got a message from Orem right away. So, we made an appointment to come over. When we got there, Mario was very nice to us as it was very busy. We were to see another salesperson but he had someone in front of us and Mario said hello and asked if we had been helped. I told him we were in line to see the other salesman. I asked Mario if he would be able to help us. Instead of just assuming that he could take the sale he approached the other salesperson to let him know that he would help us until he was free. And he did. Thought he was very nice to not just try to take another persons customer. He went on our test drive with us and we bonded. I love Nissan Altima's. Our first Nissan was a Datsun and have had 6 other Altima's. Even bought one in Mexico while we were there... Anyway, I could not find a color that I love but decided to go ahead and get the car. Mostly because of the way we were treated by our salesmen and their willingness to work with us. Peggy W.
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By: Kelson W.
Cesar Santos Car Dealer & Bodyshop
We have been searching for a car for a while now, and we have been trying to get a vehicle that meets all of our criteria. We aren't easy people to please, because we were looking for style, utility, and a manual transmission. These are really hard to find. When we came to Cesar we were looking at a different vehicle that didnt quite make the cut, then he mentioned he had a vehicle that might suit our needs, and asked us to take a look. The part that makes this so great is he listened to what we were looking for, he thought about it, and then pointed us in the right direction. He wasn't focused on selling any particular car, but he was trying to put us in our car. After we had decided to buy the car Cesar even went above and beyond expectations. The seats were messed up, and one was even broken making it not safe to drive. Some dealers would have charged tons to find the parts, install the new seats, and then ask for a premium on the cars value. Cesar took care of us, he found us two seats, so they were the same in the front, and he made sure everything was in working order. It is this kind of care, that makes me want to keep him in mind for my next car purchase. He doesn't sell cars, he puts people behind the wheel of a car they can love, and don't hate spending money on. He truly made this car buying experience great. We bought a 2011 Jeep Patriot, and we love it.
By: Al S.
Cesar Santos Car Dealer & Bodyshop
A good friend took me to meet Cesar Santos and I was completely surprised with what I experienced. He is the exact opposite of what you would expect in the used car industry: totally transparent, down-to-earth, without guile and perfectly honest. Each time I asked Cesar a question, he took the time to educate me in detail as far as things he has done with a particular car. He helped me to understand the actual facts so I could make my decisions. He knows how to treat people, provides outstanding customer service, and demonstrated that he will actually go the extra mile for you. In the process of getting my new Acura through inspection, a headlight was accidentally broken, and it was a VERY expensive one. He let me know what happened, but there was no pressure to feel like anyone owed him anything. A couple days after I bought the car, I realized that one of my windows wasn't working properly. I offered to pay him to fix it, but he refused to charge me. Won't ever buy from anyone else!
By: eliza.preston.7
Ken Garff Nissan of Orem
I love Ken Garff Nissan of Orem! When I originally bought a new 2012 Nissan Altima from them, I never expected or intended to use the "dealer" for regular service and maintenance. But I took them up on a free service for my first oil change, and I am glad that I did! Not only is their service exceptional and first rate, but their prices are very competitive with the quick lube places! I was pleasantly surprised at that considering I only use full-synthetic oil and it can be pricey. Now I've just traded in my Altima for a new 2013 Rogue SV and I was so impressed that sales rep Kristina Smith actually listened to what I was looking for! I ended up buying the very first car that she showed me and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Ken Garff Nissan of Orem has a customer for life. I've recommended them to several friends, and my boyfriend and another friend have both bought their trucks from them.
By: joshuac
Cougar Auto Sales
If I could add 5 more stars I would. Cougar Auto Sales is an excellent dealership! They are honest and have high values. I recently purchased and car with them and they were open and honest with me. I was anxious to get a car quick and they just recently acquired a Honda Accord that hadn't been checked by their mechanics yet but said they would back it up and they kept to their word. Later on we found there was a leak in the radiator and they replaced the radiator and followed through until we were sure it was taken care of. You don't find many dealerships who are willing to take care of their customers even after they pull away from the lot. I really appreciate their service and would recommend them to anyone!
By: Jon M.
Ken Garff Nissan of Orem
Context--I'm an older, experienced car buyer. I'm a very picky, deliberative shopper who does a LOT of homework. I walked in to the dealership knowing exactly which car (model, trim, color, etc.) I wanted and what I was willing to pay (based on my research). This was the best car buying experience I've ever had. They found my *exact* car (from another dealership), beat the price I had found online, and then delivered it to my house (took them overnight to get it from the other dealership). Andy Allen (andya@kengarff.com) is a fantastic sales guy. Look him up. He'll take good care of you. Financing experience was flawlessly awesome too. Hence, 5 stars.
By: sangply
Forrest Motors
We found Forrest Motor when we were looking for our first family car, which was a 99 Subaru Forester that was perfect and a great deal. This year we are adding to our family and no longer fit it if the Subaru Forester. After looking for a few months we narrowed our choice down to a Honda Pilot. We made a list of all the options we like and did a search and at the very top of our choice was Forrest Motors. After test driving the Pilot we were sold , Forrest gave us a better price than any other Pilot even close to what we wanted. We have recommended Forest Motors to our family and friends for their next car.
By: Brett B.
Ken Garff Nissan of Orem
It's been about a month now, so I'm updating my reviews of Ken Garff Nissan of Orem. Going from 3 stars to 5. Based on the service and overall level of care I received. I would definitely recommend this dealership and Nissan if you are looking for a vehicle. I did have some initial issues, which I learned were not common after doing some of my own research. But both Ken Garff and Nissan stepped up and made sure that everything was completely taken care of. I'd like to thank Nate, Todd, Scott, A.J and all the other nice people from the Ken Garff staff that helped for their great service.
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By: Bonnie C.
Cesar Santos Car Dealer & Bodyshop
Cesar did such a great job with my first purchase I went back and bought my second work truck from him. With the first car I was hesitant buying a rebuilt title and he assured me that if anything happened he would take care of it. I bought it in the winter so when the summer came and the AC didn't work I called Cesar 6 months later and he said bring it on down and will get it taken care of. He kept his word! Have not meet a care dealer who cares about there customer after the sell like Cesar. Second vehicle purchase didn't disapoint. I would recommend Cesar to any one
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By: Courtney T.
Cesar Santos Car Dealer & Bodyshop
I recently just bought a rebuilt title BMW X3 from Cesar and I'm incredibly happy with the car. Everything was perfect with the car! After a few weeks of owning the car I backed into another car and cracked my bumper, I took it back to cesar and his guys fixed it in a few days and for such a reasonable price! Cesar is super easy to work with and cats about the car that he's sold you. Of course he deals mainly with rebuilt titles so of a problem does come up cesar told me that he's happy to help with any future problems! Great experience, great company!

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