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Visit T-Mobile Olathe cell phone stores and discover T-Mobile's best smartphones, cell phones, tablets, and internet devices. View our low cost plans with no annual service contracts.

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    Tommy F.

    Don't go here Sebring and Rene are idiots the don't know anything. Rene told me the red reset button on a xperia z1 was a water damage strip. He's an idiot and Sebring told me the same. He's supposed to be a supervisor he doesn't even know that there's a reset button on a phone. Complete morons. If you go to this store and Sebring is there its best you just turn around and go to another store. Go to the 95th store there's a guy named steven and a girl named mickinzie and they actually know what they are talking about. I've had so many issues with this store it's ridiculous.

  • A day ago, I posted on http://...

    A day ago, I posted on My T-mobile horror story and it happened here at this store.Before I walked into the store, I had a month to month pay plan and was not on contract. I walked into the store wanting a new phone and an employee by the name of Paul assisted me. Paul eventually convinced me go on a 2 year contract but said to me I would get a 2 weeks grace period on it. Meaning, if I did not like being on the contract within a 2 week period, I could come back to the store and go back to my month to month.Well, I did just that! I went back to the store within the 2 weeks only to find out there was not a grace period on the contract.Well i was clearly upset and cancelled my contract and went to Sprint because this was not only Paul's fault but the Manager of the store's fault(Chris and Assistant Manager Justin) for not making sure that there employees are properly trained on T-mobiles plans and policies. Because of his mistake, I not only have a $235 fee but my credit is going to take a hit as well. I also have yet another long battle ahead of me to get Paul's screw up fixed. He unknowingly mislead me into a 2 year contract and the stores handling of this situation is AWFUL and UNPROFESSIONAL! The whole ordeal started with Paul and ultimately is his fault! This has been going on for almost 2 months now and up to a about a few days ago was the distract manager emailed about the situation(which by the way who knows when he will get to that email) but its to late because in a few days, the bill will hit collections and T-mobile will no longer play a part in it.

    Is Paul a bad employee? No he is not but he screwed up big time and these KIND of screw ups are unprofessional and unacceptable and because of his screw up my credit is going to take a hit and yet he still works for T-mobile ...just.. wow!

    What I have learned? I should of asked where in the contract does it say I have a 2 weeks grace period on the contract. I should of went straight to the manager instead of always relying on Paul. I also learned never to trust another sales representatives word EVER again! You never know when they might be telling you something that is not true....

    The question I now am going to ask is...What steps have Chris and Justin taken to make sure that this kind of situation never happens to another customer?

    My answer - Make sure your employees are properly trained and up to date on all of T-mobiles plans and policies.


  • Awful Customer Service!

    My husband and I went to this store to switch from Verizon and spend $400 in 2 new phones. When we arrived all of the CSR's were busy so we waited and looked at phones. A couple came in after us and an employee came and greeted them and helped them immediately. My husband was ticked off but we blew it off and waited. Another employee came up to us and told us she would be with us in just a minute. A few minutes later another couple comes in and that same employee immediately started helping them!! We were furious so my husband asked for the manager or their information. Not only would they not give us the managers information, they now all of a sudden wanted to help us. We went across the street to AT&T and now are customers of them. If only you had better Customer Service skills!

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