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By: Melissa M.
Perfect Cup
This place has good tasting drinks, and most of the girls are trained well enough that they make a good cup of coffee, but the customer service is SERIOUSLY lacking. I've been coming here for years, and just get my coffee and try to get on my way. The manager has the worst customer service--definitely the worst of all the girls working there. When you pull up to the window, the girls usually work quickly, but would rather talk to each other than talk to the customers at the window. The manager always acts like you're bothering her, especially if she's made a mistake and you bring it to her attention. She's made a drink for me without first verifying what I wanted, then gave me a look of disgust when I told her I actually wanted something else. Today she read the number of punches on my punch card wrong and tried to separate the punches by giving me a new punch card instead. When I brought it to her attention, she says, "Well you'll just have an extra punch card." I told her, "but you guys won't combine them..." She then acted super annoyed and asked for my cards back to fix it. I would have had to buy another drink to get the free one that I had already earned, since their new policy is that they won't combine punches on two cards--something she's huge on enforcing. I've worked in customer service for 9 years now, and would NEVER treat a customer this way--no matter how annoying or rude I think the customer is. Part of your job being in a customer service oriented position is to actually have good customer service (amazing, right?). No matter how hard you think your job is, that doesn't make it acceptable to treat customers like this. If you can't put a smile on your face every day and treat everyone with respect and compassion then you need to find a different job. Period. No excuses. I also don't expect a barista to be super chatty, but you shouldn't act like your customers are bothering you all the time. They're the whole reason you even have a job.
By: matt.walbrun
Tumwater Limeberry
Best selection and pricing!

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