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By: ashley.lynn.9231
Millard Plaza Ballroom & Catering Service
If it wasn't for the fact that my fiance loved this place, I never work have kept my booking here after the initia set up. For the first design meeting, Dee's assistant just didn't show up. And my mother was in town to help me design, so it was a huge bummer that we didn't get to do that meeting. My fiance and I ended up having to switch our wedding date. We contacted Millard Plaza and set up a new date with them. A week later!!!, they call and say they had already booked that date and forgot to put it in the computer, so we had to change out date a third time. Very frusterating! Lastly, for the last meeting a week before the wedding, we showed up and no one was to be found. How obnoxious for a bride! i WOULD HAVE CANCELLED RIGHT THEN IF IT WASN'T A WEEK BEFORE MY WEDDING! MAny times I would call and leave a voice mail to never get a phone call back. I think it is important to make a bride feel comfortable, but that is not their proiority. The actual wedding reception went well, thank goodness. A lot of our guests praised the place. But I would never book another party there again because of all the hassle just to get things done. Not to mention, I had to go get the rest of my things the next morning and Dee would not meet with me until 3pm! Very annoying when you are from out of town and you just want to get home. I hope people in the future have a much better experience then I did!
By: avoeltz93
DC Centre
I'm 24 and paid for my whole wedding every single penny of it by myself so I'm taking this very seriously! To start it off THEY BOOKED TWO CEREMONIES AT THE SAME TIME OUTSIDE! Maggie called me a week before my wedding and explained to me that the outside wedding that I've been planning on forever couldn't work because their computer messed up! So she offered me a step up in their bar and the whole decoration package! I think I deserved a bit more or at least my ceremony money back! She didn't even seem apologetic just walked all over me trying to say the it get bride was hard to work with and I was such a doll to work with! well day of wedding comes and the bridal suite where the bride gets usually gets dress at is taken by the people that get the outside ceremony so I get put back in the back office with no mirror to get ready in or no bathroom nothing ! And then I paid for an upgrade for the sign in table and the wishing tree was there but no cards to put any wishes on so what did I pay my 150$ for!! They said the food was suppose to be out for an hour and a half was out for only 45 mins! Forgot our champagne for out head table and had no cake cutter so my mom (mother of the bride!!!) had to cut the cake! And then lastly tried to shut it down at 11:15 instead of midnight I want my full 6 hours ! It was just a wreck but food was great though!
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By: Yvonne B.
Danish Vennelyst Park
Twenty acres of natural woods with a clubhouse with seating for 200, a large kitchen, dining area, and stage, lots of wide outdoor spaces for kids to play. My church has held worship services here with two other churches, followed by a potluck, more than once, and many family and Omaha North High school reunions have been held here. Limited restrictions are no mopeds, motorcycles, or horses. There is a $100 facility rental refund if there is no damage. Rent is reasonable. Clubhouse of course also has heat and air conditioning.

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