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By: hklemencic
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
I was looking into getting my first car and my fiancee used to be in the car business and is good friends with Frank the old Used Car Manager, now who is at Crown in Lawrence, and he advised me to come to this dealership. We were planning on coming in on Saturday morning but out on a whim we showed up on friday night and were greeted by Jerry Lee Darnell and even thou it was 20 min until closing time he treated us like he would stay here all night if it meant making us happy and ensuring a spectacular experience and we felt it. That day i test drove an even better car than we were looking to get. I then came in first thing on Saturday morning and Jerry Lee was outside and greeted us the same as he did on friday. Had it not been for him and the help of the Sales manager i wouldnt be walking away, driving and owning the car I never knew I always wanted. I couldnt be happier with the car, the salesman or the experience.
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By: bbunich
Olathe Ford Lincoln
We went there to buy a new car but we were not able to make a deal. There was no hard feelings our salesman (Bill Cole) was very understanding and he was great. As we got in our old car to leave the car would not start. Bill got the service department very fast to work on it. It turned out that a fuse blew out during the test drive the ford did on my car to see how much my car is worth. The general manager got involved and was very nice and told me that since they were last ones to drive they would fix it on there dime. They even gave me a loaner car to drive while they fix. At that point we were no longer a customer but they treated us like we were. This dealership has it all friendly and professional people, great customer service, and a quality service department. Don't go anywhere else. Go to Olathe Ford for all your vehicle needs.
By: darrylemoore
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
I called and ask to speak to mark Saeidi and i was told by the operator that he was not available. I asked to speak to him so I could purchase a used car and the operator told me i needed to speak to a used car salesman and gave me a number to call. I called back 30 minutes later and asked again to speak to Mark but once again I used told I needed to talk to a used car salesman and i was again referred to a another number to call I was not able to talk to Mark and I was not happy with not being able to talk to mark in order to make the purchase. I was pleased with the used service of the used car person he was very very helpful but Mark was my salesman and That was who I feel I should have been referred too I was told that he was in NEW CARS ONLY.
By: kevinhardinger
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
Every member of ODCJ sales team was professional, courteous, and helpful in assisting me in my desire to trade in my 2010 Chrysler Van and lease a 2013 Chrysler Van. They worked together to try to meet my trade expectations and my target monthly lease payment. There were some problems with the numbers on the first contract which reflected me paying more than we had verbally agreed, but that was resolved between the Finance manager, the general finance manager and the GSM. The final contract was just as I had agreed with the GSM. The salesman Mario was helpful and knowledgeable. The process from start to finish took 5 hours, which I think was too long, since we reached an agreement much earlier in the day.
By: bandynash
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
We came in late Saturday evening looking to trade in our car. Michael Gilbreath was there to great us. We had a few challenges due to the fact that we'd only had this car a year there was quite a bit bad equity but he was able to help us locate exactly what we were looking for and treated us with respect the whole time. He submitted our info to Robert who was able to work a good deal for us. When I met with John David he was very nicew an eagar to work with me. Things got alittle crazy with financeing and the price range I needed and he worked it out I am very pleased with everyone and will recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you to everyone who helped us we really appreiciate it.
By: merrywood
FIAT Of Olathe
I came in and met Dave for the first time on Saturday, I never told him that I was comparing him to the other fiat dealer in town during the time I spent with him. But he has a quiet confidence about him that put me at ease, he just went about his business like he assumed I was going to buy from him and I did. But honestly it was really a huge difference between the two sales styles and knowledge Dave has is second to none on the cars. He made me feel special the whole time I was here. Even when I didnt get the deal I was hoping for I still feel he did me right.
By: tomloveless
FIAT Of Olathe
Amazing!!!Mike Sr., Daniel and your finance manager really worked hard, stayed late and went above and beyond to make our new Jeep a reality. Mike Sr. Was knowledgable, caring, and genuine. We were also greeted by a friendly salesman Sylvester, what a personality! :) His smile and warm welcome gave us the feeling that we were about to have fun, not just buy a car. This experience was Elizabeth's and my first big purchase together and also as a Fiat enthusiast I will be back for more fun and a second car shortly.You guys rock!!!Thank youTom and Elizabeth
By: Sharon S.
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
This was the most pleasant experience we have had when purhasing a vehicle from a dealership. We usually purchase from individuals due to our general disdain for car salesmen. Terry was very low key and extremely accomodating to my husband and myself. He made our experience very pleasant and would recommend him to my friends. He is the best!I sent this duplicate as I sent the wrong email address on the first one. I have corrected it on this survey. The first one had sharonslater1948@gmail.com which was in error. Sorry for the inconvenience.
By: brendamcelroy
FIAT Of Olathe
I have been wanting a Jeep for several years. I was now able to afford one. Mike did everything he could to get the price where I needed it and your finance person (I can't remember his name) helped with getting a 6 year bumper to bumper warranty affordable for me. I am single and need a dependable vehicle and can't always afford to have it worked on. So this experience was awesome for me. The only thing I didn't get that I wanted because Jeep doesn't make them was having one in Tweety Bird yellow...just sayin....
By: otabekoyuldashev
Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
This is my 3rd purchase of Dodge Ram 3500 in the last 3 years and I am very pleased with the service and experience provided by Olathe Dodge Dealership. Especially I appreciate hard work and understanding from the salesperson Mike Moutray Sr. who has been a great help from the beginning. I always encourage my friends to come to Olathe Dodge to get a great deal on Dodge trucks. I hope we will continue a mutual business in a long run. Thank you for providing and outstanding service.
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