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By: Krissy T.
Oasis Nail Spa
My sister, mom and I took my niece (who is almost 3) to get her nails done for the FIRST time yesterday. My mom, sister and I each got shellac manicures, and my niece was to get her nails and toes just painted. We experienced the worst customer service from the nail tech that was doing my sisters nails. (They made us all go first and made my niece wait - which was not what we had asked for. We wanted the day to be special for her and to be about her.) The tech that was doing my sister's nails rushed through hers and was shaking his head the entire time and was talking to his co-worker, clearly about my niece being a little wiggly. The guy that was doing my nails was GREAT! and was interacting with my niece and being very kind - the guy that was doing my sister's never said a word to my sister or my niece. After my sister was done, the guy said something to the owner and the owner came over and said "Oh, she is not ready, she's too tired." (reference to my niece) My niece had been looking forward to getting her nails done ALL day and was so excited and LOVES to get her nails painted. This was supposed to be a special day and they didn't care about that at all. I will never and would never recommend anyone to go here because of this experience. We went to another place down the road and they were so sweet and kind with my niece and she had a blast and was perfect the whole time - all was good in the end but we should not have been told "No, she is not ready" by a place of business when parents/family know best.
By: amy.barrett.1238
All Nails
I've gotten my nails done maybe a dozen times and I would have gone more, but I worry about hygiene and I have never had good experiences with the nail techs (rude and rough on my nails). All Nails was a totally different and wonderful experience! From the moment I walked into All Nails, I felt incredibly welcome. I didn't feel like I was an inconvenience to the staff like I have felt at other salons. All of the techs greeted me even though they were with other clients. A few minutes into my pedicure, Theresa (owner/manager) came out to greet and welcome me -- I thought that was a really nice touch. I had two staff members working on my nails since I was doing a mani/pedi combo and they were both so friendly and gentle. They asked me if anything hurt and they really listened to what I wanted. They were also very hygienic with the whole process -- the salon itself is very tidy! Being just an average person, I felt very special being at this salon. You can definitely come as you are at this nail salon and will get treated as a valued customer. I made sure to let all of the staff know while I was paying that it was the best nail salon that I had ever been to and I truly meant that. If I didn't live so far away from Omaha, I would be there all of the time. But I will definitely be back! :)
By: carol.bruggemanstoll
Martini Nails & Spa
I was veriy disappointed with this nail salon, me & my friends went there were very disappointed, I had a set of nail done and they both had pedicures, first started out with a very unfriendly receptionist, which it seemed like we had bothered her to beable to get our service done, so we figurered I would be done with my service before they would, but not the case, grant the lady that did my service was friend and did a good job, but not for my friends they said this was the worst pedicures they have ever gotten and felt cheated and would never be back, one lady had polish on her skin and the male tech didnt even bother to remove it but did forget to paint a toenail, she said didnt even massage my feet he just hurried through it and they werent even busy and the other lady the male tech cut her where she was bleeding and went on didnt say im sorry nothing and rushed through the pedicure this was our first time but how would they know since the receptionist was mad we were there and to end the service we went to pay and same attitude like we were a bother good luck going there I would recommend it, there are to many nail salons out there that treat you right
By: corinne.vanosdel
All Nails
Best nail experience of all time. My sister recommended this place to me, and I guarantee that I will be a long time customer here! When I got home, I showed my mom and told her about my experience, and even she approved (she hates paying for my college and then watching me spend money on my nails- not that I blame her)! Jimmy did a phenomenal job, and was the nicest person to talk to! He was great with all the customers that came in, he gave me EXACTLY what I asked for, helped me pick out a great color for my acrylics, and gave great advice on maintaining them. Another woman in there said she only goes there for her shellac because they do the best job, and the ladies working helped a woman who needed special attention to her toes for medical reasons. I left there with a huge smile on my face because I have never seen or had such a good experience before!
By: Lee N.
Rose Nail's & Spa
If you ever need to do something new on your nails, like a new design, I highly recommend this place. It's my first time here today and a friend of mine took me here to have some quality girls time together. My first impression was that everyone was just so nice and professional. They are vocal enough that made us feel very comfortable and welcomed. Techs here are super as they are willing to listen and they are very knowledgeable. The lady who took care of my nails knows a lot of beautiful design and good products. She took here time to make sure every tiny detail was perfect. Really satisfied with the results. Reasonable price, I think I am switching to this place now. will come again. *****
By: Joan W.
Artisian Nails Spa
I've been coming to this place for months, after trying out multiple nail salons in the region. Everytime I come into the salon I have the best experience. The owner, is so sweet and always wants to ensure that her clients have a positive experience, and the whole staff is very attentive and great. I am a nail biter by habit, and I always leave the salon with very clean, professional looking nails that really help fix the appearance of my hands. Whenever I get a pedicure too, it is a very relaxing experience. There is a reason I am a regular here - the overall atmosphere, the quality of the work, and the attentiveness of the staff absolutely are worth the prices!
By: ivblue362
Apple Nails & Spa
I was pleasantly suprised. I dont try new salons very often but I was getting some hair supplies from Sally's and noticed I was in much need of an eyebrow wax. Rose did an exceptional job on the brows so I figured I mine as well get a shellac manicure. So now I'm on week 3 of my shellac and it still looks like it was done yesterday. Rose was amazingly sweet and conversational and did an all around fantastic job. I'm excited to go back to here next week. I've gone to the salon down the street several times and have never recieved this type of quality. All I can say is ask for Rose she'll make sure you look amazing by the time you leave :)
By: rachellemay
Apple Nails & Spa
Everything was beautiful and new, and the receptionist really friendly. I got sat down for my pedicure and they offered me a drink which was great. The pedicure was AMAZING and I was totally relaxed by the end. Also, my design was super pretty and original. I also got a shellac while I was there, which was an awesome deal and like $5.00 cheaper than anywhere I've gone before. It's been two weeks since and it's still holding up beautifully! I already have another appointment scheduled to take in a couple friends and get pedi's together. If you're looking for a relaxing salon experience alone or with friends, check this place out! :)
By: Laurie W.
Mohegan Nail Spa
Made appointment going to treat my friend to a pedi. Got seated. They started my pedi first. Were seating other newer appointments starting their pedi and my friend still waiting. No one came to start hers until mine almost done? Excuse was newer customers had appointment took and then when pointed out not appropriate to do a later appointment before an earlier one excuse was that the new appointments were for shelac? If you can do schelac you can do plain polish right? So customers paying a few dollars more are more important? Offfered discount of 10 percent next visit. Notthinking there will be one!
By: tawnialtom
Apple Nails & Spa
I have been a client since Apple opened - even though the management has recently changed the service has not - from day one I have had EXCELLENT service from the entire staff. All the nail techs are amazing and give great, professional service every single time. Rachel, the office manager is extremely professional, knows her techs and all the services offered and does it with a smile on her face- every time I walk in I am greeted by name with a gracious smile - this is the best place ever - it always has been and continues to be..... Thanks for the great service guys :)

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