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By: Carolyn F.
Happy Family Chinese Restaurant
I have ordered from here 8 times in the past 3 months. Ordering online is perfect with decent delivery time. But now it says they no longer deliver to my address online which they do deliver so last week had to order by phone let me tell you how damned frustrating and annoying it is.. First I the woman answered she doesn't speak English well and doesn't understand either I had to repeat myself saying I would like to place an order for delivery since the website no longer says you deliver here but I have ordered 6 times past 2 months so she throws the phone to the male he actually speaks decent English and told me they do deliver and asked address then I get put back over to the annoying women repeating myself for 30 minutes with my address and phone number and order. The order was placed after 45 frustrating stressful minutes and never showed for 2 hours I callef and asked of my order was on the way she said in a mean tone it gone already.. Now today 2/10/2015 I tried ordering online but again says no longer delivers to my address, I end up with same woman repeating myself 6 times on address then 10 times on order and it came 1hr later $10 more then it should have been, all the stuff I ordered were in the biggest sizes possible when I asked for 1 large sweet and sour chicken, 1 small sweet and sour chicken, 1 small pork lo mein, 1 small peanut butter chicken and 1 crab ragoon was supposed to come to about $30 she made everything into meals and added an almond chicken ding which isn't with my stuff.. The foods ok the ragoons are good same as donuts but I have had better. The woman is extremly rude, doesn't speak or u d'├ętat and English at all. I suggest ordering online if possible because it's extremely aggrovating to have to deal with a terrible ordering service over the phone.. I do not understand why the guy doesn't take the orders at least they would be correct and fast.
By: exenron
King Fong Cafe
I remember eating here in the early fifties with my parents. It was packed and everyone raved about it then. With the demise of downtown Omaha, I am thankful that they have remained. Whenever I travel to Omaha this is a MUST eat there. Great Chinese food, crispy fresh egg rolls, won tons, mu gu gai pan, har gow, tsu mai, pepper steak and top rate sweet and sour....hmmmmmm.I have missed the little chinese waitress who could barely speak English but never failed to get the order right. She was quite old the last time we went but still sharp.Thanks you King Fongs.
By: chea.roberts
Jade Garden
The food isn't bad, and I don't entirely mind that the atmosphere is dingy and a weird mix of 80's/miami/asian. But I gave my loyalty punch card to my friend (we bought lunch separately) and the guy practically yelled at me about it. He ended up punching the stupid card twice after we all glared at him in shock, but honestly, at that point I didn't care about the card. I rarely eat there so it's not like I'm raking in the free dinners. It's the fact that it made him SO angry. You have to contain yourself, buddy.
By: Teresa H.
Happy Family Chinese Restaurant
I don't usually write these reviews but I thought the food was delicious, full of flavor, huge helpings and we will definitely order it again. We ordered the Dragon and Phoenix, General Tso's chicken with an egg roll and hot and sour soup. All of these items were very tasty. The soup does have a kick to it and was very good. Not too saucy like some places and plenty of white rice. As for previous comments, just make sure you are reading the menu carefully and you can make notes for white rice only. Enjoy!
By: dwm663170
Grand China Buffet
Watch what they charge you. We ordered 2 pops and 3 waters with our meals and got charged for 5 pops. When questioned about it was called a liar by the hostess and our server(Aaron) who did admit to bring the waters to our table instead of the pops. Final we just paid for the 5 pops and walked out because they were causing such a big scene about it and would not take them off the bill. No tip for our waiter and no return trip here even though the food is good and plentyful.
By: l_aura
Crystal Jade
Some of the most delicious food I've ever had in my life! Very extensive menu, including a separate gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan menu (make sure you ask for it when you go in. They can also modify dishes from the main menu by replacing meat with mock duck or tofu). Huge portions and good prices. The owners are lovely people and work very hard to make customers happy. Oh yeah...they also have SUPER cheap beer :)
By: J K.
Dragon House
Love this restaurant. Excellent (*excellent*) food. The unagi (eel rolls) are just fantastic. I haven't tried any of the Chinese dishes yet, but I can tell you the Korean food and the sushi at Dragon House is exceptional and maybe because they are a new restaurant they're prices are much lower than I'd expect to pay. It's a good place to go after work for wings and a beer as well.
By: Susan T.
J C Mandarin Chinese Cuisine
We go here often, and although it is a bit pricey, find the food very good. The service is also very good (despite another review, we have never had a male server; the owner & all wait staff are female every time we go-no matter the day-and do an excellent job. Perhaps the other reviewer was at a different restaurant...?)
By: jake.scholer
China Gate Restaurant
Best place in Omaha for great Chinese food. the owners are kind and support the community with sponserships!! the food is amazing, egg rolls are by far the BEST in town and are very affordable. They love their regulars and have been in business for over 20 years! Thank you for the great service.Jake and Ashli
By: carled.moore
Grand China Buffet
Actually I found a chineese buffet that blows this one clean out of the water!!!! Royal seafood and chineese buffet in the oakview mall has a mind blowing selection and a sushi selection that is super stellar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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