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By: Diane B.
Hanson Kia-Subaru
I am still in disbelief about my experience with Hanson Kia. Two years ago I got to buy my first brand new car ever and bought a new Hyundai Tuscon from a dealer in Tacoma after looking around for months and someone telling me not to go to the automall, as the dealers here in Oly are over-priced and pushy. The people at that dealer treated me like I was the scum of the earth and made me determined that I would never buy a new car again. Well, life has changed and the need for a larger vehicle with more seating for grandchildren, including 2 that I have custody of, made me regret buying that car within a year. I started looking at vehicles several weeks ago and again, I have been met with very pushy salesmen and downright rudeness at times and assumed that all dealers were this way. I finally decided on the Kia Sorento, as it best met my needs and price range. I began with another dealer in Tacoma. They showed me much about the Sorento, and made me a offer but I decided that I wanted to blue with black interior. It was late one night by the time we got done discussing things and I needed to get home so told them to find the car and I would be back. A couple of days later they said there are none in the state of WA and it would be almost a month by the time they got it delivered. They kept calling and pressuring me to come in and do the paperwork. In the meantime, I remembered Costco's car-buying program and decided to try it for a better deal. They put me in touch with Hanson. I reluctantly answered the phone when they called. Jimmy was very nice on the phone, not pushy but invited me to come down. I went that afternoon and met Mark, who was absolutely awesome to me and to my kids! They made me a better deal than the Tacoma dealer and not once did they stress me out with pushiness or fast talk. Everyone there was so nice to both me and to my 2 grandchildren! Offered them cookies (asking me first) and showed us the play area. They told me they had located the Sorento with my color choices and would have it here by the following day. We made the deal on my trade-in and as he was walking me out after I signed the paperwork I had to ask him if we were really done! I had only been there a couple of hours, where as when I bought my Hyundai, it took well over 6! Jimmy called me the following day, saying my car would be ready over 2 hours earlier than expected and when I went to pick it up, spent an hour with me introducing me to the service department, showing me how to use the many functions and pairing my phone and answering questions! They also made me feel welcome to call or come by if I had any questions or need help with anything on my new car! I was in tears when I left because this was a totally opposite experience than I had the first time. This is how all car dealers should treat a person! I told them they were like a breath of fresh air compared to my first car buying experience and gave them hugs! I totally recommend Hanson. I think all of the sales people I met were nice, but I worked with Mark and Jimmy and they were fantastic! I can't say enough good about them. Thank you so much, everyone at Hanson Kia!
By: johnpjr
British Northwest Land-Rover
My Rover was delivered here by tow truck after a breakdown (now Dare Britannia -- name change for copyright reasons: “Rover” trademark is owned by Land Rover North America). The tow was 30 miles in the direction of home (which is another 2-1/2 hours away -- more about driving time in a moment). It was an electrical problem, intermittent and bizarre -- but in scant time the electrical specialist isolated the problem to a failing alternator. I got a comprehensive email report on the trouble-shooting steps plus a phone call to explain theory of how a less-than-catastrophic failure in power output could produce such weird symptoms. Also got an after-action report on cold start and warm start testing after new alternator installed. The whole forensic process was superb, matched by direct communication with the technician in charge. To be clear on that, my first phone conversation was with the owner, who conferenced the electrical specialist to introduce who would be responsible for troubleshooting. Work was finished in a bit more than a day at shop rates and parts costs comparable to my local garage (Long Beach peninsula). Tremendous service, really -- I’ve put 330,000 miles on the rig since new (1997 NAS Defender 90 soft top) and at some dealerships, the service queue is days or weeks to get started. After this first experience at Dare Britannia, I’ve made the 5-hour round trip twice for additional work. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the range of skills to deal with out-of-production parts is top notch. My latest project cost $6,000 and every penny well spent. Despite spanning the Christmas holidays and needing delivery of parts from the UK, the work was done on schedule. And like the first emergency repair job, I got a steady flow of progress reports from the shop floor -- emails, two sets of shop photos on newly fabricated fittings, and a tech journal growing to 40 numbered items as the project went forward -- the most helpful customer interface I’ve ever had. Hats off to the whole crew here. My Rover’s never had higher quality care.
