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By: Michele G.
Garden Patch Creative Learning Center
I completely disagree with the previous comment indicating that Garden Patch CLC is a bad place to take your kids. I find it is quite the opposite. Garden Patch offers a very friendly, caring, supervised, structured environment. It is an equal mix between professional and educational that I am proud to have my daughter be a part of. The facility is very clean. In fact, the adjoining bathrooms between classrooms have cleaning schedules and staff sign up/are assigned daily cleaning chores. The rooms are always picked up for the next day; the floors constantly get vacuumed and mopped (I have seen them doing it several times, first hand). The facility also provides a very detailed parent handbook that covers everything from their sickness policy, their mission statement (and they follow through on this), who can retrieve your child (and they are very strict on this based on who is approved ahead of time by the parents), etc. They even have video cameras in many rooms if you want to check in on your children throughout the day. The facility is also very safe. Garden Patch is very good about providing incident reports when a child gets hurt, even if it is minor. Parents are required to sign off on them which show that they are always kept in the loop. They have playgrounds that are safe and completely fenced in with privacy fences. From what I have seen firsthand, they have staff that constantly monitors the children in their rooms and ensure the children are kept in order. My daughter has learned so much since being with Garden Patch. Staring in the 2's class, she learned and was able to count to 10 in Spanish (and even say a few words). They integrate education with art and play, which is extremely important for child development. I have an entire tote full to the brim with worksheets, art, and other things that my daughter has learned on a daily basis. The facility is very structured and activities are age-appropriate yet challenging. The owner of Garden Patch takes extreme pride in what she is able to provide to her families and their children. She even emails everyone to let them know when she is going to be out of town or out of the office (for training and such) for period of time - no other daycare director I have ever come across does this. In fact, you hardly ever SEE directors at other facilities - but the director at Garden Patch is very hands on and is on-site constantly. In regards to the previous comment on teachers leaving, some of that stems from the age of the teachers (which seems like the ones who leave are the part-time HS students, who lack the maturity and patience to work with children). A hiring manager doesn’t always know this when they hire a person – they only see what the person shows during the interview. There are many teachers in the facility who have been there since it opened (my daughter's teacher is one of them). A lot of teachers also are in school and leave when the graduate – but this is very common for all childcare facilities, not just Garden Patch I never hesitate to recommend Garden Patch to anyone who asks or is looking for childcare, because this facility is not just merely "daycare," it provides infant/childcare, preschool, pre-k all wrapped into one. I am proud to take my daughter here and can't imagine her learning anywhere else.
By: tishwish
Children's Heaven Daycare
As far as being clean and neat I would rate Children's Heaven top notch. But it goes downhill from there thus bringing the average down to 3 stars. The place was so clean because the staff would clean in front of the children! Spraying Lysol and Windex to clean tables and windows. Great that they clean periodically throughout the day, but I really didn't feel (and neither did people I described this to) that they should be doing this in the presence of children because of the fumes. Our child was in the toddler room. They NEVER take this age group outside. We moved from another state where our child was in daycare from 4mos - 14 mos and they even took those age groups outside in the appropriate weather. We liked the fact that Children's Heaven is "bi-lingual" and that our child would be learning Spanish but most of the staff was not "bi-lingual" so it was sometimes difficult to communicate and get a true reading of how our child's day went. We would call to check in and the director, as nice as she is, would say - "Oh your child is doing fine!" But I know she didn't go and check, and didn't offer to transfer us to the classroom so we could speak with the teachers directly so this did not sit well with me. Especially when we would pick up and they would say our child was crying all day, wouldn't eat anything and didn't take a nap....until 4pm!....which made our evening routine quite difficult!Our biggest concern, and this was why we took our child out - was that there was no real curriculum -- that was followed. Everytime we did a pop in visit, our child was crying and the children were watching TV! ugggggh! And when we went to pick our child up, ours would be the only one taking a nap (at 5pm!!!!) In the month our child was there, only 2 art projects were done and the toddler times gram was barely filled out every single day. We were disappointed because the location was convenient, the security was great, the place is extremely clean and organized, healthy lunches are served and the price was about half of what we were paying out of state but in the get what you pay for...If you are looking for a baby sitting service....5 stars but if you want your child to learn something other than what Barney and Dora the Explorer are teaching, I'd strongly suggest to look elsewhere even if it costs you a little extra. Day one at our new place and already we're all happier.
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By: Mal F.
Lollipop Patch Childcare & Preschool
Keep in mind if you choose this place as your daycare, that Natalie will kick you out if u voice concerns over the care of your child such as them refusing to take your kid to the bathroom and he therefore pees on him self, how you were treated and talked to by another teacher or the fact that 1 teacher was in charge of so many she couldn't help my son but according to Natalie that's ok if its nap time! Also when your told by a parent and a former employee negative things bout the daycare and if bring that up to her she will accuse you of attacking the company and again...will kick you out! Natalie is the director and cannot handle when a parent is upset, says anything other then something positive about the daycare or again voices concerns on how your child was treated, the care he was given and being lied to etc. Not to mention it smells so bad in there every single day as well as my kids would come home smelling like the cleaning products they did use when they were used...not every daycare smells this bad people! Its also funny Natalie gave a review (on here..below) and she is the director lmao so don't put much truth into what she is saying bc Tori is the one who refused to let my son pee and then blamed him for it bc was back talking..hes 5! SMH Natalie will take the teachers side no matter what when something happens instead of trying to make the parent feel better and their child or at least being fair between both! They are all about money also! Stay away...we already found a way better daycare...keep looking folks!
