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By: J. J.
Auto Glass Now
My husband and I brought our car in for a new windshield. They did a fine job and actually matched a lower price quote that we'd gotten from another company. We were very frustrated, however, with the amount of time it took them to finish the job. When we dropped the car off, they told us it would be ready in an hour, possibly hour and a half. After two hours of running errands, we went back to check on it. THEY HADN'T EVEN STARTED. When we pulled into the place, we saw one of the technicians taking a different car back into the area to start working on it... a car that definitely hadn't been there when we dropped ours off previously. They had the nerve to tell us that ours would be next and the reason for the delay was that there were other cars that had gotten there before us that had to be finished. Again, we were told to wait an hour or an hour and a half for it to be finished. Nearly two and a half hours later, we finally got the call to come pick it up. This makes for a total of at least 4 hours from when we dropped it off... A word of the wise- if you are going to use this company, don't leave your car there and expect it to be done within the time frame they give you. It appears that they put you on the "back burner" and give priority to others who stay to wait. We will be taking our business elsewhere next time...
By: jnuttok
Safelite AutoGlass
Safelite Auto Glass was very fast, very courteous, and so helpful. I went into the shop prepared to pay for my chip repair service, but the lady behind in the office was certain this should be covered by my insurance (even though I had already called and checked with my insurance company). Turns out, I didn't communicate clearly when I spoke with my insurance company and the entire service WAS FREE. Safelite's warranty is out of this world.! IF the repair ever cracks and further repair cannot be accomplished, they will pay the amount you paid for the repair towards a replacement windshield (or the amount the insurance company covered...) I would go back to Safelite if I ever had another issue with my windshield or other car windows, and I would highly recommend them to family and friends!
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By: Jerry S.
Auto Glass Now
It was as good as it could be.First, ANY service business SHOULD be over run with work so TIME will be something that can vary from hour to hour. I made an appointment in the morning for that afternoon, showed up on time, two others were already waiting, shop was busy, but mine was brought in at the first opportunity, mine was just a windshield and it was done in about an hour. They transferred my parking decals and toll tag perfectly and installation was as good as I could have asked.Since mine was paid by insurance I only had to pay my deductible so the price was never an issue, but what I got was worth whatever I would have paid.Staff was as courteous as I could have asked, work was as good as I could have asked.
By: Janna B.
Auto Glass Now
The team at Auto Glass Now are flexible and willing to work with you, and they have great prices on services. There was some confusion on scheduling for me. I hope in the future they'll improve communication on this end.
By: Craig G.
Auto Glass Now
My windshield broke and so was I, but auto glass now got my cracked windshield replaced In just over an hour on short notice and vest part...... did it for a hundred dollars cheaper then any where else I found
By: Wendy M.
Auto Glass Now
they were able to replace my windshield within an hour and even replaced one of my windshield wipers because they noticed it was torn. Thank you so much!
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By: D-rock N.
Auto Glass Now
Very easy to get in and got seen in a timely manner. Advocated for customers windows with other businesses.
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By: Amy P.
Auto Glass Now
Great "prices" and excellent customer service! I highly recommend and will return if needed.
By: Tanya P.
Auto Glass Now
They were upfront on the wait time and were friendly from the time I walked in the door.
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By: Carrie D.
Auto Glass Now
Fast quick friendly. No hassle and great customer service. Thank u for all u done.
Tips & Advices
If you have comprehensive coverage, some - if not all - of the windshield repair and replacement costs are covered by the insurance company. Check with your insurance company to inquire about what they are able to pay. It’s also important to consider the deductible. If the cost of the replacement/repair is greater than the current deductible, the insurance company can cover the difference. But if the repair costs are less than the deductible, you will have to pay the full cost out of pocket.
Generally, most professionals can install a new windshield in around one hour and can make repairs in less than 30 minutes.
Wait 24 hours before entering a car wash with a new or repaired windshield. The high water pressures and cleaning chemicals could damage the windshield adhesive.
Most professional installers advise waiting an hour before driving again with a new or repaired windshield.
The cost of replacing a windshield can vary even more than getting it repaired, because the vehicle’s make and model, not the severity of the crack/chip, determine costs. Newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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