By: gambit0907
Gorilla Games
This place is great, they are more conveniently located than all the Gamestops in the area, and their selection, while not as wide as Gamestop, usually has what the average gamer is looking for (at least). They always match prices with Gamestop and I would say that 9 times out of 10 their prices beat the competition, sometimes their prices are so much lower than the competition than one can not help but buy! Great customer service, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable employees. One thing I like about this place in particular is their selection of old-school video games and video game console, as well as unique multi-platform systems I have never seen before. They have a game lounge where people can rent time to play video games there, ideal for young kids parties. Great place would recommend to anyone over Gamestop keep up the good work guys!
By: gunjan01
Game Zone
We went to game zone after comparing all the other locations in the great mall. It has the best deals for people on a budget. We spent $20 on tokens, and guess what we got with it.....500 Bonus Tickets. My children went crazy after that. I have never been able to collect so many tickets in my life, and they just handed them to me. Their prizes were awesome, not something which you would trash out after going home. And since we had those extra 500 tickets we were able to get something big for our children. All in all it was a very satisfying experience, a good bet for your bucks.
By: jwsuber
31st Century Games & Hobbies
I'm not trying to toot my own horn by saying this is the best game/comic store in Olathe, Kansas. 31st Century is the ONLY game in town now, so please ignore the Lenexa listing.

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