By: deinsta
Garden Patch Creative Learning Center
I have been taking my daughter to Garden Patch for six months and she absolutely loves it! She is a little over 2 and looks forward to going and isn't even excited to leave at the end of the day. She has been in 3 different daycares and this is the first one that she actually enjoys. I am extremely pleased with Garden patch and would recommend them to anyone that cares about their child. Just this past weekend, I left one of my daughter's beloved blankets at daycare, sent an email to the Assistant Director and someone came to the daycare... ON A SATURDAY, and let me retrieve my daughter's blanket. If this isn't a sign of a place that really cares about their kids (and the sanity of their parents!) then I don't know what is. I read two other comments about this establishment that I completely do not agree with... we all have bad days or a bad experience here and there but that should not represent the overall quality of the daycare! Take it from a parent that has had her child in three different centers and would not settle for second rate care. Garden Patch truly cares about their kids!
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By: Amanda P.
St Andrew's Child Enrichment Center
In regards to the review written on 1/21/2015. St. Andrews is a facility that works with each individual family based on their needs. Every day we work to better the children emotionally, socially and academically. With over 120 children in our facility, we believe that it is important to keep each child safe. With this said, such behavior as hitting, spitting, kicking and biting other children is unacceptable. We strive to keep all children safe, and if these above said behaviors are a constant reoccurance, we have to take certain measures. If these things continue to occur each day, and multiple times a day, we contact parents to get them involved in the matter. If parents are uncooporative to helping the childs behavior, they are asked to leave the facility. Unfortunately this families ending with us at St. Andrews was not a positive situation, but looking out for the children and families is our number one goal. We encourage anyone who questions St. Andrews to come in, take a tour and make your own opinion of the center we are proud to work at
By: Jenny Z.
Garden Patch Creative Learning Center
We have been with Garden Patch for 4 years now and can’t imagine going somewhere else! We have 2 kids there for preschool/before and after school and when our other kids are old enough for preschool they will start there too. I have had many issue arise with my children’s behavior (problems with my child, not the center) and each issue is handled with profession and respect. I love the at home feeling I get when I walk in and Laura is walking around to see what the kids are doing or helping out where she is needed. When I have a concern I just walk into Laura’s office and sit down to discuss it. Her door is always open and she’s available for feedback. Every teacher there smiles and says hello when they see you and even if they are not my kids’ teacher, they know my childs name. I do not have the luxury of staying home every day with my children but I have no doubt in my mind that they are in WONDERFUL hands at Garden Patch!
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By: Jessica P.
Hamilton Heights Child Development Center
Our 3 year old twin boys have been going to Hamilton Heights since they were 12 weeks old, and we couldn't be more pleased with the care they have received. They have been placed with awesome teachers in the infant, toddler, and now preschool rooms who have nurtured them and helped them grow and develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively. The boys love going to "school" and I know that the staff truly cares about them. When I pick them up at night, they seldom want to leave and are excited to return the next day to see their friends and teachers! The directors are so helpful, and are always available to listen. We love that they offer webcams in the classrooms, and we often login throughout the working day to see our little ones learning about the world around them. Hamilton Heights is the best!
By: hcaldwell
Sharon's Little Voices In Childcare
We have been sending our daughters to Sharon's Little Voices for over 5 years, and we have been very happy! She provides a very clean, nurturing environment, and has plenty of fun, educational toys to keep the children entertained. She does an excellent job of rotating toys so the kids always have something new and fun to play with. Our daughters have really thrived at Sharon's, and we couldn't be more pleased!When our 5 year old was ready for Preschool, Sharon purchased a popular preschool curriculum program for my daughter to work on daily. She loves the educational activities, games, and art projects. This has been a nice (and affordable!) compromise for preschool for our daughter, and I'm grateful that Sharon worked with us to accomodate our needs.We highly recommend Sharon's Little Voices!
By: Kelly S.
Love & Learn Preschool
Starting Over Again with a 12 years age difference between my youngest and oldest child I was very skeptical about daycares until someone told me about love and learn preschool at Faith Methodist. They offer childcare from infants from all the way up to preschool and I believe school-age children as well . I've never been so impressed with the daycare it's friendly staff clean environment several activities in and outside of the classroom and best of all great prices. My son is so happy every morning to see his classroom care provider he gives her hugs and pats on the back, it's so sweet and just warms my heart. I feel very blessed they have my child and such a loving and caring environment!
By: robbie.kyrklund
Sharon's Little Voices In Childcare
My girlfriend and I are so glad we met Sharon and are able to have her as our sons daycare provider. Our son lights up every morning he goes to daycare which is a very nice feeling to know that our son knows who she is and loves going there. Sharon is able to answer most all questions that we have asked or at least will point us in the right direction as she is very experienced and has been through most of the questions that My girlfriend and I have being new parent. We appreciate so a clean and friendly environment for our son. Sharon has been our daycare provider since June of 2012

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