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By: Ember R.
Approved Cash
I came in to explore my options for applying for a loan. When I arrived there was a lovely young lady there named Leah who was very informative and helped me make my choice about which type of loan I wanted to get. When she told me the requirements I realized I needed more documentation than what I had in my hands. So I made the decision to come back in the following day. When I arrived there was another woman working that was not there the day before. Her name is Sarah. Not only have I called and dealt with her nasty attitude before when inquiring about a loan. But when I came in she greeted me with the rudest demeanor. Immediately upon hearing her voice I second guessed if this is where I wanted to do buisness. I understand she had two other people in the building to take care of. But I waited for 40 minutes until she got to me. It was as if she really hated her job and didn't care about the image she was portraying. She was however quite cheerful to the people ahead of me. She decided that even though I hadn't been helped yet that it would be a good idea to solicit her home hair cutting business and talk about her ex husband vs taking care of the business she is currently at. When this troll doll of a woman finally asked me to come over to her desk I handed her my documents. She looked at them and then back up with me with a grin. She told me that I didn't make enough money to get a $500 dollar loan. I wouldn't have minded that if she hadn't announced it for the entire room to hear. It was demeaning and embarrassing. I decided that I had enough and I would never be back. As I walked to my car I watched her come outside and light up a cigarette. She then proceeded to sit on the ground in front of the officel and talk on her cell phone until her boyfriend (I hope) arrived. They then started making out. I'm guessing that was the real buisness she wanted to attend to. I recommend everyone avoid this location. The day she gets fired is the day I might reconsider.
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By: Janeese P.
I Finance
Hours and address is incorrect . Business is shady wouldn't recommend buying from these crooks!!! Go anywhere but here! They will rip you off and they don't notify you off any changes. Hate I bought a car here will report to BBB. Also my car was in a flood and I wasn't told about it until I received info from Carfax and insurance.
By: A M.
I Finance
There are a million buy here pay here's so choose one that's more organized and has qualified, competent people employed there. They put my payment on the wrong week, called to change it (before first payment was due) and was told it was taken care of.....a year and some months later still wrong (and they could care less). If you're going to be late (because these morons still have the wrong pay date listed) call immediately (It doesn't matter if you have called every day leading up to the payment date to remind them it's in the wrong week) they will turn your car off and leave you stranded. They close at 5 pm so god forbid you have a job and can't take their phone calls daily ( because you're tired of repeating the same thing over and over) it's still going to be your fault. When you do call you're put on speaker phone and can barely hear who you're speaking with and they obviously can't hear you (because the next day, guess who is blowing your phone up and/or shutting off your car?!). All the ladies in the office have attitudes even when it's obviously their error. Even the manager (Samantha) can't seem to put a note on your account to stop the calls. The cars are decent and down payments are low but the harassment (because they can't figure out how to change a payment date to sync up with your payday), the lack of professionalism (answering calls on speaker phone while eating, joking, laughing, and yelling), and the incompetence of everyone there (still can't note an account) makes this place a no for me. I'm glad my car is finally paid off and I went to a dealership to buy this time around. Samantha, your office girls need some professional development and while my experience with you hasn't been all terrible you really need to slow down, pick up the phone (not put it on speaker), stop what you're doing and note an account because this is bad for business and word of mouth goes far!

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