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By: D richard W.
Ultimate Vapes
Hey stopped by your shop today and met Jennifer. she is a very talented Mixer she kicked up the best Orange Cream Sickle i have ever vaped. I have hunted for one of these for a long time and nothing was what i was looking for. She hit it spot on she did it with out knowing what a real Dream Bar (Orange Sherbet and Vanilla ice cream) even was. Hell i was so happy while i was in town i spent my evening bouncing from vape shop to vape shop in your area bragging about her talent and your shops flavors surprisingly i made a few friends. I gotta say 2 out of the 3 shops that tried it were impressed one shop thought theirs was better "Not" Jen nailed it dead on. and your other flavors i also bought 4 of them nice shop great flavors and the ability to have flavors tweaked this is a benefit your shop offers to your area. Local Vapors don't realize how lucky they are to have your shop and Jennifer right in there back yard. I wish we had a good one in Charlotte NC. any way maybe i will catch up with you guys again if not i will be ordering via mail. she also did says the boss mixes better then she does time will tell. So you military guys at Tinker need to step up and support this shop take it from a Retired Airmen its well worth it. And advice for ways to improve the shop one word Kanger. Aerotank and protank 3 mini’s
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By: Kiel M.
Liquid Vapor Lounge
Rude staff especially Aaron, and the other guy that has been working there for a little while now the only nice one is the one who used to work there along time ago and he's back now. Aaron and the other two are just too big for their britches they're rude and Treat me like I'm wasting their time when I'm trying to buy something, I spend lots of money at Liquid Vape for lounge, I am always very polite and wait my turn but these guys have a chip on their shoulder and just like Richard they're starting to be entitled, rude, and snarky, I just feel that as a regular customer who spends quite a bit of money at Liqiud vapor lounge, and would spend more, but I feel disrespected and I feel like these employees you have now are way below par for your shop, I have nothing but the highest praise for your shop it's always been my go to but I can't deal with snarky, Know it all, too good for me attitudes. Craig you operate a good shop in fact my favorite shop it's just seems like whenever you get a guys and they're working their heads swell up
By: craigamajors
Liquid Vapor Lounge
Hi zdeedz - This is Craig. I am certainly sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience here at Liquid Vapor Lounge. I see you just posted your frustration today and I'd like an opportunity to make it right. Please note we offer a 30 day warranty on most of our hardware - including batteries. You say your battery "exploded" and I replaced it however I have NEVER seen an exploded battery so I hope you were exaggerating somewhat. As for your tank, feel free to bring it back and I'll replace it or the carto (as that is the only style I sell for $20). On top of that, since you live far away, I'll give you another charger AND a $20 store credit on top of the replacement tank/carto. Fair enough? I believe customer service is job one as well as quality products - which I certainly sell. You may have just gotten that "bad" one out of a 1,000. My apologies and I hope to see you soon!
By: okiercdude
Just Vapez
I just have to say the the previous review is absolutely FALSE! I have been in this shop time after time without any problems what so ever.. The owners Brad & Terri are great people and even at their busiest they greet EVERYONE that walks through the door.. I'm in there at least once a week if not 2. I remember exactly when they did not have disposable tanks for 1 day but they still had 10 other options.. Most all other shops that I frequent were out of EVERYTHING! By the previous review I am sure that AngelMitch has some sort of agenda or affiliation with another local store.. JustVapez is an awesome place, with great customer service and exceptional prices on everything.. Best part about it is the Juice.. THE BEST fruit flavors in town period.. Their tobacco flavors are not the greatest IMO but everything else is TOP NOTCH!
By: Carmel Z.
City Vapes
This is absolutely the best vape shop in OKC. They are very accommodating & have terrific customer service representatives. That said, the management team is awesome. I will not patronize any other vape shop. I love working with them. They're extremely knowledgeable about every product they sell and they take time to get to know you so they can make the best suggestions for products & accessories for you! I definitely recommend this place to both the new vape user and the very experienced vape user. I would drive across town for this place, as it is an economically sound store, which allows the consumers to make economically sound purchases. My father-in-law even drives over 100 miles to come to OKC & go to the store.
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By: Matthew B.
Liquid Vapor Lounge
I have been looking for an Axis Vape's M17 for awhile and found out that this shop sells them. I live several states away yet I felt like I was just as important to them as if I was in person. Craig sent me all the information I needed, videos, pictures etc. He responded quickly to my messages and when I finally decided on the mod it was shipped to me the next day and I couldn't be more pleased with the mod. Hopefully I'll be able to come by sometime in person and see how great of a shop they truly must be. If anyone is wanting to have great customer service come by here. I manage a vapor shop and can vouch that this establishment is one of the great ones!
By: Tony M.
Liquid Vapor Lounge
I've bought a little of everything from Craig or one of his employees, My first GOOD RDA (IGO-W) was purchased at Liquid Lounge. While I have bought and vaped e-juice from Liquid Vapor Lounge and it was good, It's not my general purchase, since I DIY most all of my own e-Liquid. I've bought batteries, drip tips, 510 to ego adapters, beauty collars.. well you get the idea. Out of all the places within a 10 mile radius to Liquid Lounge you won't find one that can hold a vapers edge to them. They have the most availability of good affordable hardware and devices. I'd say whoever you are. Try the rest then come here and you too will have landed at the best.
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By: Kristo P.
City Vapes
I love this place! The people who work here are super friendly. They know me by name when I come in. They will bring stuff out to my vehicle when I have my children with me, and they use the good vape oil and not that harsh crap! I had a battery go bad, it was under warranty and they replaced it no questions asked, they were like happy to do it. I used to go to this other vape shop and the people that worked there were more interested in their smart phones and facebook accounts. Well they lost our entire families business and my friends as well. City Vapes is different though. I drive across town just so I can get the awesome flavors that they have.
By: kelsey.mcbride.98
Creative Vapor
This place just opened today, and I am already seriously impressed. Even though they're just getting things started, they already have some amazingly delicious flavors. They have a team of chemists that mixes their flavors, and it shows. A lot of the places in the metro have a large assortment of flavors, but many of them are so subtle that you can barely taste them. Their Strawberry flavor tastes like FRESH strawberries. Strawberry Shortcake is absolutely decadent. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is fantastic and great for mixing. I don't think I'll be going anywhere else for eliquid from now on. I look forward to them adding even more flavors to their inventory.
By: tracie.detamore
Vapor Island
My boyfriend and I have been to Vapor Island several times and we are always treated well by the staff, who all have great customer service and exceptional knowledge of all they have to offer. They stand by their products and if there are any problems they are more than willing to assist in any way. They have a new place that is larger and a fun island atmosphere with great displays which glass encased so it's easy to check out all the products. It's a fun place to hang out and try all the many flavors. With a great location like theirs, we will definitely go there again, and again. Thanks Vapor Island for a healthy alternative to smoking.

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