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By: Martie J.
First Eye Associates
I would like to acknowledge the excellent care being provided to me by First Eye Associates of Omaha, Ne.. After experiencing vision problems, I was able to be seen and evaluated promptly. My treatment plan was started immediately. Thank you everyone at the Associates for such rapid response. I am now under the care of Associates Eye Care Specialist Dr. Maw. I am completely comfortable entrusting the health of my vision to him. He is very knowledgeable and possesses vast experience in his field. At First Eye Associates the good health of your vision is their utmost concern.
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By: Mark W.
Walmart - Vision Center
The phone number YP provides is a FAX machine. YP should do a better job of making sure the phone numbers are correct!
By: Jenny W.
Factory Eyeglass Outlet
Really happy with service from new manager! I had problems in the past but she helped me with everything. I was going to give up on them but now I'll get my next pair from them!
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By: Kelly E.
Malbar Vision Center
I really enjoyed my visit with the optimoligist doctor and glasses guy Don was very understanding and went out of his way to get me lowest price. The only bad thing i can say is the eye glasses and lenses are way to exspensive. I was at marlbar on 78th and Cass.
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By: Laura S.
First Eye Associates
Dr. Meyers refused to listen to me during the exam I was there for which was for pain and cloudiness in the eye. She gave me a "comprehensive eye exam" and a prescription for bifocals and when I continued to ask how that would help with the pain blew me off and sent me on my way. Imagine my happiness when I got the $400 bill in the mail. YOUWCH! When I called to ask they explained they are a specialty eye doctor and I was there for an eye appointment and that is how much it costs. When reviewing the notes she did show that I was there for pain and cloudiness and star bursts in the eye and said she would ask the dr who was on vacation and call me back the next week. Two weeks later a different person called me back and asked what I had needed - I had been passed on with absolutely no notes given. Explained the situation to her. She talked to the Dr who offered to "see me again" and when I refused (why would you go back to the doctor that ignored your issues) she said tough but you got what you paid for as you got an eye exam and a prescription and that is that. I said but I have vision insurance had I needed an eye exam and just had one in October...... This is now only February..... Too bad so sad they can't help you you got what you paid for so can it was basically the person's response. The whole visit was a farce from the start as the tech person explained to me that she was new and didn't know how to use the computer and then came back in with my glasses and giddily told me that she had never seen such a bad one and that she had to ask someone else if she was looking at it right.... Very confidence inspiring! They won't be seeing me again. I see from the other reviews I am not the only one that feels this way..... :(
By: Garrett J.
They could not get my lenses made right, 3 weeks after my original eye exam, they have yet to get my prescription right. They made 2 sets of lenses with different prescriptions, the second pair was worse than the first. Since they could not figure it out, they referred me to another doctor which figured it out within 20 minutes. Never go here unless you want to deal with tons of frustration and people who have no idea what they are doing.
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By: retired592
First their advertised prices are a fraud. We were attracted by their claims of $99.00 per pair only to find that once they added on all the extra stuff, the glasses would cost 500 - 600 dollars each. Very much high pressure sales to get you to buy add-ons you don't really want or need. The glasses I have bought from them were junk. 3 sets of Flex frames that snapped without warning. And when I returned them they tried to say I wasn't holding them correctly when I was cleaning them. Anti-scratch coatings that don't work. I found far better glasses at reasonable prices from Optical Outlet.
By: Kimberly T.
I went for a simple eye exam and it literally took 20 minutes. I ordered two pair of glasses but after receiving them I noticed I had trouble seeing out of them so I called and was told to come back. I came back and waited nearly 40 minutes before I was able to talk to someone. They checked the lenses and said they were made correctly so now I needed to have a second eye exam to check the prescription. I scheduled yet another eye exam and my new prescription was way off from the first one! I had to have my glasses remade and of course when I dropped the glasses off they told me they would have them both ready when they called me. I came in to pick them up 2 days after they called me and they only had one pair, so I had to come back yet another day to pick up the second pair! So all in all I had to make a total of 5 trips to get new glasses! Extremely frustrating to have one prescription and then a second that is way off! I would give no stars if I could!
By: conejo.elbravo
Malbar Vision Center
VERY BAD. They try to impress you with the building but the way they work is very bad in all levels.First at all they ask you to take an appointment any time you go there even to bring your prescription! Don't go if you have a foreigner background, they made some comments about my accent. But the worse they LIED about the insurance 2 times: First with the timing: They made me waited 10 weeks for a glasses and then when they arrived and they didn't work I have to returned them. By LAW they have to decline by a phone call to my insurance. They told me they were going ot do and they didn't ! So be careful! You have a lot of places to make your glasses don't get trapped there.
By: linda.in.nebr
Walmart - Vision Center
I would recommend this Walmart vision center to anyone who want excellent customer service. Kathy is committed to providing excellent customer care and service. She is passionate about her customers and providing them with the care and service they deserve.
Tips & Advices
To find a professional that fits your needs and wants, look for an optometrist with the proper licensing and compliance with state-specific legalities as well as these qualities: attentiveness, ability to listen, ethics, compassion, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to spend time with patients.
Vision, like dental, is often an additional voluntary cost for employers who provide health care coverage. As a result, it may not be included in basic company-sponsored insurance. Those who do have access to this type of coverage - or Medicare - often only pay for a portion of their eye exam services.
The cost of an appointment with an optometrist varies based on the services required. While a typical eye exam can range from $50 to $250, depending on location. If if glasses or contact lenses are prescribed, or tests are needed, the overall expense of an optometrist visit can increase.
The American Optometric Association recommended that patients have their first eye exam at six months of age, followed by another at 3 years old, and again at school age. At that point, Regular annual exams are recommended.
Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have received higher levels of training than both opticians and optometrists, and can also perform eye surgery when necessary. Opticians design and fit eyeglasses, frames, and lenses that are prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists. They do not perform vision tests or write prescriptions for visual aids. Optometrists fall between ophthalmologists and opticians. Optometrists can detect and treat eye abnormalities, prescribe lenses, and complete eye exams, but cannot perform eye surgery.

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