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By: Melaine V.
Goodwill Stores
Generally a good thrift store. However prices have been ridiculous lately. I know this money is supposed to benefit a charity, but the majority of the people who shop here are the same ones Goidwill supports...and this customer base can't afford the items they need with these inflated (ridiculous) prices. An example from my shopping experience today is this actual item I saw. It was a "made in China" metal centerpiece bowl. It was originally sold at the bargain store, Old Time Pottery. The ORIGINAL price tag was still on the bottom. It originally cost $15. Guess how much the Goidwill price was? $12.97. Does that aggrevate you as much as it does me? Used merchandise priced at nearly full retail? And what moron employee leaves the original tag on there when they are gauging their customers? All of that aside, here is my MAIN issue with Goodwill. While they pat themselves on the back thinking they can charge ridiculous prices for their DONATED (free) items, they completely ruin valuable antiques (and other items) by writing directly on the product. I bought 12 things today. Two of them are going to get returned because I can't get the chicken scratched hand written price off of the product. I tried everything. Dial soap and water, then finger nail polish remover. They didn't even have the decency to write the price on the bottom. I splurged and bought a $6 birdhouse (decorative), but because they wrote the aimlessly on the side wall if the birdhouse, it's now essentially garbage. The price won't scrub off. How hard is it to keep a spool if price tags handy for things like that. It INFURIATED me. The Goidwill is a large corporation with more staff than any other thrift organization. They need to respect their customers by treating their items for sale properly and not DAMAGING them after they've been donated. It's beartbreaking to find something that you know was perfect when it was donated, then RUINED by the seller.

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