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By: Juanita E.
Sea Mar Community Health
My little girl has Seizures & ADHD. I came from out of state. We was worried about the 2 meds interacting. After Dr Raj saw the bottles & before I could finish he said she shouldn't be on them. Plus setting up appts with specials for me. My daughter thinks he's Great. She don't like new people. She's 9 yrs old. Thanks Dr Raj.
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By: Juanita E.
Seamar Community Health Center
I came in needing my daughter's out of state RX for Seizures filled. They took care of us. We had been getting the run around for 2 days. Thanks it was a warm Welcome Home!
By: Jennifer W.
Group Health Cooperative Medical Center
Changing my insurance ASAP. Don't bother going to the walk in Urgent Care if you are within three hours of them closing. All they will care about is going home, not that you were worried enough about your child to drive an hour thru a terrible storm and sit in their waiting room for two hours. My daughter has pneumonia and was diagnosed on Wed. I had kept her in bed or sitting on the couch, regularly gave her the medications, religiously handed her drink and food nonstop, and have been working from my laptop to get her better. In spite of this, by Saturday the only improvement I saw was the fever diminishing. In so many other ways she had gotten worse. Lost another 5lbs, 15lbs total, dizzy, short of breath and in pain constantly. I am really worried, so I took her back in. She could barely walk from the entrance to the waiting room and was sitting there wheezing and obviously not doing well. When they finally moved us from the waiting room to an exam room to wait longer, the nurse was abrupt and told my daughter to sit, use the controller if your uncomfortable, and left. No questions, nothing. I thought it was odd, and when the doctor came in he was just as abrupt. He literally looked at my daughter only long enough to use a stethoscope in two places on her back, told me she was getting better, and he was going to prescribe codeine. I questioned him on what he was basing her getting better on, and he admitted he only half read her file. He listed some parameters like fever, wheezing, I pointed out she was wheezing worse and had just spent over an hour wheezing in the waiting room from walking in, was in pain, and had lost weight. He was not interested in looking at my child or listening. Basically since she had been in Wed, my impression was I was wasting his time. No thought as to why a worried mom would go thru all the hassle to bring a child back in. No talking to my daughter or really listening. He lectured her on eating when I mentioned the weight loss, like she had anorexic issues instead of her bing really ill and loosing weight despite me handing her food constantly. Perhaps he is right, perhaps the codeine will help with the pain. But I am a human being, my daughter is a human being, she is sick and scared enough to come in, she should be listened to and looked at thoroughly even if the good Dr has to stay an extra 15 min in his day. I have to pay for my two kids insurance $450 a month and have been with Group Health for a long time. For what?
By: jmcinnes
Group Health Cooperative Medical Center
Hands down the absolute worst healthcare I have ever experienced! Spent a year telling my PCP (and the glorified NP that I usually get to see) that I was experiencing trouble with my heart, chest pains dizzy spells, severe palpitations, pain in back and down arms, numbness in hand and more. They treated me with disrespect, I had to fight to get tests done and they only agreed after I passed out driving down the road and still my husband and I had to beg them. Month 13 of begging and fighting, I have a heart attack. age 35. Had to have surgery, referred out to Olympia cardiology. They were fantastic. Because I was referred out now Group Health will not let me go back to Olympia cardiology for follow up. They say I have to see their jokes of doctors and internal medicine group and they are still after all this and they are swearing its anxiety and I just need some zanax, pill pushing *##es I have bottles of mis-prescribed and unnecessary medications.. even two that they prescribed cost me over 100.00 to get them filled and 4 hours later they called and said "were sorry we got your labs back we were wrong you don't have this you have that...please go back to the pharmacy and pay for another prescription 60.00 we think It will help.... nope in fact could not take that medication, the pharmacist said, that will further your heart issue, they should have never prescribed this. And people wonder why they are called group death? Oh and don't bother to ask for someone in charge the doctors office managers will just go up to the admin office and let you pretend you are talking to someone with authority...they will patronize you, talk down to you, do nothing for you, promise to get to the bottom of it, promise to call you and you never hear from anyone.
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