By: masespencer80
Integrity Metal Recycling
This is a family owned scrap metal recycling company. I spoke with the owner a couple of times over the phone with questions about some metal I needed. Each time he was very curtiuos and took time to explain their products. I decided to stop by and see them and they took me around personally to find the items I needed and sold them to me at a very reasonable price. The yard was clean and organized and the staff was very friendly and extremely helpful looking for items I wanted. Don't hesitate to shop around for scrap that you need. You will quickly see how friendly the other companies are in that area. I think you will quickly realize what I'm talking about with a simple phone call to those other scrap yards. I highly recommend Integrity Metal Recycling and will definately be a return customer!
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By: boobookitten
Energy Zone
I love this store!!Everytime I've been in this store, the owner and clerk seem to care and they show it! I was battling cancer, I was struggling with being fatigue all the time. I went in and they both greeted me and were so nice and caring! They gave me very good advice and reading material, I love this store and will never buy anywhere else!
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By: Alicia C.
Nutrition Revolution
What an amazing establishment with a bunch of nice friendly professional staff and an amazing product. I feel healthier better and my family does to I wouldn't ever go back to eating junk again after experiencing a nutrition club but thats just me I have friends who frequent this place to so its a nice hang out place
By: Mitchell W.
Integrity Metal Recycling
Been doing business with integrity for the past two years. Staff is very polite and helpful. Will gladly explain how to get the most out of your materials. They also pay above average on most materials. Great company and great employees, Mitch White, Twinstar Heat and Air.

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