By: Ellie R.
Hanson Motors
I originally went to Hanson Kia to just look at their used cars for sale.I had a Nissan Versa Hatchback that I was looking to trade in, but I was in NO rush, and if I am being honest I was not planning on giving a salesman any of my time that day.I was greeted in the parking lot by Nathan Quade, a salesman from Hanson Motors, and right from the get-go he was not pressuring or pushy. He was genuinely curious about why I was trading in my Nissan and what I was looking for in a new car.He showed me all of the used cars that were available, but none of those were of interest to me(being either higher payments than my Nissan loan, or worse/equal gas mileage. These are the two things I was looking to change upon trading in my 2012 Versa.) He asked me if I would have ANY interest in a brand new car. I thought it was funny - as if he could get me a brand new car for lower payments and better gas mileage than my already two year old car. Surprise! HE DID. He showed me my new 2014 Rio EX and I immediately fell in love. It was the color I wanted, it had almost 15 more miles per gallon than my Nissan, and my car payments were lowered by $70.00 a month. I am STILL surprised every time I get into my car, being so new and so pretty, that I scored such an amazing deal. I wouldn't have been able to get out of my Nissan if it weren't for Nathan. Hanson Motors was so helpful and worked with me on my interest rate and my loan term to make this as pain-free as could be. I would recommend Hanson Motors to anyone and everyone looking to get into their dream car.​
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By: Michele C.
Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia Group
I took my time, did my research and William Nobles was the perfect sales guy. Not pushy, listened to my needs and followed up as appropriate. I drove a couple different models and he was always informative and helpful. When I had decided to buy, he was over at the Yelm location and I didn't mind going out to see him, and... They have new cars on that lot as well! I LOVE MY MAZDA 3! Paired the perfect sales guy and perfect finance guy Todd for a wonderful experience. Top notch guys! Never had such an easy car buying experience.I suggest this dealer to anyone and can't say enough about my love for my new car.
By: Chad K.
Hanson Motors
This was the most painless car buying experience I have ever had. No high pressure sales, just friendly help. Nathan Quade was an excellent customer advisor and helped find the perfect car for me; a brand new Kia Rio LX.  We had such a great experience with Nathan and the staff that my girlfriend also decided to trade in her perfectly good car for a brand new Kia Rio EX. That's right, this dealership was so great, we bought two new cars in the same day...and we couldn't be happier with our decision! Thank you, Nathan, Penny, and all of the staff at Hanson Motors!!!​
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By: Greg S.
Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia Group
Excellent service! Excellent car! Im very happy to have worked with the team in Olympia, via email, phone or in person I had all my questions answered promptly.. Ask for Chris or Randy! Actually, everyone we worked with in the process of buying our new car was very friendly, and very eager to help. They've even called a few times after we purchased just to make sure we were totally happy. I can't thank them enough.I'd recommend working with these guys to anyone!!!Thank you!!!!Greg Shawver
By: anna_g
Olympia Chry-Jeep
My experience on getting a new car at that dealership was quite pleasant - no pressure to buy, but I got a good price overall, I showed up 30 minutes before they close, and several people stayed late for me more than an hour because of me to finish the process. Car dealerships are not my favorite places to visit, but visiting this one was surprisingly painless.
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By: Billie R.
Lincoln & Mazda of Olympia Group
I absolutely love this place. Chris P. found me a great car and their awesome finance dept worked wonders to get me in it. Something I didn't think possible. The service dept has been amazing as well. Super Happy and Satisfied!
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By: Leslie R.
Volkswagen of Olympia
The staff was so nice, great no pressure environment. Kaleb was very knowledgeable and personable. We will definitely be back for our next vehicle. We would highly recommend them to our family and friends.
By: Henry R.
Volkswagen of Olympia
Awesome staff, very helpful and knowledgeable. Kaleb was awesome, no pressure to buy, just really helpful.

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